Friday, February 28, 2014

Another murderer applies for day pass

This case is yet another example of how screwed up the injustice system really is. The Vancouver Province is reporting that Vince Li, the nut bar who stabbed and beheaded someone on a greyhound bus six years ago then started eating the victims flesh while the police watched might soon be granted unescorted day trips outside his mental hospital.

Vince Li's psychiatrist says the one-time undiagnosed schizophrenic has not been violent, no longer suffers delusions and has made tremendous progress. Great. Then put him in jail to serve the rest of his sentence. Giving him unescorted day passes is criminally insane.

The courts would argue that the public need to be educated on the law. No, the courts need to apply the law the citizens create when they elected governments to make them. The courts don't know the law, they know a bunch of watered down jurisprudence that has diluted natural justice into nonexistence.

March Against Corruption - Update

Well. well, well. The Georgia Straight is reporting that rallies from coast to coast will be held Saturday (March 1) as part of the international campaign March Against Corruption. Tomorrow in Vancouver, protesters will gather outside the Vancouver Art Gallery at 1 p.m. for a march downtown. Finally the people are beginning to sing.

Update: Although I totally agree raising public awareness about corporate corruption is crucial in our day, I'll explain why I'm not going to this rally. First is because I don't support the Idle no More movement. Not because I don't support human rights it's because I support equal rights. I don't think any one group is any better than another and has the inherit right to tax and extort the general public just so they don't have to get a job. That is insane. No offense.

Second is because I don't support the Harper no more concept. Although there are many things the Harper government is doing that I totally oppose, just about all of the other political parties support spying and the removal of our civil liberty. That needs to be addressed. We can't end up like the Quebec University students who were conned by the Party Quebecois. The Party Quebecois exploited the University students concerns to get elected then turned around and basically did the exact same thing the other party did once they were elected. Yes Harper is an idiot, but he is the elected idiot. Just like Rob Ford. Who's the bigger fool? The fool or the fool that votes for him?

The opposition likes to attack everything about Harper's "tough on crime" stance. I don't oppose that concept at all. I just don't think Harper has embraced it and I think mandatory minimum sentences for pot is stupid. It prevents us from implementing mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime like murder and rape or for hard drugs like crack or crystal meth. We need to implement mandatory minimum sentences for selling not using crack. It's that simple. Legalizing pot AND doing away with mandatory minimum sentences for SELLING crack is stupid.

Thirdly I do not support the ultimate extreme some of the nutbars who are supporting this rally propose. I don't think we should throw the baby out with the bath water. I don't think we should jump out of the frying pan into the fire. The Communists denounce corporate corruption and promise to resolve the matter with force. Wrong. They are the driving force behind the corporate corruption. The right wing extremists are in fact corporate Communists. Wall Street and the big banks funded the Communist revolution in Russia. Communism is not freedom. Communism is not democracy. Communism is not social justice. It is a lie that takes us in the exact opposite direction.

Although I thought Russia did a great job hosting the winter Olympics we cannot forget that right after all that good will they are preparing to invade the Ukraine after they began protesting the removal of their sovereignty. If today is the day we expose corporate corruption, today is the day we expose how corporate monopolies destroy the free market and lead to Communism not freedom. Russian troops have now invaded Crimea in the Ukraine.

We need to remember that Communism is still a real threat and that the greatest threat to our liberty lies with the enemy from within. Al Martin testified that Jeb Bush instructed him to commit investment fraud as a tool to raise funds for Iran contra. We need to remember that Earl W. Brian embezzled $50 million from Nesbitt Thompson’s clients in Canada on behalf of the CIA which went to fund the October Surprise. The CIA is the biggest criminal organization on the planet then comes the Hells Angels. Word. Just ask the Black Eyed Peas. "Why we have terrorists right here in the USA. The big CIA, the crips, the bloods and the KKK."

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Well all good things must come to an end. I had hoped that at the end of the Surrey Winter fest the person who murdered Janice Shore would have been arrested. I had also hoped that since she was brutally murdered for a drug debt that the police would stop letting them sell crack outside the front room since anyone selling crack there would be a suspect in Janice Shore's murder. I am disappointed to say the least. Not only that but I am totally burnt out.

The greed and political corruption we face is indeed overwhelming. I realize all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and woman to remain silent and do nothing. Yet this endless banging one's head against the wall seems so pointless. People are free to choose. I will always support that right. Yet when the majority of people chose evil, that's when I simply record my dissent and walk away. One tin solder.

I appreciate all the feedback and I appreciate all the links people send in. I will continue to blog but not at such a frantic rate. I'll only blog about main stories like the David Giles case. I'm not concerned about the little fish. I want to see a difference in the real predators out there.

I need to make time for one final project. I'm coaching North America's new Dali Lama. It's quite an honour really. Perhaps he will succeed where I have failed. It's time to give the next generation a shot. So if you see my reflection on a snow covered hill, maybe a landslide will bring it down.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hells Angels Grant Street clubhouse sold for twice it's value

I realize the Hells Angels Nomad clubhouse in Burnaby on 3910 Grant Street has been for sale for a while now. Well Kim Bolan is reporting that it has been sold. The property was assessed at $1,098,000 yet just sold for for $2.175 million. Sounds like another scam to me. Just like when the city bought the Drake hotel from the Hells Angels and paid them twice what it was worth. The City of Vancouver gave the Hells Angels an extra $2 million marked for subsidized house just because.

