Saturday, February 1, 2014

Laura Szendrei murderer named

The publication ban has finally been lifted on Laura Szendrei's murderer. Twenty-one-year-old Wyatt DeBruin pleaded guilty to killing 15 year old Laura Szendrei in a park in North Delta in September 2010. He was sentenced last fall to life in prison. All the bs around this case is really upsetting. Seven years is not life. The guy murdered an innocent young girl. He should be named and face the consequence of that heinous act. Murder involving a sexual assault is first degree murder not second degree. Robert Ley should be fired and Dr. Paul Janke should be put in charge.


  1. "The court heard DeBruin had sexually assaulted three other women in Delta in a series of escalating attacks before Szendrei's murder."
    hmmmm......nothing here that would indicate a persistent pattern.

    1. The whole thing is messed up. I think the other cases were groping not rape. In this case he claimed his intent was to sexually assault her but she made noise so he killer her so he wouldn't get caught. There are a lot of things that doesn't make sense but the bottom line is that this girl was innocent and did not deserve to die.

  2. What a beautiful smile. What a tragedy.

    RIP Laura.

  3. i hope he gets his 1000 times worse and even then it wont bring her back. what a pos.

  4. That's the thing. Nothing that happens to him will bring her back. Very tragic indeed. Yet getting a slap on the wrist would indeed mock her death.


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