Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Glen Louis supports the Prince George Sodomizers

For the record, Glen Louis is that loser pos that raps for Hadan's mother and recently graduated from Prince George foster care with a grade nine education. He raps about collecting drug debts and wants to free Hayden and Mercedes for sodomizing that kid with a broom stick. He instructed his other "friend" to take the fall for the others. The guy belongs in the circus. He is a freak.

Glen claims he has a grade 11 education not grade nine so I'll have to check that out. If he went back and got more education good on him. However, your music is pretty dark man and this whole idea of supporting people who sodomized a guy with a broom stick is really messed up. It is what it is. Just sayin.


  1. If that goof flashed that kind of cash in my face he'd have a lot of explaining to his boss to do.

  2. Not to mention getting through the rest of his undoubtedly short life without that finger in it's original condition.


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