Tuesday, June 30, 2020

US Bombing in Afghanistan reaches record levels

Rachel Blevins has made an important observation regarding the New York Times' false allegations about Russia. "We have yet to see evidence that Russia was trying to keep the war in Afghanistan going, at a time when the US had ramped up its bombing campaign at levels we hadn’t seen in a decade, and it was actively killing more civilians than the Taliban."

Once again the CIA is the root of all evil. So the CIA sends the New York Times a false report to try and distract the world from the fact that US bombing in Afghanistan has reached record levels killing a record number of civilians. Let's rewind and fast forward.

The reason we were told Afghanistan was invaded was because they did 9/11. Not. The Bin Laden confession video didn't even look like Bin Laden. They "found" Bin Laden in Pakistan not Afghanistan. The 9/11 terrorists came in from Saudi Arabia after the CIA over ruled the denial of their visas. The real reason for the invasion of Afghanistan was for the opium and the pipeline.

Maxime Bernier told his girlfriend that the invasion of Afghanistan had nothing to do with terrorism. It was about control of the opium trade. That is believable because Afghanistan was the largest producers of opium in the world until the Taliban brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the invasion,. Afghanistan returned to being the world's largest producer of opium and US troops were openly protecting opium fields. They rationalized that insanity by claiming if they didn't do it the Taliban would which was a bold faced lie. The Taliban were the ones that brought opium production to a halt. The CIA restored their opium production network through the invasion.

Before 9/11 the Texas oil barons were wining and dining the Taliban trying to win the contract for the Afgan pipeline. The Taliban decided to award the contract to a firm in Argentina. Then 9/11 happened, Afghanistan was invaded and the contract for the pipeline was given by to an American firm which has since been abandoned due to political instability. That's why they continue their bombing campaign. To get the original pipeline back on track.

Ron Paul Exposes the Second Wave Fraud

Lest we forget, Tanzania's president John Magufuli, who holds a doctorate in chemistry, sent in bogus lab samples for testing. Kiwi fruit and a goat both tested positive for Covid.

Monday, June 29, 2020

The ripple effect of George Floyd's murder

I have already addressed the horrific nature of the Murder of George Floyd and the insanity of rioting and looting but right now I want to touch on the ripple effects of that murder before I lay the matter to rest. In so doing two video clips come to mind.

Recently I saw the beginning of Dave Chapelle's socially distance outdoor event after the murder. I was a little bit hesitant at first because although Dave Chapelle is hilarious, I really didn't think it would be appropriate for anyone to joke about his murder.

He did not. Dave Chappelle was very serious and described his own personal experience in an earthquake and the things that were running through his mind when he thought he was going to die. He said that traumatic experience, although it seemed to last forever, it only lasted 35 seconds. Then he compared that to George Floyd's experience being choked for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Dave Chappelle went off on the injustice and it became difficult to watch after that.

I totally agree what happened was horrible. We need to face that and move forward.

The other video clip I saw was the beginning of the Candace Owens show with Marc Lamont Hill. Marc supports Black Lives Matter, Candace Owens does not. They started out by respectfully stating where they disagree on the response to George Floyd's murder.

Candace Owens stated that George Floyd was a career criminal who spent his life committing acts of violence against black people. Marc Hill said that is not relevant to what happened. Candace Owens then said it becomes relevant when people try to make him a martyr and young children are walking around with his face on their T-shirts. I agree with both of them.

Marc is right in that the fact that George Floyd was a career criminal who spent his life committing acts of violence against black people is not relevant to the fact that what the police officer did to him was wrong. It is never acceptable for a police officer to become a judge, jury and executioner. We believe in due process of the law. What the police officer did was wrong. Everyone is in agreement with that. However, Candace is also right in that George Floyd's criminal history becomes relevant when people try to turn him into a martyr. That is dishonest.

Candace said that her concern with the riots was that they started after the cop was arrested and charged. Usually when people protest they are asking for justice to be served. In this case the police officer was arrested and charged without delay. Marc said yes, but at that point the other officers hadn't. Candace pointed out that the other officers present were rookie cops.

J. Alexander Kueng, a black police officer who held George Floyd down was on this third shift. Thomas Lane was also a rookie. He held George's feet so he couldn't kick. Lane expressed concern about Floyd and asked Chauvin twice if they should roll Floyd to his side, but Chauvin said no. Gray said Lane also performed CPR in the ambulance.

