Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One year anniversary of Janice Shore's murder

Today is a sad day. It's the one year anniversary of Janice Shore's brutal murder. Janice was beaten into a coma December 2nd 2012 and died in hospital February 18th 2013. Tragically, it is the same day Dianne Watts has chosen to show off her new ivory tower of self indulgence. What a cruel selfish world. Yet all is not lost.

On February 8th several First Nations Elders erected a tee pee on site and had a four day fast for Janice complete with drums, prayer ties and a sacred fire. That was a magnificent gesture. We live in a world of extremes. There is good and evil. There is greed and kindness. We are free to choose between the two. Circumstances don't make the man or woman, they reveal what they really are.

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