In 2005 Grant Street Holdings was called 666 Holdings with Bob Green as a director of both companies. Tony Pires is another piece of work involved in the Grant Street sale. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sinaloa El Chapo and Manuel Noriega

Meanwhile, back on the dark side, the New York Times is reporting that Joaquín Guzmán Loera "El Chapo" kingpin of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel was finally captured 13 years after his escape from prison. Since it has become clear that in Operation Fast and Furious the U.S. Government helped the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel rise to power one has to wonder who this kingpin fell out of favor with. Perhaps he threatened to blow the whistle like Manuel Noriega did. Noriega was a fall guy for Iran contra. He was involved since Operation Watchtower which was confirmed by Colonel Edward P. Cutolo and means Noriega's incarceration was a farce. Just sayin.

Canada Scores! Again. Men's Hockey win the Gold.

After a previous attempt hits the post Canada scores in the first period of the gold medal game. Canada leads 1 - 0 after the first period. Canada scores again 2-1 at the end of the second period. Canada hits the post in the third period and stays on the offensive. Canada scores again! 3-0 in the third. Canada mens win the gold. 3-0 final score. Da Da Canada. Finland beat the US 5-0 to take the Bronze. Russia takes most medals over all. Norway takes the second most. Well done.

The closing ceremony was awesome. A children choir sang the Russian anthem. It was very nice. Russia pulled it off. They were a wonderful host to a successful Olympic games. It's nice to see a little Russian pride return to the faces of big brother. It's also nice to see the Russian Federation flag replace the hammer and sickle. Peace.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Games

I don't normally give a rat's ass about hockey but I do have a peek during the Stanley cup if the Canucks are in it or during the Olympics. Since it's such a national event I will comment on it. I happened to see the last of the third period of the Woman's gold medal game Canada versus the United States. It was intense.

The US were ahead 2 - 0 most of the game. We were all kinda looking down saying to ourselves oh crap. Yes there's a bit of rivalry between Canada and the US when it comes to hockey but it's nothing personal. It's just that the Americans win everything. It's nice to see someone else win something for a change.

So when Canada scored late in the third period that sparked the dream and set them on fire. Their confidence was restored and they were hungry. They pulled their goalie and scored to tie it up right before the end of the third period. What a nail biter. At one point the linesman got in the way which resulted in Canada losing possession of the puck and the Americans getting a shot off to the empty net which hit the post. That would have been a tragedy if that had gone in since it was the linesman who got in the way. My daughter told me the pictures on facebook were commenting that never before has two inches made 22 woman so happy. In contrast jokes about the mens game said loser has to keep Justin Beiber.

There were three penalties in overtime. Apparently the final penalty that resulted in the Canadian's power play goal wasn't a real penalty which was shameful. No one wants to win like that. However, the Canadian team did show a lot of heart in the crucial minutes of the game. Hats off to the Americans. They played very well and it could have easily gone either way.

Likewise in the men's semi finals Canada versus the US. Both teams were very sharp in a very fast paced game that could also easily have gone either way. At least Canada didn't score on a power play over a bad call. That one was a clean victory. The thing is, even in the remote chance that Canada loses against Sweden in the finals, that really doesn't matter. We are happy they beat the Americans (no offense) and would be thrilled to see someone else win for a change. I mean look at Norway. They're leading the world this time with gold medals in these games. Good for them. I knew a guy from Norway who used to say he was born with skis on his feet. Great guy.

There were a couple of amusing beer commercials with regards to Olympic Hockey. One was from Molsen Canadian which to my understanding is owned by a American company and the other was from Budweiser. Although Budweiser is a watered down American beer it was a funny commercial. Showing the power go out around the world because everyone in Canada was watching the final gold medal game on TV and celebrating after it was over. It was very well done. I don't drink yellow beer myself. I enjoy the occasional pint of Guinness or on very special occasions a pint of dark German beer. Then again I'm the odd ball in more ways than one. Go Canada. We don't care who wins the most gold meals. We just want hockey. However, I do agree that although he NHL refs are better than the European refs a Canadian should not be reffing a game Canada is playing it.

10 years for murder

Here is yet another case people are upset about. The Surrey Leader is reporting that "On Wednesday (Feb. 19) in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster, Jonathan Michael Kishimoto, who was charged with second-degree murder, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter in connection to the May 2012 death of Noel Jackson." He received a 10 year sentence. Less time served there are eight years, four months remaining on Kishimoto's sentence.

Here are the concerns people are expressing: Since when does first degree murder turn into manslaughter? How does statutory release apply to murder? Normally, statutory release doesn't apply to first degree or second degree murder. However, manslaughter carries no minimum sentence, except when it is committed with a firearm, in which case the minimum sentence is four years in prison. Sentences vary from probation to life in prison.

It would appear that in this case, since a firearms was used there is no parole eligibility for 4 years. Which is baffling all in itself. 4 years for murder with a firearm? There is something wrong with that picture. I don't think the US prison system is a good example for us to follow. However, neither is this other extreme. Four years for murder with a firearm is absolutely insane. Something needs to change. People can even apply for full parole after one third of their sentence.

This also raises the issue of minimum sentences. Some lunatics are arguing that minimum sentences don't work and are a violation of the Charter of Rights. False. Minimum sentences are already applied to murder. Committing murder is not a Charter Right. Neither is selling crack.

Then we have the issue of turning first degree murder into manslaughter. Previously the Huffington Post reported that a disagreement between Jackson and a small group of people occurred on May 3, 2012, in a Surrey suite. Two men left the suite but returned a short time later with a third man and, while the acquaintance waited outside, the men burst into the apartment and fired at Jackson, who died at the scene. Coming back with a gun to shoot someone dead is first degree murder not manslaughter. It carries intent.

