Monday, May 31, 2021

5 counties in Oregon vote to join Conservative Idaho

The New Tang Dynasty is reporting that five counties in Oregon have voted to leave Liberal Portland and join Conservative Idaho. People have seen where the liberal left is heading and they don't want to go there. You keep raising taxes and people keep leaving.

Curtis Sliwa launches mask burning in New York City

Sounds like Mr Sliwa is the republican nomination for mayor. Saving New York is within reach.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Rob Smith Highlights Hope

This is Rob Smith's channel on TurningPoint USA. He is a rock star.

I was at the hospital the other day and saw a Union poster in the elevator talking about Non-Binary and Two Spirited people and I just shook my head. This is the crazy agenda we need to address. I have no problem with the term LGBT. I can say it, I can understand it, I can remember it. When you add a whole list of bizarre nonsense to that list it becomes what Lynzee Domanico refers to as an alphabet soup. It's just too much to swallow.

Telling kids there's no such thing as gender is wrong. It is also unscientific because it violates the science of biology and reproductive organs. Blaire White is transgender. She is brilliant. Although she is completely happy with her transition, she clarifies that she made her decision as an adult and does not support children making or being coerced into changing their gender before puberty.

Seemingly, non-binary means you consider yourself neither male, female nor transgender. You don't know what you are. Nobody does. Evidently Two-spirit refers to a person who identifies as having both a masculine and a feminine spirit. How is that not bisexual? This is where, in the spirit of political correctness, we abandon reason and science. We need to draw the line somewhere and give kids sanity. We need to protect them from this kind of absurdity.

Although Blare White is at peace with her transition, she has the courage to interview detransitioners who regret changing their gender and went back to their original gender. It's something we need to talk about because this insane agenda is being forced on kids.

Vegas Golden Knights beat the Minnesota Wild in Game 7

The Vegas Golden Knights beat the Minnesota Wild last night 6-2 before another sold out crowd. The Americans saved us. Bonnie Henry's lies became statistically impossible.

Dodgers Tickets For Dodger Stadium Full-Capacity Games On Sale

Max Bernier interviews Dr. Hodkinson - Brilliant!

The Great Barrington Declaration - No lie can live forever.

Safe to extend AstraZeneca experimental blood clot vaccine expiry date - GMAFB.

Friday, May 28, 2021

In Defense of Brandon Straka

First, I'd like to say that Brandon Straka is my hero. I really like him. He is sincere, he is passionate and he is honest. What's not to like? In his recent livestream on the third anniversary of his creation of the #WalkAway movement, he opened up about some of the struggles he has had over the past year in relation to his court case and arrest over the Capitol Hill riot. He is locked in litigation and is unable to speak on the matter. I am not. I will boldly call it out for what it is. A defiant fraud highjacked by the cancel culture to attack and censor a good man.

The Capital Hill riot was a farce and a complete set up. At no time did Donald Trump or Brandon Straka ever condone violence. Brandon did make bold statements leading up to that protest just like he did for every other rally and protest he participated in. Brandon made statements like we will never quit. We are not going away. We will never stop fighting. None of those statements condoned violence. When he said we're not going away he meant exactly that. Even if you steal this election through election fraud, we will keep speaking out against you.

The election fraud was very real and the indignation over it justified. However, the violence on Capitol Hill was a complete set up. Local Vlogger Dan Dicks posted several videos of the police letting protesters in through the barricades and right into the building waving them on. We saw fake supporters use green screens. We saw violence and theft perpetrated by BLM plants. We saw an insanely biased media condone and encourage BLM riots then dramatize and condemn the Capital Hill set up so they could use that as an excuse to continue to censor Conservatives.

Recently Rebel News was taken off PayPal. YouTube has demonetized Conservative channels. PayPal and other money transfer aps have cancelled Conservatives in a continued campaign to censor ideas and opinions. Likewise, PayPal has caved in and cancelled Brandon Straka. It has nothing to do with his participation in the Capital Hill protest and the false allegation of condoning violence. They canceled him because he is a Conservative. A vitally important one at that.

Communism continuously lies about Conservatives. ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall. ANTIFA claims if you are not Communist, you are Fascist. That is simply not true. I'm not even going to say left and right any more. I'm going to say it like it is and say Communism and Conservatives. Communism rules with lies and censorship. People are allowed to be left or right. People are allowed to be Republican or Democrat. The problem is extremism.