Although I agree the other officers should have intervened, the fact that they were rookie cops following the directions of a senior officer does make a difference. One of the irate initial news articles said that it's time for the police to realize that just because someone can talk, does not mean they can breathe. That's news to me. As a first aid attendant that's the first thing I would ask when assisting a patient who is choking. "Can you speak, can you cough?"

When George Floyd said I can't breathe to me that would imply he could. I think after he said that the officer applied more pressure so that he couldn't. Continuing the pressure after he stopped breathing was a deliberate act of murder. It was a horrible act. Yet the political agenda which hijacked the response is also horrible. Fascism is bad. It most certainly is but so is Communism. Communism is just as bad. We need to oppose both. May we move forward in peace.

I have two points to emphasize. The first is the fact that more white people get killed by the police in the US then black people. The MSM is trying to promote racism and division because they are owned by the CPC. Police need to be accountable. That is part of the New York model. The Marxists want us to defund the police so they can commit crime and create lawlessness.

The second point is that Marxism does not promote diversity. They are a single party totalitarian system that bans free speech and diversity of thought. In Communism no one has any rights regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. Communism and Fascism are the same thing. The only difference between the two is that the Fascists are honest about their objectives while the Communists are not. The goal of Communism is slavery and they use lies and propaganda to con you just like they did in Poland and East Berlin. History has recorded that.

Political correctness Lost in Space

It certainly seems as though we have entered the twilight zone with regards to political correctness. The latest news is a BC Principal from Fort Langley who shamefully wore a black face on Halloween 13 years ago. However, there's more to the story. The principle and Vice Principle were friends. The principle was white the vice principle was black.

On Halloween they decided to dress up as each other. The black man wore a white face and the white man wore a black face. In this context it was obviously harmless. They were two friends who dressed up as each other for Halloween. That is all.

The media is going on and on about this trying to make something out of it. In Colombia they have a holiday where black people wear a white face and white people wear a black face. The intent of the holiday is not to promote racism, it is to promote diversity. I'm not saying we should do that now. I'm saying the context of this case 13 years ago was harlmess so get a life. We need to rise abouve the victimization as Candace Owens and Brandon Straka would say.

On another note the media is dramatizing a claim that the wife of the Delta police chief committed assault. Once again, there is more to the story. The police chief and his wife own waterfront property. An overweight woman was taking a short cut through their property and the police's chief's wife told her to get off their property.

The woman refused so the police chiefs wife sprayed her with a garden hose. That is the assault the desperate media is wasting our time with. Then they went off on racism and racial slurs yet that had absolutely nothing to do with this case. The woman was white. She was trespassing. In the United States you can shoot trespassers dead. This case is not news.

Local super hero Drea James from Hungry for Truth has something to say on BLM.

Black Lives do Matter. They matter in Chicago just as much as they matter anywhere else.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Building on Common Ground

Emotions have been high the last six months. People have gone mad. As I have always said, we find peace in this life by shunning the extremes. In the United States Candice Owens is leading Blexit while Brandon Straka is leading the #Walk Away movement. I support both.

In Canada we are seeing a similar awakening and I just want to make a few classifications so that we remain on the same page. No two people agree on every issue but no two people disagree on ever issue either. There is always common ground.

Over the past few weeks I spoke with two local Christian activists who I share many common beliefs with. Yet they are both completely obsessed with Radical Islam and passionately paranoid of the Muslim call to prayer. I do not share that fear simple because "God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

I believe that God is not a respecter of persons and that every nation that feareth him and worketh righteousness is accepted of him, Every nation including Samaria and Islam. When it comes to intolerance, I remind Christians of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Christ came to a different time period. His parable of the Good Samaritan had three main characters - two bad one good. The two villains Christ chose to use in the parable were religious leaders of the time. The hero was someone everyone there hated at that time. He picked someone from a different race and a different religion that the locals did not like. He chose that character for a specific reason. To show us what hypocrisy is and to show us that God is not a respecter of persons. Anyone who does good is accepted of him.

I see that the LDS Church has posted a modern version of that parable. I performed that skit for a large group of Mormons on two different occasions. One was to a large group of missionaries. In that skit the two religious leaders that walked past the guy who had been mugged was a Mission President and a Stake President. The person that helped the guy who had been mugged was a Jehovah's Witness. The second occasion was at a Christmas party. In that skit the two religious leaders that walked passed the guy who had been mugged was a Mormon Bishop and a young Men's President. The person that helped the guy was an East Indian wearing a turbin. On both ocasions the crowd was dead silent at the end. It had a cutting impact.