Kishimoto, 23, was originally charged with second-degree murder alongside Michael Alexander Ross in November 2012. Ross's charge, however, was downgraded to accessory after the fact following a preliminary hearing last April, and was dropped entirely on Wednesday. Tell me again we don't need judicial reform in British Columbia. I'm not the only one that disagrees.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Johnny Newcome plays get out of jail free card

Castanet is reporting that Johnny Newcome got a 18-month conditional sentence to be served in the community, with the first nine months under house arrest and the second nine under curfew conditions for 14 counts of stolen property and trafficking in stolen property on behalf of the Kelowna Hells Angels. That is disgusting. Be advised, that was a joint submission. This act of treason came straight from the crown.

This was a huge stolen car ring tied to the Hells Angels. Newcome was revining the stolen vehicles for the Hells Angels. Some of the vehicles ended up in the possession of the Calgary Hells Angels.

The judge said "the sheer number of stolen property and the plundering of the community from Calgary west (Hells Angels) ….. it's absolutely appalling." The sentence he received is disgusting. You cannot get any more corrupt than this.

Judicial Treason Strikes Again

Just when you thought you's seen it all and the courts couldn't go any lower, they out do themselves and descend to a new low in treason. The Vancouver Province is reporting that a B.C. Provincial Court judge in Vancouver has ruled that a one-year mandatory minimum sentence for drug trafficking recently introduced by the federal government is a violation of the Charter of Rights and declared it "of no force and effect."

Joseph Galati should be hanged. Now. Every judge is bound by the law. Whenever a judge makes a ruling they must cite the law or the jurisprudence to support their interpretation of the law. They do not have the authority to create laws. So tell me Master Treason, what clause in the Charter of Rights was violated? None!

The Charter of Rights, like the US Bill of Rights, guarantees civil liberty. Freedom from unnecessary searches and seizures is a charter right. The right to due process, a speedy trial and legal representation are charter rights. Selling crack is not a charter right. Joseph Galati has committed a criminal act by misinterpreting the law. He needs to be removed from the bench and go directly to jail. Right now.

His claim that selling crack is a charter right is not only false but absurd. Keeping him on the bench after making such a brazen act of criminal negligence would be treason. Just ask the Aldergrove Judicial Review Board: Judges are the Problem. If we aren't going to fix the injustice system by making judges elected, we have to put a mechanism in place to remove bad judges because the current system is failing and needs to be fixed. This is the perfect example.

Selling crack is the root cause of the Vancouver gang war. Failing to address that is treason.

BC Budget Scam

Recently there was an editorial in the Vancouver Province claiming the BC Provincial government was doing the right thing by reducing spending and balancing the budget. What a scam that is. The BC Government isn't balancing the budget. Neither are the municipalities. That's the problem.

When the BC Liberals released their fraudulent budget before the election they fudged the numbers by claiming that although they were running a consistent debt, they would balance it some time in the future by extracting a dividend from BC Hydro. That claim was fraud.

We know very well the BC Liberals are the ones that turned BC Hydro into another Enron by privatizing the power brokers that sell power to the public company at inflated rates. As a result, they have been hiding the ballooning deficit that criminal fraud created for years. You can't extract a dividend from BC Hydro to balance your deficit when you are already hiding a ballooning deficit at BC Hydro. Right now we are looking at a 40% increase in Hydro rates to help offset this act of fraud where private power brokers are gouging tax payers at an unprecedented rate.

Now the BC Liberals are fudging the budget by claiming they will extract revenues from the liquefied natural gas industry. These fudge it budgets can go both ways. It's like Canada Post lying to the media claiming it forecasts a change in the consistent annual profits and anticipates an annual billion dollar loss. Those forecasts are fraudulent trying to con the public.

I'm all for liquefied natural gas. What I am opposed to is the consistent fraud the BC Liberals get away with by claiming they are balancing the budget when they committed an act of fraud by turning BC Hydro into another Enron. They keep living of the crazy stereotype that the NDP will tax and spend but they won't when in reality they are doing worse spending than the NDP ever did just like Dianne Watts in Surrey.

Talk about spin, we even have Preewee Hermon himself, Gwyn Morgan, front and centre running interference for the Glutton World Order. TransLink's spending is completely out of control. They already squander over a billion dollars a year in excessive regional gas taxes and they still want more. Why? Because they give 2.5 million free rides a year and they keep living beyond their means expanding sky train lines to nowhere instead of waiting until the current lines start paying for themselves. Why? So the corrupt companies that contribute to their campaigns can get sweetheart contracts.

Guess who got the contract for the $1.4-billion Evergreen Line? SNC-Lavalin did. Gwyn Morgan was CEO. SNC-Lavalin senior executives were charged with fraud along with Arthur Porter, the former chair of Canada’s watchdog for CSIS. Go figure. The scam never ends while tax payers continue to get gouged in the name of fiscal responsibility. Are they still selling swamp land in Florida because right now the public will buy anything.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Transit cop suspended for assaulting and tasering elderly man

CTV is reporting that Constable Ken Jansen has been demoted and suspended for 14 days by an adjudicator for his part in beating an elderly mentally ill man and jolting him with a Taser four years ago. Criminal charges against Jansen and Surrey RCMP Const. Mitchell Spears who was also involved, were dropped last year when a provincial court judge ruled their charter rights had been infringed by the lengthy delay in bringing the matter to trial.

