Monday, June 29, 2020

The ripple effect of George Floyd's murder

I have already addressed the horrific nature of the Murder of George Floyd and the insanity of rioting and looting but right now I want to touch on the ripple effects of that murder before I lay the matter to rest. In so doing two video clips come to mind.

Recently I saw the beginning of Dave Chapelle's socially distance outdoor event after the murder. I was a little bit hesitant at first because although Dave Chapelle is hilarious, I really didn't think it would be appropriate for anyone to joke about his murder.

He did not. Dave Chappelle was very serious and described his own personal experience in an earthquake and the things that were running through his mind when he thought he was going to die. He said that traumatic experience, although it seemed to last forever, it only lasted 35 seconds. Then he compared that to George Floyd's experience being choked for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Dave Chappelle went off on the injustice and it became difficult to watch after that.

I totally agree what happened was horrible. We need to face that and move forward.

The other video clip I saw was the beginning of the Candace Owens show with Marc Lamont Hill. Marc supports Black Lives Matter, Candace Owens does not. They started out by respectfully stating where they disagree on the response to George Floyd's murder.

Candace Owens stated that George Floyd was a career criminal who spent his life committing acts of violence against black people. Marc Hill said that is not relevant to what happened. Candace Owens then said it becomes relevant when people try to make him a martyr and young children are walking around with his face on their T-shirts. I agree with both of them.

Marc is right in that the fact that George Floyd was a career criminal who spent his life committing acts of violence against black people is not relevant to the fact that what the police officer did to him was wrong. It is never acceptable for a police officer to become a judge, jury and executioner. We believe in due process of the law. What the police officer did was wrong. Everyone is in agreement with that. However, Candace is also right in that George Floyd's criminal history becomes relevant when people try to turn him into a martyr. That is dishonest.

Candace said that her concern with the riots was that they started after the cop was arrested and charged. Usually when people protest they are asking for justice to be served. In this case the police officer was arrested and charged without delay. Marc said yes, but at that point the other officers hadn't. Candace pointed out that the other officers present were rookie cops.

J. Alexander Kueng, a black police officer who held George Floyd down was on this third shift. Thomas Lane was also a rookie. He held George's feet so he couldn't kick. Lane expressed concern about Floyd and asked Chauvin twice if they should roll Floyd to his side, but Chauvin said no. Gray said Lane also performed CPR in the ambulance.

Although I agree the other officers should have intervened, the fact that they were rookie cops following the directions of a senior officer does make a difference. One of the irate initial news articles said that it's time for the police to realize that just because someone can talk, does not mean they can breathe. That's news to me. As a first aid attendant that's the first thing I would ask when assisting a patient who is choking. "Can you speak, can you cough?"

When George Floyd said I can't breathe to me that would imply he could. I think after he said that the officer applied more pressure so that he couldn't. Continuing the pressure after he stopped breathing was a deliberate act of murder. It was a horrible act. Yet the political agenda which hijacked the response is also horrible. Fascism is bad. It most certainly is but so is Communism. Communism is just as bad. We need to oppose both. May we move forward in peace.

I have two points to emphasize. The first is the fact that more white people get killed by the police in the US then black people. The MSM is trying to promote racism and division because they are owned by the CPC. Police need to be accountable. That is part of the New York model. The Marxists want us to defund the police so they can commit crime and create lawlessness.

The second point is that Marxism does not promote diversity. They are a single party totalitarian system that bans free speech and diversity of thought. In Communism no one has any rights regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. Communism and Fascism are the same thing. The only difference between the two is that the Fascists are honest about their objectives while the Communists are not. The goal of Communism is slavery and they use lies and propaganda to con you just like they did in Poland and East Berlin. History has recorded that.

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