That is the spirit of the original parable. To Christians here I have posted the parable of the Good Muslim because I know many. There are good people and bad people in every religion and every political party. I support the freedom of Religion. The two local Christians I spoke with have a passionate paranoia about the Muslim call to prayer. I do not share that fear.

Yet they have launched a petition to allow Christians the right to sing the Lord's prayer at noon on Sundays. If they want to sing the Lord's prayer on Sundays, I have absolutely no problem with that. Likewise, if the Muslims want to say God is Great during Ramadan, I have no problem with that. Radical Islam is not a threat to Canada for the same reason White Supremacy isn't. Muslims see Radical Islam the same way we see Nazi's and White Supremacists. We see them as uneducated hillbillies. CSIS created the National Front in Canada while the CIA created ISIS in Syrria. That is where both extremes really come from.

These individuals can see how the Nova Scotia mass shooting has the hallmarks of a false flag attack to justify gun control. Do you then not agree that 9/11 was also an inside job? Here in Surrey we have a large Sikh community. They are our allies because they share our morals and share our values. So do the vast majority of Muslims. To claim that all Muslims support Radial Islam is as ridiculous as saying all Conservatives are Nazis. Both statements are false.

In Surrey we have seen that when IndoCanadain politicians run for office and go against the values of the Sikh and Hindu Temples, the Temples vote them out of office. Jagmeet Singh does not share our values but the Sikh community does. That is why Jagmeet Singh has played the race card in Quebec. He is trying to distract the Temples from the fact that he is going against their values. Wake Up Surrey saw through Tom Gill. They will see through Jagmeet Singh.

I also support Doug McCallum. Completely. He is trustworthy because he kept his word. The sleazebags who jumped ship broke their promise. That means I can never trust any new promise they make in the future because they are untrustworthy. History has recorded that.

I will now add a word on sovereigntists. In the United States there is a new movement growing that call themselves sovereign citizens. They claim if they renounce their citizenship they no longer have to pay taxes. That is ridiculous. I view it as a cult that makes no sense. You want to drive on the road but you don't want to pay for it. Renouncing your citizenship is like being a draft dodger. It's nothing to be proud of. I cherish my citizenship.

I have recently spoken with two Canadians who support a sovereignty movement in Canada. I do not. I asked them about the Charter of Rights. They say that has never been ratified and that it is a fraud that dates back to the BNA Act. I know of the BNA act and I know of the Canadian Charter of Rights. The Charter of Rights was an act of parliament which I support. All the provinces signed it except for Quebec. It protects civil liberty by law. Throwing that document away by claiming we want to be sovereign is another Marxist lie. Civil liberty must be protected by law. That is what the Constitution and the Charter of Rights does. I do not support any campaign to do away with those documents because that road leads to totalitarianism not sovereignty.

The biggest threat to Canada is not White Supremacy or Radical Islam, those are both driven by the Intelligence community. The biggest threat to Canada is Marxism, ANTIFA and the Chinese Communist Party. Those are real threats that are leading the current attack on our sovereignty and our civil liberty. Muslims are being persecuted in Communist China just like Christians and Buddhists are. We need to come together under the banner of a free republic to oppose the Communist totalitarian State. There are three Muslim families in my complex and they are wonderful. Just so you know, my neighbor who wears a hijab outside just named her youngest son Jesus. They believe Jesus is a prophet so stop hating and start recognizing the real enemy.

Kayaking in Squamish

We found a nice secluded place to lanch the kayaks across from Shannon Falls and the Chief today in Squamish. This time I was the camera man on shore. It's an awesome spot.

You can see Shannon Fall on the hilltop.

Garibaldi is in the distance.

It was nice to see people getting out and getting some fresh air.

Covid1984 at Brandi's Show lounge

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Health officials are warning patrons of a Vancouver strip club about possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus on several evenings this past week."

"Vancouver Coastal Health says those who visited Brandi’s Exotic Show Lounge on Hornby Street between the hours of 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. on June 21, 22, 23, 24 and the early morning hours of June 25 may have come into contact with someone with the virus. Several individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 attended the strip club on those dates, according to a VCH news release Saturday. Health officials say there is no risk to anyone attending Brandi’s outside of these dates and times, and there is no ongoing risk to the community."

So if you attended Brandi's on June 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25th you may have come in contact with Covid 1984. If you attended Brandi's on any other date you likely came in contact with a multitude of STDs. Remember how the Hells Angels kicked Brandy out of her own club and killed her?

They must have closed the strip bar down to the public for a Gang Task Force party upstairs at the Swedish Touch since the Garden of Eden closed down. The Gang Task Farce in BC support Hells Angels drugs and prostitution. The Hells Angels run Brandi's now after they killed her.