The Surrey now reported that both officers were originally charged with assault and Spears was also charged with assault with a weapon, namely, a Taser. Before the case was dropped the Surrey Now reported that the court heard that the Surrey RCMP was called to investigate a complaint that Booker had chased his landlord with a knife. Dickie said she expects the court will hear that Spears went into the residence and threatened to use a Taser on Booker.

The elderly man was handcuffed, arrested under the Mental Health Act and was taken to Surrey Memorial Hospital. The prosecutor said she expects the judge will hear that hospital staff found Booker "calm and pleasant," albeit saying strange things.

She also expects the judge will hear that Spears and Jansen were seen on top of Booker, who suffered a head injury that required stitches, and that Jansen was seen "knee-striking" Booker several times. Dickie said an emergency room video will reveal Booker "did nothing" to Spears. Spears is accused of pinning Booker down in a chair and "grasping" his neck. Dickie told the court that the alleged assault was "not provocated" and "the force applied was excessive and dangerous." Spears is the fat guy on the left while Jenson is the skinny guy on the right. Together they look like Laurel and Hardy. Jensen doesn't look very repentant.

It's a hard call to know eaxcty what really happened. The Vancouver Province previously reported that Jansen wasn't on duty that night, but was waiting for RCMP Const. Mitch Spears, who had arrested Robert Booker under the Mental Health Act and was about to hand him over to hospital staff. Jensen was caught lying about what happened and made statements that didn't make sense. The elderly man was in his early seventies.

The court was told that the Surrey RCMP was called to investigate a complaint that the old man had chased his landlord with a knife. Any time a knife is involved that is a concern. Without being there it's hard to determine if it was a steak knife or a big kitchen knife. It's also difficult to ascertain the seriousness of the threat by a 70 year old man with mental health issues. If someone has a knife and a cop says put the knife down or I'll taser you that doesn't sound to unrealistic to me. Actually tasering a 70 year old man is very unwise since at his age that could be considered a lethal attack not reasonable force. So is giving him the boots after he's on the ground.

Fresh snow on local mountains

We've had a very slow start to the winter season on the local mountains on the west coast this year while the east coast has been getting hammered. However, surf's up. Seymour is reporting that they just had 47 cm of fresh snow in the last 24 hours, 92 cm in the last two days and 164 cm in the last week. Now that's what I'm talking about. Finally. More snow on the way.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ziggy Matheson and Ali Ziaee charged

Kim Bolan is reporting on the CFSEU announcement that the police have laid charges against Ziggy Matheson and Ali Ziaee from the drug bust last June. Ali’s father was convicted of money laundering in Florida. Some of the money was laundered through the Italian bank account of a corporation Ziaee set up in Panama. Banks were bilked of more than $1 million. Ziggy is friends with Jason Zailo who was Lindsay Buziak's ex boyfriend. She was trying to leave him before she was murdered and he forgot to mention that part to Dateline.

Just for the record, last June when we reported on that top level drug bust on Vancouver Island we reported the names of the accused when no other media outlet picked it up. These charges confirm that our source was correct last June. I knew it was a credible source. I'm not sayin I told ya so. I'm just sayin to all the haters that trash me on Kim Bolan's blog, kiss my ass b*tch.

One year anniversary of Janice Shore's murder

Today is a sad day. It's the one year anniversary of Janice Shore's brutal murder. Janice was beaten into a coma December 2nd 2012 and died in hospital February 18th 2013. Tragically, it is the same day Dianne Watts has chosen to show off her new ivory tower of self indulgence. What a cruel selfish world. Yet all is not lost.

On February 8th several First Nations Elders erected a tee pee on site and had a four day fast for Janice complete with drums, prayer ties and a sacred fire. That was a magnificent gesture. We live in a world of extremes. There is good and evil. There is greed and kindness. We are free to choose between the two. Circumstances don't make the man or woman, they reveal what they really are.

Monday, February 17, 2014

When a murderer walks free

In 1993, Brian MacLeod, a full-patch member of the Satan's Choice murdered his ex girlfriend Eva Koral. MacLeod was sentenced to to life imprisonment, with no parole eligibility for 14 years. Now he's a free man. 14 years is not life. He received full parole in 2009.

The Toronto Sun reported that "MacLeod - a massive man at 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds - had returned to an Etobicoke bar on the West Mall called Papa Bear's where Eva Koral had remained following an argument. He slammed her head into the bar, grabbed her by the hair, punched her four times in the head, hauled her out to his awaiting tow truck, smashed her head into the driver's side, and then tossed her inside -- with no one in the tavern raising a finger to stop the assault, and no one even having the guts to make a simple 911 call."

His history of violent behaviour toward women made up a large portion of his criminal record. Eva Koral, a pretty Bell Canada switchboard operator, was found the next day. A clump of her hair had been ripped from her scalp as she was dragged across the roadway, her left thumb had been severed, and her skull had been fragmented from blunt-force trauma. She had been beaten to death with a J-hook and tow-truck chains. MacLeod pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

A disturbing case indeed. Slamming a woman's head into the bar, punching her in the head and dragging her by the hair then beating her to death with a J-hook and tow-truck chains. That's pretty deranged alright. Satan's Choice patched over to become Hells Angels in Ontario in 2001.

