Sunday, June 28, 2020

Building on Common Ground

Emotions have been high the last six months. People have gone mad. As I have always said, we find peace in this life by shunning the extremes. In the United States Candice Owens is leading Blexit while Brandon Straka is leading the #Walk Away movement. I support both.

In Canada we are seeing a similar awakening and I just want to make a few classifications so that we remain on the same page. No two people agree on every issue but no two people disagree on ever issue either. There is always common ground.

Over the past few weeks I spoke with two local Christian activists who I share many common beliefs with. Yet they are both completely obsessed with Radical Islam and passionately paranoid of the Muslim call to prayer. I do not share that fear simple because "God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

I believe that God is not a respecter of persons and that every nation that feareth him and worketh righteousness is accepted of him, Every nation including Samaria and Islam. When it comes to intolerance, I remind Christians of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Christ came to a different time period. His parable of the Good Samaritan had three main characters - two bad one good. The two villains Christ chose to use in the parable were religious leaders of the time. The hero was someone everyone there hated at that time. He picked someone from a different race and a different religion that the locals did not like. He chose that character for a specific reason. To show us what hypocrisy is and to show us that God is not a respecter of persons. Anyone who does good is accepted of him.

I see that the LDS Church has posted a modern version of that parable. I performed that skit for a large group of Mormons on two different occasions. One was to a large group of missionaries. In that skit the two religious leaders that walked past the guy who had been mugged was a Mission President and a Stake President. The person that helped the guy who had been mugged was a Jehovah's Witness. The second occasion was at a Christmas party. In that skit the two religious leaders that walked passed the guy who had been mugged was a Mormon Bishop and a young Men's President. The person that helped the guy was an East Indian wearing a turbin. On both ocasions the crowd was dead silent at the end. It had a cutting impact.

That is the spirit of the original parable. To Christians here I have posted the parable of the Good Muslim because I know many. There are good people and bad people in every religion and every political party. I support the freedom of Religion. The two local Christians I spoke with have a passionate paranoia about the Muslim call to prayer. I do not share that fear.

Yet they have launched a petition to allow Christians the right to sing the Lord's prayer at noon on Sundays. If they want to sing the Lord's prayer on Sundays, I have absolutely no problem with that. Likewise, if the Muslims want to say God is Great during Ramadan, I have no problem with that. Radical Islam is not a threat to Canada for the same reason White Supremacy isn't. Muslims see Radical Islam the same way we see Nazi's and White Supremacists. We see them as uneducated hillbillies. CSIS created the National Front in Canada while the CIA created ISIS in Syrria. That is where both extremes really come from.

These individuals can see how the Nova Scotia mass shooting has the hallmarks of a false flag attack to justify gun control. Do you then not agree that 9/11 was also an inside job? Here in Surrey we have a large Sikh community. They are our allies because they share our morals and share our values. So do the vast majority of Muslims. To claim that all Muslims support Radial Islam is as ridiculous as saying all Conservatives are Nazis. Both statements are false.

In Surrey we have seen that when IndoCanadain politicians run for office and go against the values of the Sikh and Hindu Temples, the Temples vote them out of office. Jagmeet Singh does not share our values but the Sikh community does. That is why Jagmeet Singh has played the race card in Quebec. He is trying to distract the Temples from the fact that he is going against their values. Wake Up Surrey saw through Tom Gill. They will see through Jagmeet Singh.

I also support Doug McCallum. Completely. He is trustworthy because he kept his word. The sleazebags who jumped ship broke their promise. That means I can never trust any new promise they make in the future because they are untrustworthy. History has recorded that.

I will now add a word on sovereigntists. In the United States there is a new movement growing that call themselves sovereign citizens. They claim if they renounce their citizenship they no longer have to pay taxes. That is ridiculous. I view it as a cult that makes no sense. You want to drive on the road but you don't want to pay for it. Renouncing your citizenship is like being a draft dodger. It's nothing to be proud of. I cherish my citizenship.

I have recently spoken with two Canadians who support a sovereignty movement in Canada. I do not. I asked them about the Charter of Rights. They say that has never been ratified and that it is a fraud that dates back to the BNA Act. I know of the BNA act and I know of the Canadian Charter of Rights. The Charter of Rights was an act of parliament which I support. All the provinces signed it except for Quebec. It protects civil liberty by law. Throwing that document away by claiming we want to be sovereign is another Marxist lie. Civil liberty must be protected by law. That is what the Constitution and the Charter of Rights does. I do not support any campaign to do away with those documents because that road leads to totalitarianism not sovereignty.

The biggest threat to Canada is not White Supremacy or Radical Islam, those are both driven by the Intelligence community. The biggest threat to Canada is Marxism, ANTIFA and the Chinese Communist Party. Those are real threats that are leading the current attack on our sovereignty and our civil liberty. Muslims are being persecuted in Communist China just like Christians and Buddhists are. We need to come together under the banner of a free republic to oppose the Communist totalitarian State. There are three Muslim families in my complex and they are wonderful. Just so you know, my neighbor who wears a hijab outside just named her youngest son Jesus. They believe Jesus is a prophet so stop hating and start recognizing the real enemy.

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