Leo Terrell addresses Chicago violence and BLM

Fox News is reporting that "Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell joins "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Sunday night where he addresses his issues with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, saying the organization's motivation is money and calling them "profiteers."

"This is why Black Lives Matter is basically, in my opinion, the Al Sharpton of the 21st century. They're profiteers. They are profiting on trying to give a narrative, a false narrative that is white racist cops, deaths destroying the black community," Terrell told host Mark Levin.

"You point out Chicago. No [BLM] presence walking through the neighborhood protesting to stop black-on-black crime. Al Sharpton goes to the George Floyd funeral. You use a funeral to launch a campaign speech attacking Donald Trump. I don't see Al Sharpton in Chicago. That 3-year-old kid who was killed. You know why? Because it's not profitable. There's no money to be made."

The CIA lied again about Afghanistan

Fox News is reporting that "President Trump responded Sunday to a New York Times report about American intelligence learning that Russia offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces including American troops, insisting that no one had briefed him, Vice President Pence, or White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on this information."

"Nobody briefed or told me, @VP Pence, or Chief of Staff @MarkMeadows about the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by Russians, as reported through an 'anonymous source' by the Fake News @nytimes," Trump tweeted Sunday morning. Everybody is denying it & there have not been many attacks on us." John Brennan is a professional liar.

Hells Angels Associate missing in Australia

TBM is reporting that "The disappearance of an Adelaide man is being investigated by homicide detectives, after he travelled to Victoria with two people believed to be Hells Angels members. Police say Kerry Giakoumis was last seen at a Hells Angels clubhouse."

With friends like that, who needs enemies. Why does the BC Gang Task Force support them?

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Crystal Meth and Cocaine raid in Quebec

CTV is reporting that "Quebec provincial police said they dismantled a synthetic drug laboratory in Danville in the Eastern Townships of Quebec on Saturday. The bust comes a day after four suspects were arrested in Danville, Montreal and Terrebonne."

"We know that these people are suspected of being important players in a structured network that produced and sold a large quantity of methamphetamines on a regular basis,'' said Surete du Quebec spokesman St├ęphane Tremblay. More than $90,000 in cash, several firearms, several kilograms of methamphetamines and one kilogram of cocaine were seized in the raid."

Every province except BC targets drug trafficking. Do the math.

Adam Lee Hall reduced to four life sentences

Massachusetts Live is reporting that "The state’s highest court on Friday made what amounts to a technical correction in a 2011 Berkshire County triple-murder case linked to the Hells Angels. The Supreme Judicial Court upheld the three first-degree murder convictions of Adam Lee Hall and rejected his request for a new trial. But the court also ruled Hall is not guilty of kidnapping one of the victims a year before the killings."

"Hall, whom authorities said was a ranking member of the local Hells Angels chapter, had been serving five consecutive life sentences. With Friday’s ruling, that will be reduced to four consecutive life sentences."

"Hall and his two accomplices, David Chalue, and Caius Veiovis, were all convicted of first-degree murder in 2014. Chalue and Veiovis are also serving life sentences without possibility of parole. The victims — David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell — were shot at Glasser’s Pittsfield home. Their bodies were dismembered, placed in plastic bags, transported in Hall’s Buick to rural Becket and buried in a ditch. The victims were last seen alive the evening of Aug. 27, 2011. Authorities discovered the mutilated remains 13 days later."

Caius Veiovis is the rocket scientist with devil horn implants and the number 666 tattooed on his forehead. He must have called in sick the day they were handing out brains.

Adam Lee Hall, a member of the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Hells Angels was also charged with child pornography and extortion. Police and prosecutors allege Hall coerced a 16-year-old girl to send him lewd photographs of herself or else she wouldn't see her friend again. He is a POS.

Winnipeg Police seize 3 kilos of cocaine

CBC is reporting that "Winnipeg police made an arrest last week in a cross-country drug-smuggling network they'd been chasing since May. But when they looked in the car the 31-year-old Vancouver man was driving in the early hours of June 19, they felt like something was off: there weren't any drugs inside. That's when they pressed the button on the key fob that was supposed to open the trunk of the 2018 Nissan Murano. They heard a whirring sound, and an elaborate secret compartment rose out of the rear bumper, revealing a stash of three kilograms of cocaine (worth an estimated $270,000) and wads of cash totalling $176,000."