Grown men worshiping the devil is hard to comprehend. It'so juville. Then again, so is beating women. Don't get me started on the Nazi emblems. That's what we went war to fight against.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

West Van police accused of sexual harassment: Updated

Evidently this news story is another example of how a Regional police force isn't necessarily the answer to all the many problems within the RCMP because other local forces seem to have the same problems. The Vancouver Province is reporting that West Vancouver’s mayor is promising to deal with a management crisis in his municipal police force after complaints of sexual and racial harassment, bullying, and punishment of whistleblowers. The allegations are found in a 2013 employee survey report.

We know that the New Westminster Police's use of force trainer was involved with a pretty bizarre drunken assault that was racially motivated. We know that Surrey IHIT had a problem with officers drinking and flirting with witnesses.

The class action sexual harassment suit against the RCMP and the fact that Don Ray is still employed with the RCMP is evidence that organization refuses to meet it's legal obligations to remove sexual harassment from the workplace. What I am interested in is Bill Fordy's response to the sexual harassment complaint against him and his coworkers on the Pickton file made by Catherine Gallagher. I understand at the Newton Crime meeting someone asked Fordy why it took the police so long to arrest Robert Pickton and he squirmed.

No doubt there are many more questions about the Pickton file and the sexual harassment claims Bill Fordy should be asked. Is Don Ray in Surrey? Did the new RCMP Headquarters in the Green timbers clear cut unilaterally impose an on site bar against the wishes of the public and against common sense dealing with the numerous complaints of drunk driving and alcohol related sexual harassment in the RCMP? Evidently there is an second ivory tower in Surrey.

Update: After front page coverage of this story the West Vancouver police chief resigned and the West Vancouver mayor said changes need to be made to address the concerns. Contrast that with Stephen Harper who responded to the RCMP class action suit by denying the allegations and slandering the whistle blowers.

Todd Mosher has since come forward claiming he was unjustly terminated from the West Vancouver Police department for being a whistle blower. The new Province article quotes the outgoing police Chief Const. Peter Lepine as claiming that an external investigation by arbitrator Vince Ready found Mosher’s “departure from this organization did not come as a result of retaliation.” However, that is not a true statement.

Vince Ready is a well respected arbitrator. He investigated the initial harassment complaint he didn't make a decision on the grievance. His grievance was denied because of a contested issue around disclosure of his personal file and time limits to file the grievance.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Newton Crime Prevention Gone Bad

Another crime prevention meeting in Newton today in response to the increased drug related crime in the area the police and city hall have been refusing to do anything about which resulted in the tragic death of a Hockey Mom. It was nice to see Penny Priddy moderate the event. She really does care about crime in her community. It's just so sad that this Newton Community Association has been highjacked by so many political agendas. Dianne Watts has been totally bullying them just like she did to that police committee she kicked Barinder off of.

The Aldergrove Judaical Review Board was there. They had a truck parked outside.

No doubt Vern got up and said the police are doing fine, it's the judges that are the problem. Which may well be true with regards to prolific offenders but isn't the case in Newton. The problem is that the businesses in Newton report a drug dealer to the police taking away their business and the police don't do anything about it. That is the problem. Handing out fliers about different ways to report crime to the police was rather ridiculous given the fact that under Bill Fordy's leadership the police haven't been responding to the complaints from the businesses and residents in Newton.

I noticed there was a huge line of reserved VIP parking in front of a special VIP entrance. I asked where the commoners entrance was and if the Prime Minister was coming. No, they said that was for the mayor. You're kidding I said. You've got to be kidding. How typical Dianne Watts would bring her ivory tower of self indulgence to Newton after all that she has done to crush their concerns.

It was somewhat ironic that out of the entire panel of politicians who attended the meeting, there was only one person who took advantage of the exclusive ivory tower parking. I'll let you guess who. Go Godzilla. It's time for a change. ReNewton is more credible than Dianne Watts' bs.

Missing Persons Act crushes Civil liberty

Well this is discouraging but not surprising. CBC is reporting that new legislation that will make it easier for police to search for missing people, even when there is no proof of a criminal act, has been proposed by B.C.'s Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton. This is just another scam that somehow spins a legitimate concern with injustice and negligence into the same old destruction of civil liberty. Both parties are supporting it. Heavy sigh.

Wally Oppal should be in jail for screwing up the Missing Woman Inquiry. As soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned he shut down the inquiry. As soon as Jim Brown was mentioned the police trashed the whistle blower's home. That is the problem right there. Taking away our civil liberty will not address the real problem at all. It's just another smoke a mirror side show.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Person X implicated in the murder of Duane Meyer

Interesting day at the Surrey Six trial today. I'm told Johnston's lawyer asked DY "Did you know your car was used by Person X in the murder of Duane Meyer?" Duane Meyer,. as we know was with the UN and was murdered May 8 2008. That's tragic. Remember Person X and Person Y got switched around. Seemingly, DY's Silver leased Porsche Cayenne was used by Person X in the murder of UN's Duane Meyer. The same car was taken to RG Auto Parts in Surrey to get a custom hidden compartment. This might have been where Jon Barber worked who was murdered May 9, 2008. He was driving Jamie Bacon's car and they got him instead.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mafia drug ring tied to New York and Canada busted

Yahoo news is reporting that the FBI and Italian police say they have arrested two dozen suspects in connection with a transnational heroin and cocaine trafficking conspiracy linking Italy's 'ndrangheta syndicate with the notorious Gambino and Bonanno crime families in the United States which was also tied to Canada. Here's the indictment as well as an overview of it.

