Sunday, June 14, 2020

Defunding the DTES Anarchists and Communists

I see the Oppenheimer rape camp has moved over to the Georgia Street viaduct. Now they are out of their territory. Today I drove into Vancouver to drop off some groceries for my brother who just got out of the hospital. Only these bags of sh*t had tents set up on the road blocking my access to the Georgia Street viaduct. Tents on a city street is a violation of the Vancouver city bylaws and I object to them. They have a Charter right to protest but they do not have the right to break the law and take away my right of safe passage. They aren't the only people on the planet.

Shutting down the Rape camp at Oppenheimer park was a step forward for the city but letting these criminals promote lawlessness and take away other law biding citizens rights is completely unacceptable. The Oppenheimer park rape camp did not advocate for woman's rights, they exploited them. They demanded lawlessness so they could continue to rape women in those tents. These are the same people a few blocks over. No one should support that. No one.

On my way in there were a handful of political extremists and several tents set up on the road. One white girl had a sign that said Black Trans Lives Matter. I shouted out that I do not support Anarchists and Communists. They said that's not what they represent. Yes it is I exclaimed. That is exactly what you represent. You have been conned by liars with a political agenda.

On my way back more people had joined them including several drug addicts and criminals who brought pallets to block the road. People have the right to go to work. They are violating that right. They say sh*t attracts flies, well right there you can see a big pile of sh*t and a huge swarm of flies. It's time to bring in the sanitation department and flush that toilet once and for all.

All of these POS who are breaking the law and violating my rights, cut them off welfare. Every last one of them. It's time to defund the Anarchists and the Communists. You want Communism? Lets put you all in work camps because that's what Communism is. There are no trans rights in Communism. Last year I buried my mother and my sister. Soon I'll have to bury my brother. I don't need your sh*t. No one does. The city needs to take this down before someone gets hurt.

What happened to George Floyd was horrible but that had nothing to do with the police here and it had nothing to do with me. Candice Owen is leading Black Exist in the United States and I do support her. Locally Leslyn Lewis has a different platform than the Anarchists and the Communsits and I support her. Black Conservatives are on the rise to support law and order.

The criminals and the drug addicts in the DTES have become far too loud and proud. They think they are better than anyone else and that only they matter. When I was at Main and Hastings the light changed and a zombie transient started walking on the red slowly and intentionally blocking my access. After I yelled at him and turned the corner another zombie transient did the exact same thing. They cross on red lights intentionally going slow to block cars because they believe only they matter. They have no regard for anyone else other then themselves.

This is what happens when you coddle and spoon feed spoilt brat criminals. They turn into arrogant monsters because they face no consequences for their unlawful conduct.

BTW since there is such a huge shortfall in the City of Vancouver's budget afer the COVID lockdown, we need to cut all funding to VANDU. The Vancouver Drug Users Network is a criminal organization that should not be funded with tax dollars by the city.

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