"Waddell said investigators discovered the drug network in May, and police believe the group moved several kilograms of cocaine from Vancouver, B.C., through Calgary, Alta., and then to its destination in Winnipeg." They must have lost their police escort when they left BC.

They did seize 10 pounds of cannabis in Surrey because it was in competition with Andy Richard's Cop Pot network. Pot's legal so they seize pot but they let crystal meth go out of Shakerz freely. There's a special place in hell reserved for you all.

Logan Randall Pahl, 31, of Vancouver faces trafficking charges.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam Wanted for Murder

At the Coquitlam HRMV rally Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson endorsed hydroxychloroquine for COVID. She had been prescribed hydroxychloroquine by her doctor many years ago for lupus. Her doctor told her at the time that is was a safe drug. Others have said the same thing. They give it to pregnant women. I tried to get a prescription from my family doctor and he refused. That is Communism that is not Canada. We have the right to choose our medical treatment.

My doctor is not allowed to prescribe it for COVID because of the pressure he is under from Theresa Tam and the World Health Organization. Costco sells it but you can't get it without a prescription so Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Communist Health Officers won't let you have it. That makes them criminally culpable in murder.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson has now posted a video of several medical endorsements of hydroxychloroquine. Obviously it's not a miracle cure but there are many reports that it does help. If someone wants to try it, they have that right. 98% of the people who get COVID recover on their own. If this can help save 2% of that 2% then it will save many lives but Justin Trudeau will not let you try it because he has a political agenda which he has revealed in Ontario.

Justin Trudeau, a dyed in the wool Communist, is now blaming Doug Ford for the deaths in Ontario Seniors homes from COVID because Doug Ford is a Conservative. That is obscene. The World Health organization insisted we keep our borders open with Wuhan and now the servant of Satan is denying sick patients medical aid so he can blame political rivals. God Damn you.

When this life is over, Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam will be charged and tried for murder. Multiple murders. Until that time, we need to launch two class action lawsuits. One against the Provincial and Federal governments for denying Canadians their choice of medical treatment and the other wrongful death suit for the families who have lost loved ones due to Covid. We need to make hydroxychloroquine available for those who want it. Leave your dirty politics out of it.

Commodus launched this smoke and mirror attack on Doug Ford the moment Canada's credit rating was downgraded because in Justin Trudeau's over spending. We're not talking about the CERB. We're talking about everything else including the extra $600 million to the World Health Organization. Why are we downgrading our credit rating to give more money to a leader in a violent Communist paramilitary organization? Explain that. ,

CBC is reporting that "Fitch Ratings has downgraded Canada's credit rating to AA+ from AAA, citing the federal government's move to borrow about a quarter of a trillion dollars to prop the economy up during the pandemic lockdown." The world experienced a pandemic but Justin Trudeau is leading the world in record debt. It's not his money. All he does is spend other people's money. Fire him. Walkaway Canada - from Justin Trudeau's fiscal irresponsibility.

Likewise, Remdesivir has been around for decades. Like hydroxychloroquine, it was originally for treating malaria. Justin Trudeau is denying Canadians a safe vaccine over an unsafe one from Communist China and the WHO. I refuse to have a vaccine from Communist China and or the WHO but I would take a Remdesivir vaccine in a heartbeat. Canadians have the right to choose their medical treatment but Communist Commodus is pulling a Chairman Mao and denying Canadians that treatment so more people die in order to fulfill his political agenda.

Swedish CV-19 Expert: Lockdown Was Wrong Approach

Principia Scientific is reporting that "The world went crazy’ with lockdowns, says Sweden’s coronavirus expert as he blasts WHO for ‘misinterpreting data’ with set of 11 nations seeing a ‘resurgence’. Sweden’s top virus expert has said the ‘world went mad’ with coronavirus lockdowns which ‘fly facing what is known about handling virus pandemics’. Anders Tegnell, who advised Sweden to avoid full lockdown towards a ‘herd immunity’ strategy, said world leaders caved to political pressure amid panic – and that the long-term downsides of lockdown will far outweigh the benefits. He also hit out at the WHO after it placed Sweden on a list of 11 countries seeing a ‘dangerous resurgence’ in the virus, saying it had ‘totally misinterpreted’ the data."

"Sweden has seen seen its daily coronavirus case totals spike in recent weeks, leading the WHO to warn it really is seeing a ‘resurgence’ of the disease. But the country’s virus expert Anders Tegnell said the WHO had ‘totally misinterpreted’ the info, saying the ‘spike’ is down to improved testing and pointing to falling deaths as evidence Tegnell said a ‘surge’ in cases throughout the last week is really the result of more testing, meaning mild cases that previously went undetected are now showing in the info. He pointed to a steady fall in deaths, hospital admissions and ICU admissions as evidence that Sweden’s outbreak is actually retreating, not getting worse."