CNN is reporting that Gambino, Bonanno family members arrested in joint US-Italy anti-mafia raids. CBC is reporting that police are looking for 8 more suspects tied to the ring in Canada. Calabrians in Hamilton perhaps? Or did they move into Toronto and Montreal after Vito died?

Diane Watt's Tower of Fiscal Irresponsibility

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Dianne Watt's tower of fiscal irresponsibility is scheduled to open on Monday. All hail Godzilla. Surrey's own Tower of Babel. This is why we can't afford police in Newton. $5 million for furniture alone. What is the real price tag anyways? We know it's more than what they claimed. The problem is this is not fiscally responsible and neither is Dianne Watts. That's why she wants to toll everything under the sun. To pay for all her trips and her ivory tower of self indulgence. It'd be cheaper to rent out the ULounge after hours for their special events. One local Newton resident thought this was a total waste of money. I agree.

“A few years back, Surrey spent $19 million upgrading city hall, which has been at the same location since anyone can remember. It has served us well and should remain where it is. But Watts just flushed $95 million on a new city hall that was not needed and is a waste of our taxes. That money could have gone a long way toward extra policing and cleanup of Newton. It might have even saved the life of Julie Paskall.” Indeed. They should keep the old city hall and lease out the new one as an investment. That would make more sense then tolling every bridge under the sun.

Black marble walls and Dianne Watts has a penthouse suite with a balcony. That is abominable.

Another concerned citizen wrote in to the Surrey Now and said: "The mayor has the wrong priorities. Surrey has the money to hire more officers, but Watts has chosen to spend big money on other projects, such as a new city hall." No doubt Alex Tsakumis would call this person a whore too for caring more about the community than Dianne Watt's ivory tower of self indulgence.

The Surrey Leader is reporting that the Ivory Tower will cost more like $150 million including interest. Since the city is borrowing the money they will be paying $2 million a year in interest. That's a lot of money for Dianne Watt's penthouse suit with a balcony. I still think it's be cheaper for them to rent out the U Lounge.

Vancouver home to Canada’s first crack pipe vending machines

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Vancouver is now home to Canada’s first crack pipe vending machines. This is the flaming example of everything that is wrong with this country. The DTES is a failed social experiment. Perpetuating that failure is not social justice. It is not compassion it is heartless brutality. This is not the New York model.

Bragging about crack pipe vending machines is the epitome of stupidity. Crack is a highly addictive poison that destroys lives all on it's own. On top of that it is cut with superbuff which gives you flesh eating disease. The only one who benefits from these insane vending machines are the drug dealers that torture and murder drug addicts for drug debts. What the hell is the Drug Users Resource Centre? Do they get tax dollars like VANDU does? That is a criminal insanity.

Glen Louis supports the Prince George Sodomizers

For the record, Glen Louis is that loser pos that raps for Hadan's mother and recently graduated from Prince George foster care with a grade nine education. He raps about collecting drug debts and wants to free Hayden and Mercedes for sodomizing that kid with a broom stick. He instructed his other "friend" to take the fall for the others. The guy belongs in the circus. He is a freak.

Glen claims he has a grade 11 education not grade nine so I'll have to check that out. If he went back and got more education good on him. However, your music is pretty dark man and this whole idea of supporting people who sodomized a guy with a broom stick is really messed up. It is what it is. Just sayin.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Online protest against mass surveillance

The is reporting that a Surveillance watchdogs marks February 11 as the day to battle Big Brother. The Guardian is reporting that "Two years ago, major websites like Google, Reddit and Wikipedia went dark for a day. They were protesting the then-pending "Stop Online Piracy Act," federal legislation that would have done enormous damage to the open internet by creating system of censorship and deterring digital-media innovators. The 18 January 2012 blackout created an outpouring of opposition from average Americans who suddenly realized what was at stake, and Congress backed off a bill that almost certainly would have passed otherwise."

The Day We Fight Back web site has the script for banners to add to your web site. We'll see if it works on the blog as well. The flaming concern in Canada is CSEC's perjury over it's illegal activities monitoring Canadians and exchanging information with the NSA.

Journalist Gleen Greenwald has a new blog called The Intercept.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Nation Elders honour Janice Shore

I was impressed to see a tee pee set on up site for the First Nations Elders who are having a four day fast and special ceremony to honour Janice Shore at 105A Avenue and 135 A Street today. MLA Sue Hammel showed up to pay her respects as did Janice's brother Ed.

Two RCMP officers did some impressive public relations by helping set up the tee pee. This is a shining example of how police officers can mingle with the public and develop reationships of trust with them. Well done.

Update: I will add that this group was on site for fours days fasting, drumming, singing, prayer ties, sacred fire and all kinds of spiritual ceremonies that ended Wednesday at noon. Then they packed up and the site was cleaner than ever. It was a wonderful thing that was easy for people to miss.

Instructions to the King

Return of the King was the last segment in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In preparation for the return of the King of Kings Solomon wrote his words of wisdom in the book of Proverbs. My favorite is withhold not good from him to whom it is due when it is in the power of thine hand to do it. Second only to it is better to dwell in the wilderness than with an angry and contentious woman.

Back in Ireland there was an ancient king named Cormac MacArt who wrote his advice to his son in a book called Instructions to the King. Originally written in Irish, I have a copy of an English translation. It talks about truth. It talks about justice. It also states crush not the miserable after you have conquered him. That is what I want to talk about.

In the movie a Knights Tale the hero showed mercy and the villain claimed mercy was a sign of weakness. Not so. After you have conquered an enemy, there is no need to crush him. Torture is something that we do not do. Ever. There is no cause that justifies it. We are different than our enemies. We are better than that.

