Saturday, April 13, 2013

Surrey Leader’s credibility meltdown

Speaking of the Surrey Leader’s credibility meltdown, interesting to note that they recently pulled a Godzilla and gave themselves an award. A company gives them an award but if you check their website the company that gives the award is advertizing for corporate sponsors and the Black Press is one of their sponsors. So the Black Press, which owns the Surrey Leader, sponsors a company that gives the Surrey Leader an award. That’s somewhat conflicted. It’s just another form of paid advertizing.

This week the Surrey Leader has a front page article supporting Godzilla’s quest to build an incinerator in Surrey. How about no incinerator? Everyone else is phasing them out. Why should we go backwards environmentally and put one in Surrey just because the company that wants to make money burning toxic garbage contributes to a political campaign? The Surrey Leader has some good articles but it is also becoming another Rupert Murdoch tabloid full of propaganda. I’m sure they can pay someone to give them an award for that too. Maybe another poll that says people want to raise taxes and burn toxic waste. They can always just slip a new casino in Newton since people were overwhelmingly opposed to it at the public meeting. I’m sure they’ll give themselves an award for that too.

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