The WHO is not credible. It is a Communist Front for the UN's New World Order. No thanks.

Norway Health Chief: Covid Lockdown Was Not Needed

Chinese citizen victim of homicide in Surrey

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "A 41-year-old woman has been identified as the victim of a homicide in South Surrey last week. Bo Fan was taken to Peace Arch Hospital by friends and family in the early morning hours of June 17, and later died from injuries consistent with a homicide, Sgt. Frank Jang of IHIT said during a press conference at Green Timbers Wednesday morning (June 24). Fan, a citizen of China, had been in Canada since February of 2019 and was living in the Grandview Heights area of South Surrey, said Jang. He would not divulge Fan’s cause of death or confirm where her injuries were sustained, but said it is clear from those injuries that she was a victim of homicide."

Global reported that she was dropped off at the hospital by family and friends yet they said she was left outside the hospital. Why would your family and fiends leave you outside the hospital?

CBC is reporting that "Bo Fan had links to the self-help group Golden Touch/Create Abundance and that information from international media reports suggest it's a personal coaching group that has faced criminal allegations in China, and it appears there are also strong ties to the Lower Mainland." The whole idea of a spiritual self help group coming out of Communist China where they are persecuting people for their religious beliefs is pretty suspicious.

The Chinese State owned media claims it was a cult but they claim every religion is a cult.

All the Conservative leadership candidates agreed with much of what Leslyn Lewis had to say

This is what I think could happen. When Dianne Watts ran for the leadership of the BC Liberals, I supported Andrew Wilkinson. He was the long shot as Dianne Watts had the Corporate Communists throwing her money. One by one the other candidates were eliminated. The supporters of each candidate that was eliminated refused to vote for Dianne Watts because they knew what she was about. They all voted for Andrew Wilkinson. That is why Andrew Wilkinson won the leadership bid in the final ballot. He was by far the most competent of the two.

Likewise in the case of Leslyn Lewis. Derek Sloan is a solid team member and leader. Unfortunately, he's already pissed off Quebec and will not united them to the cause. If he is the first one eliminated, all his supporters are not going to vote for Peter McKay. We all know what he is about and we'e all been down that road before. It is a very divisive path for the party.

Likewise, if Erin O'Toole is the next one eliminated, all his supporters are not going to voter for Peter McKay after the dirty tricks he used against them. They will vote for Leslyn Lewis. Therefore, in the final ballot, Dr. Leslyn Lewis could feasibly take it. That could happen. Shoot for the stars yo. She is the only one that can unite the party against the leftist insanity we now face.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lion Statues stolen from UN grave site

The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that some low life POS stole the two lions that were sitting beside Duane Meyer and Evan Appell's grave. We know that DK was working under Jamie Pigsh*t Bacon's direction when he shot Duane and that Jamie Pig Sh*t was being taxed and controlled by the Hells Angels. First of all, who would steal a statue from a grave site?

That is so low it is difficult to comprehend. As much as I beefed with David Giles in the past, I would never, ever deface his grave site. People who do that are worthless. They have no self respect. They are hopeless. Second, notice Hells Angels attended Duane's funeral. Just like they attended Ali's funeral in Surrey. Attending the funeral of someone you killed is become a local Hells Angels tradition. The Hells Angles killed Duane just like they killed Ali.

Evan Appell died of a drug overdose. That's why Kamil Skrodzki stopped cooking ecstasy when it was no longer a pure product since sassafras oil was no longer available to make it properly. That's why the HAs had Kam killed. He wouldn't cook for them any more.

Remind me why the police have Hells Angels associates in the rat out your rivals program and give them police protection to sell drugs? It sounds very conflicted to me. It's down right dirty.

Come to think of it, Len Peltier attended Dru Cilliers' funeral too. Can we see a pattern yet?

The Bacon brothers didn't do sh*t without the Hells Angels permission first. Spike was taxing Jamie and Larry Amero was in bed with Jonathan long before their coming out party in Kelowna. Lary Amero was beind the Surrey six and the murder of Duane Meyer. He wasn't acting on is own he was acting on club business. That's why Larry was promoted to drug trafficking in Montreal after he got shot in Kelowna. If you want to find the lions check Blaze the police informant's trunk. He's the only rat sh*t low enough to do such a thing. He probably had a police escort to do it.