It is pretty clear that what Norm Cocks and Rob Thomas did to Dain Philips was cheap and dirty. Their character has been revealed. They showed no mercy. As a result, the Hells Angels have pulled their support and they have both been beaten up in prison. Thomas' lawyer said in court that Thomas has been hospitalized three times during his incarceration and that his prison sentence has not been kind to him. Many will cheer and say he deserves it. Perhaps. Yet in the words of Raiden from mortal combat I declare Enough. He has had enough.

If he starts bragging about what he did, then by all means give it to him. Yet if he recognizes what he did was wrong and realizes the club he thought he was defending has betrayed him and left him on his own, there is no sense in crushing the miserable. Let him serve his sentence and live with what he has done. We do not torture our prisoners. We are better than that.

Murder is something that someone can never repay. Yet people can change. They can stop the violence and refrain from it. Rehabilitation is not the primary concern in cases of murder yet it is on the table. First the murderer is separated from society. That is the natural consequence of that behavior. That is the first step. Stopping the violence on the street. Likewise when I see the predatory violence outside the Front Room where drug dealers are brutalizing the homeless I declare enough. That violence must be stopped. We cannot support that any more.

Violence begets violence. In the words of Martin Luther King violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers. Yet force is often needed to defend liberty. There is a difference between force and violence. Everything has it's time and place. The time for the violence to stop is now. Enough.

Hammer Time

Years ago MC Hammer was famous for a fun but goofy song called Hammer Time. Sadly the concept has now taken on a dark new meaning. This is a picture of Greg Domey, the former president of the Salem Massachusetts Hells Angels and the former East Coast president. He's one of Sony Barger's friends in jail for traficking crystal meth on behalf of the Hells Angels.

Notice he's holding a ball peen hammer. This is what bikers use for discipline in the east coast of the US. In Winnipeg Sean Wolfe and Tiny Mac were charged with pulling a gun on a kid and beating him with a hammer. More recently, two Kelowna Hells Angels were convicted of beating Dain Philips to death with baseball bats and hammers.

Hitting someone in the hand with a hammer could be seen as discipline. It is painful but nonlethal. Like back in Ireland how the IRA would kneecap people. They would shoot them in the knee as a form of discipline. Painful but nonlethal. Hitting someone in the head with a hammer is a lethal attack. It is done with the intent to commit murder. Bragging about that is deranged.

Especially since in the Dain Philips murder it was done because one Hells Angel was afraid of Dain and ran away from him. He hid in the truck with a bunch of guys and came out after Thomas had dropped him with a baseball bat only to hit him in the back of the head with a hammer. It was a total B*tch move. It's like Joey Verma bragging about shooting a girl in the back.

It gets worse. As we approach the first anniversary of the brutal murder of Janice Shore, we need to reexamine that horrific assault. She was beaten into a coma December 2nd 2012 and died in hospital February 18th 2013. There were a lot of stories going around about the brutality of that assault. One witness claimed her eyes had been poked out. When I visited Janice in the hospital, she was unconscious. Her right jaw and her left temple were caved in. I wondered what would have caused those injuries. It had to have been some form of blunt force trauma.

Then when I was visiting the Front Room, someone dropped something on the floor and a worker said no weapons allowed. I looked to see what it was and saw that it was a hammer. That's when the light went on. A hammer would have caused those injuries. No doubt it would have been a brutal reminder of who she owned her drug debt to. That is why I have been focusing on the predatory nature of the drug dealers outside the Front Room in Surrey who are bullying and brutalizing the homeless there. This hammer thing has to go.

Bragging about beating a polite, soft spoken frail homeless woman in the head with a hammer is absolutely deranged. When you wear support gear, that is what you are doing. Mark my word, that aint me. Reporting a deviant like that to the police isn't being a rat. Failing to do so is.

Today some First Nation Elders who initially placed a prayer tie in the tree are having a four day fast on the site Janice Shore was murdered at (105 A Avenue and 135 A Street) to raise public awareness of the brutality of the event and to perform a spiritual ceremony in her honour.

Speaking of hammers, a blog reader sent in this picture of Lorne Carry of cranbrook posing with a hammer. Lorne Carry, Lonnie Adams and Colin Correia were all convicted by a jury of counseling to kill rival drug dealer Doug Mahon in 2009. Doug Mahon had earlier been charged after a shooting in front of the Sam Steele Hotel on Oct. 29, 2009. The victim was Munroe, who once was convicted of causing a disturbance at Big White along with Mission Hells Angel Jason Arkinstall.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hells Angels member arrested in Edmonton

Global and the Edmonton Journal are reporting that police have charged 10 people, including a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club, with drug and weapons offenses in Edmonton on January 30th. Blake Christie, 32, is the one police claim is the member of the Hells Angels.

18 BC Hells Angels charged or convicted

The Vancouver Sun is keeping the pressure on the criminal organization status of the Hells Angels in British Columbia. They just posted the pictures of 18 BC Hells Angels charged or convicted of criminal offenses in recent years. Weird Hal Porteous has uttering threats charges? He must have threatened to show someone one of his ridiculous rap videos. That would be cruel and unusual alright. That guy is a freaking idiot. It is absolutely astounding they gave him a patch.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The sentencing of Norm Cocks and Rob Thomas

The fall of the Kelowna Hells Angels is going to require a book all on it's own and this chapter on the murder of Dain Philips is in itself a Shakespearean tragedy. I took the day off work today for the sentencing of the two Kelowna Hells Angels that pled guilty to murdering Dain Philips in Kelowna. I caught the sunrise at Stanley Park this morning beforehand and it reminded me of my trip to Kelowna for the Britney Irving trial. I have a lot to say about this one.

