Saturday, June 20, 2020

Trumps Death clock exposes hidden agenda

Trump Supporters Flood Tulsa and the Communist News Network spins a ridiculous web. All of a sudden they denounce a huge Trump rally over COVID concerns. Yet they threw those concerns out the window when ANTIFA was rioting. That's the first double standard. Then comes the death clock. AYFKM? Less than 56,000 people have died from COVID1984? Even with the over inflated numbers? In in the winter of 2018, 80,000 people died of the flu and there was no lockdown. That's more than Coronavirus. That number forces us to ask was the lockdown warranted?

The Democrats are trying to blame Trump for COVID when we all know it came from Wuhan in China. There were no bats sold at the seafood market in Wuhan. The Wuhan lab that stole Ebola samples from the Canadian lab in Winnipeg was studying Corona virus in Chinese bats. Somehow the virus went from their lab to the seafood market. That was not Donald Trumps fault.

Like it our not, COVID is Communist China's fault, not Donald Trump's fault. If the Democrats had their way we'd still be under lockdown. So here's the double standard: First the Democrats blame Trump for the CCP virus. Then their biased media falsified the extent of the hospital lines to create mass panic and do further economic damage to the country. Then they turn around and blame Trump for the economic struggle. That is a devious deception and we are not buying it.

Joe Biden's Democrats support Globalism which is Communism. I do not support that. The US Constitution guarantees a Republican government which means it protects a free republic. That is what I do support. I support the US Constitutions and the Canadian Charter of Rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is found in a free republic when civil liberty and human rights are protected by law not crushed by a manifesto of lies. #Walkaway - Blexit is the freedom to think.

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