Sunday, February 2, 2014

Surrey Fraudster busted in North Vancouver

The Surrey Now is reporting that a Surrey man has been busted in connection with a “significant forgery lab” where more than 500 potential victims have been identified in the bags of stolen mail seized by police. Forgery equipment was also seized. Benjamin Best, 27, of Surrey has been charged with personation.

Police also seized passports, drivers licences, SIN cards, credit cards from the van, as well as a “robbery kit” containing handcuffs, knives, zap straps, a balaclava and pepper spray. The investigation revealed the stolen property came from robberies, break and enters, theft from vehicles and mailbox thefts from various communities in the Lower Mainland.

It's another example of a prolific offender. How one criminal can be responsible for a huge amount of crime. Another timely concern given Canada Post's unilateral decision to take everyone off door to door delivery and put them on mailboxes. The security of the Queens mail so to speak is indeed put into question. Do the public have a say or not?


  1. Ben best is one of the biggest pieces of shit I've come across! Sadly whatever time he serves (if any at all) wont help him any more than whooping the shit out of does. People like this who have no regard for other people innocence should be struck with HARSH sentences at big boy jail. This pretrial bullshit just babies goofs like this.
    So hey you fucking meth head, remember screaming bloody murder on 12th ave? Get ready for round two if your ever caught ripping off people around delta again!

    1. I want to know if you are aware whether he was ever actually charged for this crime?

    2. The Surrey Leader reported that "Benjamin Best, 27, of Surrey has been charged with personation.'


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