Update: I understand that Clay's peeps are looking into replacing the stolen statues. They've found stone replacements but are looking for marble. They should also install a surveillance camera. Compare that with the Red and White who tell the family to pay for their own funeral including their tribute. Clay has class. Rainbow Ricky cannot comprehend what class is.

Alberta NDP opposes referendums

CBC is reporting that "Alberta's NDP Opposition says a new government bill that calls for broadening the use of referendums is an anti-democratic power grab by Premier Jason Kenney that would allow him to game public opinion while introducing big money back into politics."

Another Twilight Zone moment. Referendums are a good thing. Complaining about referendums is somewhat bizarre. The Reform Party were the ones that campaigned on referendums. The Neo Cons were the ones that opposed them. Perhaps there is hope for Jason Kenney after all. He is endorsing Erin O'Toole over globalist Peter MacKay. I support Erin O'Toole over Peter McKay but I rather have Leslyn Lewis as long as she stays firmly opposed to the Communist Party of China, the UN and the WHO. To right that wrong will require steadfast fortitude. Right now it look like Derrick Sloan is the only with with enough balls to do that.

Let us not forget that Rachel Notley was a raging lunatic. She did not give a rat;s a*s about the environment and launched a trade war with BC and Quebec. How's that working out for you?

Jason Kenney was a step forward from Raging Rachel but it was a baby step. Maybe he should try some conversion therapy to turn him into a Conservative instead of a Neocon globalist. He's half way there. He just needs to make a few adjustments to make the transformation complete.

1) Arresting peaceful lockdown protesters is never a good idea. Free speech is a Charter Right.

2) Fining American tourists who stop off at Banff on their way to Alaska is bad business.

Expecting American tourists driving to Alaska to drive nonstop without any stop overs is unrealistic. We need to fight this chemical attack on our economy. Tourism helps.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Addressing Conversion Therapy

While we're on the subject, I'd like to address the topic or more accurately address the accusation of conversion therapy. One of the first things the main stream media repeatedly asked Leslyn Lewis was her position on conversion therapy. She simply said no one should be forced to do anything. People have the right to go to counseling. I agree.

That wasn't good enough for the leftist viper. She kept hounding her and repeating the same question over and over again despite the fact that she had already answered it. No one should be forced to do anything. End of story. That's all there is to it.

We should in all fairness define conversion therapy. To my understanding, the valid concern is the claim that conversion therapy is when someone who is LGBT are forced into a horrific deprogramming that tries to force them into being something that they are not. If such a thing really does exist, then of course that is not acceptable. If a kid is having mixed feelings about their sexuality and wants to go for counseling they are encouraged to do so. Counseling is a place where feelings are heard and validated as they are helped to process their feelings.

Sigmund Freud was a sexual deviant. Aside from being a cocaine addict that had sex with his patients, his theories are horrifically toxic. Freud claimed that if a women had been raped it was her fault because she secretly wanted it. That is totally f*cked up. Aside from being offensively false, it's going to make her commit suicide. That is not constructive.

Then the other extreme. Freud would also claim that if a man raped a woman it was because of the way his mother toilet trained him as a child. That is ridiculous. Aside from being completely false, it removes personal responsibility for one's actions. Oh it's not my fault, it's my mother's fault. That is absurd. We are all responsible for what we do and for the choices we make.

If a kid is questioning their sexuality and wants to go for counselling they are free to do so. Should the parent be notified? Of course they should because there are a lot of bad psychiatrists out there that can do a lot of damage to a child's mind. Does the parent have to know the counseling is for the child's sexuality? Perhaps not. Maybe the child is not ready to tell their parents and needs to talk about it in private. The parent should know what counselor the child is seeing because as I said there are a of of bad counselors out there on both sides of the fence. .

However, if a 40 year old man says to me he likes 12 year old girls or boys, I'd be like yo man that is f*cked up. That's not OK. You need counseling to help manage those feelings not validate them. Yet what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business.

My concern with a complete ban on conversion therapy is how the left would then manipulate the definition of conversion therapy. It's like how England passed a law to remove civil liberty for terrorists then with one stroke of the pen claimed everyone in the Occupy movement were terrorists. In so doing they bypassed their right to free speech, lawful assembly and the right to legal representation in a fair trial. Right now the left says if you disagree with me you are a racist homophobe. If we ban conversion therapy, they could then say, if you have a religious affiliation, then you are a conversion therapist and are banned. If you disagree with our Marxist ideals then you are a conversion therapist. That ban could easily be abused.

