Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Predatory nature of drug dealers

Janice Shore’s brutal murder in Whalley showed us the predatory nature of drug dealers here. Just like the murder of Bob Roth in Edmonton and the murder of Ashley Machiskinic in East Vancouver. All three murders are connected.

Let’s start with Ashley. She was murdered on September 15 2010. She fell to her death from a hotel window in East Vancouver. At first the police were treating it as a suicide until they began to have public protests claiming it was murder. Family. Friends and advocates claimed she was pushed out a window for a drug debt and it was not the first time this kind of thing has happened.

Carol Martin of the Downtown East side Women's Centre was quoted in the paper as saying: "Women get their heads shaved for a $30 drug debt, they're killed for $50." Killed for $50. That must be the East Van rate. In Prince George they were cutting off fingers for a $170 drug debt. For a $300 drug debt someone was hacked up with a medieval battle axe in Prince George. Human life seems to be valued less by the predators in East Vancouver.

Clearly, my submission is that if Ashley Machiskinic was murdered for a drug debt, that debt was ultimately owed to the Hells Angels since they control the drug trade in East Vancouver. Sure they would have had some puppet or associate do the deed, but Tony Terezakis was a drug dealer for the Hells Angels in East Vancouver who filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts who owed him money.

Of course the Crew, the puppet club that was cutting off fingers for drug debts in Prince George were also working for the Hells Angels. After that bad press most of them crossed over to the Independent Soldiers who also work for the Hells Angels. Just another name change in the paper trail shell game hiding the Hells Angels involvement but it is still business as usual.

Tragically the “safe” injection site didn’t save Ashley Machiskinic’s life. I don’t suppose they include her murder or the many others in their statistics. I don’t suppose they include the videos of the pain and suffering Tony Terezakis afflicted upon their clients either.

Now let’s pause and look at Janice shore’s brutal murder. She was brutally beaten and raped in public on a Sunday morning and left where everyone would see her to send a message. The Surrey Leader reported that one source told them she was killed for a drug debt. Those that knew her said it couldn’t have been a large debt because she was a user not a dealer. No doubt that is who they target to use as examples.

Janice was a nice person. She was quiet, polite and friendly. She also struggled with a mental illness. What kind of predator gives a quiet homeless woman with a mental illness free drugs then beats the life out of her for payment. Giving the homeless and the mentally ill free drugs then beating them and torturing them for payment is predatory. It is total low life. That is as low as you can go.

They scratched out one of Janice’s eyes. They caved in the side of her head and her jaw. There was absolutely no need for that kind of brutality. These are not the people we should be letting sell drugs in public let alone pay them for heroin at the unsafe injection site. When we let them sell drugs in public we endorse their brutal violence and their exploitation of the poor, homeless and the mentally ill.

We don’t need to harass the addicts. We need to harass the predatory drug dealers that profit from that kind of violent exploitation. We need to arrest the drug dealers not the drug addicts. That is the New York Model.

Bob Roth is yet another example. The vice dot com did an interview with me after I published the identify of the body they found decapitated outside Edmonton claiming her was murdered for a drug debt by the Whiteboy Posse. They were interested in the fact that I published the details before the arrest was made. What we all should be focusing on is the predatory nature of these deranged murders. This has got to stop and right now we are enabling and supporting them when we should be doing everything in our power to stop them. It’s not that the war on drugs has failed. We haven’t fought it. We haven’t even tried.

Don’t forget that the Whiteboy Posse sell drugs for the Hells Angels so I submit that Bob Roth was therefore killed on behalf of the Hells Angels just like Janice and Ashley were. All three of these murders happened after the 2009 gang war. They happened after the Hells Angels secured their monopoly on the drug trade. So don’t tell me we are better off letting the Hells Angels take over the drug trade. That is not true.


  1. Where some of these Sources can be is highlighted by the recent Border US/Canada shoot out between Smugglers!
    Here is my little bit to add to the Citizens Boiling Pot that has the RCMP as the main ingredient that is turning this SLUM SURREY SLUG SOUR!

    Jeffrey Lambert was reported to Surrey RCMP, who refused to follow up on the details of his where about several months ago.
    Jeffrey Lambert sat 2 booths away from me, at MacD 72 & KG and Surrey RCMP were immediately given the Licence plate of his DRIVER, but they simply refused to Pick him Up!!!!!
    I can provide detailed report that was sent to RCMP, upon request!!!
    I strongly believe that Surrey RCMP are deliberately avoiding the entire Drug Trafficking CLAN in Surrey as it is GOOD BUSINESS and highly profitable for SLUM SURREY BUSINESSES!
    Drug Trafficking in Surrey is GOOD BUSINESS and highly profitable for SLUM SURREY BUSINESSES and the Wealthy who profit from the proceeds of CRIME!
    Jeffrey Lambert's whereabouts, just caught at border shoot out, were reported months ago and it is this kind of inaction, in refusing to pick up WANTED, that is the product of the growth and continuation of the Highly Profitable SLUM SURREY DRUG Trafficking BUSINESS!!!


  3. This kind of stuff never seems to end, it just gets even worse;

    "NATUASHISH, N.L. -- "An Innu chief in Labrador who found seven young children sniffing gas in an unsupervised home says he's seeing more kids being left alone by their parents in the community."

    "Chief Simeon Tshakapesh of Natuashish said a nine-year-old boy was left by himself for four days when he was discovered Wednesday inhaling gas in a home with six other children no older than 12."

    "It's disgusting," he said in an interview Tuesday. "Just very young kids sitting on the couch and garbage everywhere."

    "Police said they couldn't locate most of the parents of the children, who were taken to other locations for the night."

    "... the children were staggering and vomiting after inhaling the fumes."

    "Last September, police warned that an escalation in gas sniffing in the community involved children as young as seven."

    "More than 600 residents were moved to Natuashish from Davis Inlet 10 years ago after a video of children sniffing gas made headlines around the world." (CTV)


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