Norman Cocks looked like a preppy b*tch dressed is a suit with that gay ass gel in his hair. Robert Thomas on the other hand sported the orange prison jump suit and looked like a fat slob. A tragic statement of agreed facts was read out in court which Kim Bolan cited in yesterday's Vancouver Sun. The court accepted the joint submission asking for a 15 year sentence for manslaughter.

The tragedy is that this started off as a petty high school dispute that the Hells Angles had absolutely no business getting involved in. Norman Cocks was friends with a slimy piece of garbage named Daniel McRae. When you look at the picture of the two brothers Daniel and Matthew McRae, they look like scrawny preppy sleazebags. It's no wonder a petty sleazebag like Norm Cocks was close to them.

The McRae brothers didn't get along with Dain Philips' two sons. It's no wonder why. Dain's sons were wholesome, the McRae's were not. So Daniel sleazebag goes and brings his friend Norm Cocks into the dispute. "Don't screw with me, my friends are Hells Angels." A childish thing for anyone to say even a high school student. Well that's exactly what happened. Daniel brought Norm Cocks to intimidate one of the Philips brothers. Norm who is short but much stockier than Dain's son in High School punched Dain's son in the cheek and told him to tell his brother he was looking for him. Norman pointed to his Hells Angels tattoo and used the gang affiliation scare tactic.

No doubt Dain was upset a grown man in his thirties punched his son in the head over a trivial school yard spat. Dain went out looking for Norman and chased him in his car. Norman ran away from Dain. He was scared of him. Dain could have easily taken Norm one on one. This is where I will add an excerpt from the confession video that was shown in the voir dire. I won't add it now because the rest of the trial is still going on. However, when that trial is over I will boldly declare what Norm said that sunk his ship.

Suffice it to say Norm ran away from Dain and came back with Robert Thomas. He was supposed to meet Dain with the McRaes but didn't show up. He needed reinforcements. In the statement of agreed facts it said that Norman lived with his father and with Robert Thomas. Thomas' lawyer assured the court they were just friends and that it was more of a big brother type relationship. They weren't living common law. Norm called Thomas and asked if he was home. No was the reply. He then swore and said he needed him right now.

So after running away from Dain and after not showing up to meet Dain with the McRaes he finally showed up with Robert Thomas along with his father, baseball bats, hammers and the loser brothers. Thomas gets out of the truck holding up a baseball bat and a hammer and repeats three times to Dain So you want to F with the Hells Angels? Dain raises his hands in submission and Thomas cracks him in the leg with the bat. Dain stood strong. Then Thomas hit him again in the leg then in the head with the baseball bat. As Dain goes down, little rat bag weasel Norm Cocks jumps out of the car and hits Dain in the back of the head with a hammer. That's when all the other sorry misfits jump in and kick him to death. Jumping in to kick a guy when he's down is pathetic.

They say circumstances don't make the man they reveal him to himself. This circumstance has revealed Norm Cocks to be a sleazebag weasel. History has recorded that forever not just 15 years. That mark he will carry with himself for the rest of eternities into the after life.

The court read out a profound victim impact statement from Dain's wife. She said there is no parole for her family. They have been sentenced to life without Dain with no eligibility for parole. She went on to describe what an amazing man he was. He was the father of three children and grandfather to many more. She said she had suffered numerous illnesses in her life and he was always there to nurse her through them.

Obviously with the death of a loved one comes unbearable grief. Yet the shining light in this story is the character of Dain Philips and the life he led. Contrasting that to the pathetic lives of the two Hells Angels who murdered him was shocking. Here we had one great moral giant on one side, and two pathetic losers on the other. That is something they each will have to live with forever. Life does not end at death. Those two losers will carry their pathetic life with them into the eternities. That is justice.

Normally at a funeral it is customary to express one's condolences to the family and express remorse for their loss. Yet I am a bit worried about Dain's sons. Their wall of anger surrounding their tower of hate is concerning. No doubt they have experienced a profound loss. Yet they have to get over this small town rivalry. It reminds me of the Hatfields and the McKoys. How a silly rivalry can continue to fester for generations. I've lived in Belfast and in Jerusalem. I've seen the you kill one of ours and we kill one of yours philosophy. It leaves everyone blind.

I'm not saying they have to forgive the people who were responsible for the murder of their father. Not at all. I'm just concerned about the magnitude of their anger. They say anger is a secondary emotion we feel when we've been hurt or are afraid. No doubt they have been deeply hurt. Sorrow would be totally understandable. They clearly did not cause their father's death. The fact that the Hells Angels got involved was absurd.

What if Dain had fought back? What if Dain had stepped back when Thomas swung the bat and stepped forward after it passed? What if Dain disarmed Thomas and kicked his ass? They would have come back with guns and killed him along with his entire family. It was a no win situation. In the movie Gladiator the hero deeply missed his wife and child who were murdered. He had a firm belief that he would one day see them again. His friend agreed but reminded him not yet. Not yet. Dain made the ultimate sacrifice for his family. They need to take the ball and run with it. Peace.

I will add that a $100 victim surcharge is rather astounding. $100 for murder? That's bizarre. No doubt Dain's widow could easily file a civil suit against the Hells Angels for wrong death and sue them for lost wages. That would be a little more appropriate.