Conversion therapy is to be avoided just like Signumd Freud is. Kids need safe positive impartial counseling that doesn't force them one way or the other. However, if a 40 year old man says I like little girls or little boys then he needs help to manage those feelings because those kind of feelings should not be validated.

Likewise, if a 7 year old girl says I want to become a boy then we can say that's great. I want an operation. OK we can look into that but you're going to have to wait until you get a little older. Telling elementary school kids there's no such thing as gender is insane. If there was no such thing as gender, you wouldn't need an operation to change you gender.

We find peace in life by balancing the extremes.

#WalkAway LGBT Town Hall, Los Angeles

I didn't realize that Brandon Straka was Gay. Not that it matters because it doesn't. Well it does matter, to him and he matters and Gay people matter. I just mean I certainly don't think any less of him because of it. He is very intelligent, compassionate and courageous. That makes him noble. Those are qualities we should all aspire to. I highly recommend listening to what he has to say about this narrative thing. He nails it and exposes the deception for what it really is.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

ANTIFA thugs crash Vancouver Freedom Protest

Well it was nice to see the City of Vancouver sent in the sanitation department to clean up the human excrement on the public road blocking the onramp to the Georgia Street viaduct last Sunday. The picture above is what it looked like today and the picture below is what it looked like last Sunday. People have the right to protest but they don't have the right to block city streets and interfere with the rights of others. I support law and order. Free Speech is protected by law.

So I start riding around to see where they went. Oppenheimer park? Nope, not there. I couldn't see them anywhere in the DTES. Nice. Everything is back to normal. The real normal. We need to support law and order. If you pander to lawlessness you create monsters.

So I'm riding home after running some errands for my bother and I see some flags, signs and chanting just outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. A group of freedom protesters had just arrived so I pulled over to have a look. These were lockdown protesters supporting freedom.

Some ANTIFA thugs showed up to crash the party. When the guy on the mic went off about supporting the police and supporting law and order the ANTIFA thugs came unglued and a mob of them challenged him and threatened him. They were hiding under the Black Lives Matter banner and insisted only their opinion counted. Only they were allowed to be heard. That is why they tried to prevent these other activists from speaking. Sound familiar?

Let's just say there was a minor scuffle and some of us had to use reasonable force to protect ourselves and defend their right to be heard. When the buff brother stepped up to the plate we went old school tactical and outflanked them. After the thugs left I told the girls with the Protect Black Trans Women sign that they were welcome because their voice matters. I said the others didn't have a right to take away these freedom fighters voice. That was my beef.

The lady with the Free Julian Assange shirt and the Human Rights banner, she was with us trying to keep the peace. On the other side of the courtyard the Hong Kong protesters were singing spiritual songs in Cantonese. I had to smile because it was a completely different spirit than what the ANTIFA thugs brought with them. One was calm, peaceful and edifying, the other was hateful, hurtful and oppressive. ANTIFA says no one has a right to be heard but them. That is what Hong Kong is protesting against. Hong Kong has legitimate concerns.

Hong Kong is protesting against Communism and ANTIFA are trying to bring Communism here. No thanks. Sometimes we have to use force to assert our right to free speech against the ANTIFA thugs. Pandering to those bullies only creates more victims. We need to stop that.

The white girls with the Protect Black Trans Women banner, I need to ask them a question. I support their right to be heard and I support what their banner says. We do need to protect black transgender women but who protected the black transgender women from getting raped at the Openhiener rape camp? Who protected them there? ANTIFA didn't.

Who protected all the other women, gay and straight from being raped at the Oppenheimer rape camp? ANTIFA didn't. You see there are no transgender rights in Communism because in Communism, no one has any rights. They are conning you just like everyone else.

Update: I have one more question. There were three adults with skateboards and a ship load of young boys on skateboards. It was actually kind of creepy. What were those three adults with skateboards from Antifa doing with all those young boys?

After the conflict one of the adults said come on guys lets go and all the kids left. So what is an adult doing with all those young boys? I think we've stumbled upon a child trafficking ring. The next time they show up we need to take pictures of the adults micromanaging the kids who were disrupting the event to see if they have any outstanding warrants or any criminal records for sexual offenses or child trafficking offenses. This looks highly suspicious.

At the Hispanic American Town hall held in New York City on November 9th 2019, one of the panelists said that a lot of the children crossing the border illegally aren't crossing with their parents. She said there is a huge child trafficking problem at the boarder that we have to address. It also exists within the city of Vancouver - young male prostitutes.

Here are some of the other voices ANTIFA didn't want you to hear:

VSSDM Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement