Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Racists and Feminists - exposing the truth

Time to right dive in. Following Rex Murphy's model logical progression, let's ask when is a racist not a racist and when is a feminist not a feminist? Wait 'till I tell ye. Communists use the word feminist to con women into helping them with THEIR cause. It's their cause not the women's cause because there are no woman's rights within Communism. Just like there are no trade union rights within Communism simply because within Communism, no one has any rights.

Ladies first. Let's start with the feminists. Before we look at women's rights in Communist China lets look at them within the local Communist con artists here in Canada. Let's turn back the clock to the last con right before COVID1984 when the Communists were blocking trains in support of the destruction of democracy on the Wet’suwet’en reservation. The man who would be king.

Since natural gas is clean burning and is a huge step forward for the environment over industrial coal, the band members of the Wet’suwet’en nation as well as their elected chiefs approved the natural gas pipeline through their territory. In addition to that, 8 of the 13 hereditary chiefs approved it. There is not one hereditary chief on the Wet’suwet’en, there are 13. Those hereditary titles are given to them by the band members and can be taken away just as easily.

So the majority of the band members along with the majority of their elected chiefs and their hereditary chiefs approved the pipeline. Yet Rasputin had a plan to overturn democracy. Wanting to overrule the democratic decision of their people, three female hereditary chiefs who approved the plan were stripped of their title and replaced with three males who support the plan

Here the Communists fired the women who disagreed with them and replaced them with men who agreed with them. This is one of many examples of how Communism is fake feminism just like Justin Trudeau. The old boys club sent female agitators to abuse aboriginal women who disagreed with them. Communists only want women who do as they are told. Communists claim that the bourgeois sees women as property they can own yet in reality, it is the Communists who want women to serve them. This is the difference between what they say and what they do.

In Communist China feminists and woman's rights activists are put in jail. I guess you didn't see that on Bill Gates' state run media. Next, lets look at who the racists really are. Remember the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics? All of us who were here remember that well as it was such a colossally positive event. Right before that there was a group of Anarchists and Communists trying to overthrow the democratic will of Vancouver and stop that magnificent event.

I attended a pre Olympic function at Vancouver City hall with my daughter and a friend. It was a family event. The Anti Poverty Committee in the DTES were throwing rocks at women and children who attended these events and I wanted to make sure that did not happen at this one. There was a large police presence. Chiefs from the three First Nation bands the Olympics were to be hosted on were present to give their blessing on the event.

One of the hereditary chiefs was performing a song on his prayer drum and the POS Anarchists started booing him and heckling him. I was astounded at the public level of disrespect and outright racism. I shouted out real Natives respect their elders. A couple of the First Nations guys they had with them started to feel guilty and stopped but the white trash anarchists kept booing and heckling the Elder during his drumming.

They were shouting no Olympics on stolen Native land. I was like WTF are you talking about? Everyone is in agreement with this. They were booing Squamish Nation hereditary Chief Gibby Jacob. The Anarchists and the Communists did not care or respect the hereditary chiefs then. Just like their fake feminism, they only want women or Natives who do as they're told.

The coronavirus crisis has exposed China's long history of racism. Communism is a lie.

Dr Leslyn Lewis made a post on Twitter stating that the Liberals aren't the natural home for people of colour. She has Conservative values which are genuine. Others aren't.

Likewise this also relates to some misunderstood history in the US. Several years ago I was debating politics on Dr Dray's forum. Several brothers on there were Republican. I said I thought Republicans had a history of being racist. Not so they said. They told me that historically the Democrats were KKK members. I said no way and checked it out. He was right. I had no idea.

That was then and this is now. Now the Democrats are pimping the cause just like the Communists. Only the Communists are proven liars. The way the Democrats are sensationalizing everything now makes them difficult to trust. Joe Biden's ties to John Brenan and the CIA make him dirty. Trump appears to be more trustworthy because he doesn't suck up.

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