Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ziggy Matheson and Ali Ziaee charged

Kim Bolan is reporting on the CFSEU announcement that the police have laid charges against Ziggy Matheson and Ali Ziaee from the drug bust last June. Ali’s father was convicted of money laundering in Florida. Some of the money was laundered through the Italian bank account of a corporation Ziaee set up in Panama. Banks were bilked of more than $1 million. Ziggy is friends with Jason Zailo who was Lindsay Buziak's ex boyfriend. She was trying to leave him before she was murdered and he forgot to mention that part to Dateline.

Just for the record, last June when we reported on that top level drug bust on Vancouver Island we reported the names of the accused when no other media outlet picked it up. These charges confirm that our source was correct last June. I knew it was a credible source. I'm not sayin I told ya so. I'm just sayin to all the haters that trash me on Kim Bolan's blog, kiss my ass b*tch.


  1. they say their was a man and woman of ethnic assent seen with lindsay viewing the house around the time of her murder - picture ziaee in drag ??????????????

  2. I can picture Ziaee and his sister or whoever the girl is in the picture.

  3. wonder if the police are checking some of his friends or family in iran that on his face book if hes sending money their they could lock him up for life

  4. Might be wishful thinking. The Po Po couldn't even successfully argue proceeds of crime to justify seizing it let alone trying him for it. It would however, be worth looking in to to establish a pattern so they could follow the money trail to see where it came from.


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