Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nic Nero and the murder of Johnnie Raposo

Interesting to note that Larry Amero's pal Rabih Alkhalil’s coacused in contracting the murder of Johnnie Raposo in Toronto is another long time Hells Angels associate named Nic Nero. A former body builder and armed robber who became a cocaine trafficking kingpin in Niagara.

While Toronto Police homicide detectives have insight into the slaying that they’re not revealing, organized crime specialists suspect drugs and drug ripoffs may have prompted the alleged hit on the 35-year-old. Some claim Johnnie Raposo had gambling debts. However, another source told the Toronto Sun that Raposo was aggressive and more likely to be the kind of man who you would owe money to, rather than run up his own debts.

My question is, if the Calabrians from Hamilton were doing hits on the Rizzutos while Vito was in prison, Who was good old Nic Nero the armed robbery Hells Angels associate getting his cocaine from? The Rizzutos or the Calabrians out of Hamilton? Who was Oh Johnnie selling for?

We know the Hells Angels were working with the Rizutos again after Vito got out of prison in that billion dollar cocaine for BC Bud trade in NYC. I’m just wondering who they were working with when Vito was in prison.


  1. "Who was Oh Johnnie selling for? "

    As far as we all know, it's most likely the Cournoyer group supplied their HA seems the method was Native reserves, and an amazing penetration of bribed Customs & Border Agents...

  2. That would make more sense than a gambling debt.

  3. Nero, caputo, and and alkalil were supplying the bikers and Italians, not the other way around

  4. Of course since those three are much bigger than the Mafia and the Hells Angels. Alkalil was a Hells Angels associate. He’s from Surrey. He works for Larry Amero.

  5. Well "whatever" said is absolutly correct. Nick was definately running the show with Martino. Robbie was the guy who connected everyone. Raposo owed large! 200 000.


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