Monday, June 15, 2020

Candace Owens leads the exodus from Slavery

Candace Owens is leading the Black Exit from the Democratic party but she is also leading the Exodus from the Slavery of Communism into a Free Republic on dry ground. I shall explain.

Globalism is Communism. ANFIFA is Communism. ANTIFA declares that if your not a Communist you are a racist Fascist. That is ridiculous. Candace Owens is leading everyone away from the slavery of Communism into the light of free thought. This is her mountaintop.

My mountaintop is on the other side of the abyss - Finian's Inferno. I have seen what Communism has done and how they do it. We have talked about the global conspiracy and the enemy from within. COVID 1984 was a wake up call for all of us. It was an attack on civil liberty. It was an attack on the Constitution and the Charter of Rights. Communism will lie to everyone.

There are no transgender rights in Communism because within Communism no one has any rights. There is no diversity of thought within Communism because Communism is a single party system. It is very single minded. Communism's end game is slavery - of everyone.

Slavery is what this new civil war is really about. Only this time it's not about making backs slaves, it's about making everyone slaves. So while Candace Owens leads Black Exit, she also leads the way for all of us to escape the dark deception that is trying to enslave us. The flaxen cords of ANTIIFA and the MSM. This is George Orwell 1984 but if we are willing to resist it could also be a tale of two cities. Communist totalitarianism versus a Free Republic. In Ireland a Republican is someone who beleives in a free republic. That is what I believe in.

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