Thursday, April 25, 2013

Surrey Shooting

Another shooting in Surrey last night at 7:00 PM. This time in a Whiterock strip mall. For those of you who aren’t local, Whiterock is in Surrey but it is it’s own community near the beach. People in Whiterock jokingly say living in Whiterock means you never have to say you’re from Surrey.

1130 News is reporting that the 28 year old victim was Craig Widdifield and died on the scene next to a white Mercedes SUV. Police say the shooting was gang related. Fighting over the drug profits we enable by handing our free crack pipes and letting dealers sell crack in public. Isn’t it time we consider the source of all these horrible drugs?

Widdifield was well-known to police but not known to the public. That is another ongoing problem.

Update: Kim Bolan is reporting that the police are finally ready to release names of Gang members to protect public safety. We have been waiting for them to do this for a long time. Since Eileen Mohan made the request years ago. Abbotsford PD said they were going to a long time ago but never did. Perhaps finally this time they will. Every time we hear a shooting victim was known to the police but not known to the public it continues to put public safety at risk.


  1. White Rock's its own municipality, it's not a part of Surrey.

  2. My bad. All the south Surrey residents complaining about the Gateway Mega Casino came to Surrey City Hall to speak. I think the actual municipality of Whiterock is pretty small and most of south Surrey that people associate with Whiterock is actually in Surrey. It will like merge some time in the future. Time will tell.


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