Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fresh Snow

Yesterday I got off work when it was raining and noticed is was a bit cold out. I said I wonder… So I went home and checkout the web site. Sure enough that rain was fresh snow on the local mountains. Last night it said 5 cm but when I got there this morning it was 30 cm of fresh snow.

There wasn’t a lot of visibility but the snow conditions were awesome. I just had my crampons with me this time and it was a better day for snowshoes so I took the easier trail to First Lake and Dog Mountain on Seymour. First Lake isn’t really a lake it’s more like a pond. Yet the walk through the snow swept forest was magnificent. Today I needed it. All this darkness and corruption in the city was starting to get me down.

It was like winter’s last breath of magic before summer. That snow cap will last quite a while but it looks like rain for Monday. Ski hills close down at the end of the month so this weekend is prime. Surf’s up.

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