Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vandu feeds the gang war by drug promotion

The other day the Vancouver Province reported that Vandu, the Vancouver Drug Users Association, was receiving special treatment from City Hall and skipped the requirement to get a building permit. Let me be clear. Vandu has absolutely nothing do do with harm reduction. Their mandate is to promote drug abuse and feed the gang war by creating more addicts.

There is no way they should be exempt from building codes and there is no way they should be getting tax dollars to operate. In February the Vancouver Courier reported that VANDU gets $250,000 from the province and $20,000 from the city hall. The Vancouver Province reported that the month after the Vancouver Courier article Vancouver City Hall gave Vandu another $10,000 to make that $30,000 for the year. Tax dollars.

So once again we see elected officials spending tax dollars on the promotion of drug addiction and the abandonment of the four pillars program. That is the problem. We can talk about the gang war all we want. We can talk about helping stop the violence in the gang wear all we want. As long as we are spending tax dollars on the promotion of drug addiction in the name of harm reduction all those conversations are in vain because we are supporting the gang war with tax dollars.

Harm reduction has failed and it has absolutely nothing to do with the promotion of heath. It does the opposite. It uses tax dollars to help people poison themselves and commit suicide. Harm reduction didn’t save Ashley Machiskinic. Buying addicts free drugs with tax dollars is not the answer either. We might as well cut a cheque directly to the Hells Angels. Oh but wait City Hall already did that.

City Hall bought the Drake hotel from the Hells Angels for social housing and gave them $2 million more than it was worth. How does that relate to Mayor Gregor Robertson's foster son's firearm and cocaine charges? Who was he selling cocaine for? You ask why I write about the Hells Angels control of the drug trade? You ask why I write about corruption in politics? This is why. They are using tax dollars to support gang related violence and organized crime.


  1. I just mentioned the one VANDU deal, but there's others, yeah.

    R. says to meet @ VANDU, I'm quite worried, asking if it's OK, he says sure, in I go, after a walk.

    The front lobby is all nodding-out; looks like heroin mostly.

    We move past the front desk, into a long corridor, & count out forty Valium, I pay w/two crisp twenties, it's over & we walk out.

    No sidewalk worries, beat cops, etc...It's obviously seen as a safe place for quick deals. Plus cash storage, etc.., as I mentioned...

    1. The same thing, in general, is happening on the streets of SLUM SURREY - slum surrey being a quote by local businessman!
      RCMP REFUSE to stop the OPEN DRUG TRAFFICKING that goes on DAILY throughout SURREY! They will not PICK UP THE WANTED, even if they are reported by PHOTO's! Thus DAILY the heavy hourly practice of SHOP-LIFTING - which is treated as not a serious crime, yet is a product of DRUG TRAFFICKING! Crime is a proliferation and practice as a result of the LACK OF RCMP DOING THEIR J O B ! The reason is that is good for the ECONOMY - as spending 'PROFITS OF THE PROCEEDS OF CRIME'!

    2. Indeed. Years ago at a crime prevention meeting in surrey, a local bar owner complained that the police let people smoke crack in public but if one of his patrons light up a cigarette within a certain distance of his door, they will get a fine that is enforceable. The police representative said it was frustrating for police to arrest people for smoking crack and have nothing done to them by the courts:

  2. This is a very interesting theory- definitely worth looking more into. What hit me first was that there's a private landing strip on Cortes island that I always thought would make the perfect drug running spot. Particularly when you consider there are no police officers on the island.

    And, when considering the unsolved murder that happened on the island:


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