Thursday, February 20, 2014

Johnny Newcome plays get out of jail free card

Castanet is reporting that Johnny Newcome got a 18-month conditional sentence to be served in the community, with the first nine months under house arrest and the second nine under curfew conditions for 14 counts of stolen property and trafficking in stolen property on behalf of the Kelowna Hells Angels. That is disgusting. Be advised, that was a joint submission. This act of treason came straight from the crown.

This was a huge stolen car ring tied to the Hells Angels. Newcome was revining the stolen vehicles for the Hells Angels. Some of the vehicles ended up in the possession of the Calgary Hells Angels.

The judge said "the sheer number of stolen property and the plundering of the community from Calgary west (Hells Angels) ….. it's absolutely appalling." The sentence he received is disgusting. You cannot get any more corrupt than this.


  1. I have heard of guys robbing a gas station or similar crime and getting over a year in prison. What exactly is a joint submission? Does that mean he's cooperating with authorities? Cause it seems like giving up others is the only possible way you could get off without seeing a day under these circumstances.

    If you could really run a profit in a corrupt business for 10 years and get fined $500, then it seems like it wouldn't be worth the time to bother arresting someone over it. $50 surcharge to run a business illegally seems like a flaw in the system.

  2. A joint submission is when both sides, the prosecution and the defense, agree on something and submit it to the court together like a statement of agreed facts. In family law it would be similar to a consent order. It’s something both sides agree to and the judge says OK and makes it an order. The sentence for Robert Thomas and Dain Philips was a joint submission.

    The idea that he could be cooperating with the police never entered my mind. That could in theory be one possible explanation. However, if that was true it would be something the crown wouldn’t want released. Like how in the Surrey Six every time someone cooperates with the police, their name gets put under a publication ban.

    I personally have a very hard time believing Newcome would be cooperating with the police. If he is pretending to he’d likely be only giving them information he was authorized to do so. Like how one blog reader recently claimed it’s common for someone convicted of a crime to confess to something else he didn’t do to take the fall for someone else since it’s unlikely the new additional sentence would be served consecutively it would be served concurrently. Which means they get sentenced for something else but it is served at the same time as their original sentence not after the other sentence.

    Since Rob Thomas and Norm Cocks have already been sentenced for manslaughter, it’s quite possible they will be told to take the fall for the stolen car ring because that sentence would be served while they serve their current sentence not after it’s finished. However, it’s quite likely Rob Thomas was involved in that stolen car ring as well.

  3. Unbelievable. In the US they'd be doing 8-9 years or so. I guess it pays to be a criminal in Canada.

  4. It certainly does Trail - especially when it comes to smuggling.


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