Draw a line in the sand and call that line Democracy. The further away from that line you go to the left or the right, the further you get away from Democracy and the closer you get to Dictatorship. Communism and Fascism are the same thing. They are both totalitarian governments that oppose diversity of thought. Globalists within the Republican party are teaming up with Globalists within the Democrat party to form a single party: the Communist Party of China.

Communism lies to every special interest group and says fight for us, we support you. Yet in reality they don't. They only support themselves. There are no Gay, Lesbian or Transgender rights in Communism because in Communism, no one has any rights.

In Candace Owens' humorous coming out video, she tells her parents that she's Conservative. Just because she supports low taxes and civil liberty, does not mean she is racist. The same thing with Brandon Straka and Blare White. Just because they support low taxes and civil liberty does not make them transphobic or homophobic.

Brandon mentioned a falling out between him and Candace. I can see that. Blare White did an interview with Candace Owens once and it was kind of tense. Candace has some pretty traditional religious values. That's her right. Yet Blaire White and Brandon Straka are literal superheroes in the defense against hate and extremism. As Bobby Sands once said, there is a place for everyone in the rebellion. Candace is part of Turning Point USA. So is Rob Smith.

We share a common message and a common cause. Diversity makes us strong.

Update: This is from the criminal complaint against Brandon. In their own evidence they admit he was nowhere near any violence or vandalism and wasn't aware any of that happened until later when he saw it on the news. That might explain the use of green screens with fake supporters.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

#WalkAway 3rd Anniversary with Brandon Straka

In Defense of Brandon Straka. Diversity makes us strong.

We need to support Brandon's legal defense fund: #WalkAway Foundation - #WalkAway PAC

Fatal shooting in Chilliwack

The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that " Around 1:15 a.m. Chilliwack RCMP responded to a report of a person with a gunshot wound being transported to hospital. That person died, and IHIT is now working with the RCMP and coroner’s service."

There was another fatal shooting in Chilliwack last month that I missed.

Darcy Horvath of Chilliwack was sentrnced to four years for drug traficking last March.

His co accused were sentenced back in 2019. The bust took place in 2015.

Update: The victim was 37 year old Adam Gerald Ball. IHIT claims that there are no apparent ties to the gang conflict. They don't consider his murder conviction as connected to the gang conflict. Adam and four friends beat a guy to death outside a notorious bar in Parksville.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The World Reopens: Lessons from the Falsified Pandemic

As the rest of the world reopens and BC reluctantly follows suit, there in an important lesson we need to remember from this falsified pandemic. The first lesson is that the media lies. We all know that politicians lie. The world sees politicians as sleazebags. Lying used car salesmen trying to sell us a bad deal. Yet previously, many of us had an idealistic image of the media being nonbiased as it reports the news. We have seen that is far from the truth.

CBC lied about the Covid ICU rates in Manitoba. They didn't make a mistake they lied. They said the hospital was full of covid patients and they were lined up outside. Rebel News went there and found no such thing. The hospital was empty. This also happened in the US during the pandemic.

The media showed line ups at hospitals all over California and New York claiming there were body bags in the streets. People would go there with their phones and video tape empty hospitals with no line ups. The same thing in Australia. The media outright lied. This is an important lesson for all of us. Being biased is one thing but being defiantly dishonest to ram an extreme political agenda is another. Yet that is exactly what we saw. Geroge Orwell 1984.

We also saw that YouTube, Facebook and Twitter also lie. Not only do they lie but they ban and censor the truth. The partisan fact checkers are ridiculous. When Candace Owens sued the fake fact checkers, she found out they were being funded by the Communist Party of China. The same entity that owns and controls our media. We should not go back to YouTube. They have demonetised Conservative channels. We should therefore boycott them permanently.

Thankfully the Americans have seen the light. Sweeden was right. We all know that now. It comes as no surprise to see that Bonnie the Lying Freak Henry has announced BC will be opening up. That is in spite of her not because of her. That is because no lie can live forever.

Not only did CBC lie about the ICU rates in Manitoba and Post Media Trash lie about the ICU rates in Edmonton and Ontario, but they have been lying to us on a daily basis about the numbers. Cases mean nothing if people are asymptomatic. They said over 10,000 people died of Covid in Seniors homes last year. Yet the same number of seniors died last year as the year before. Magically, there have been no cases or fatalities from the flu during the pandemic.

Now all of a sudden they are starting to open up because cases and deaths are down. They are still lying about the numbers. The reason they are saying the numbers are dropping is because no lie can live forever. When Texas and Florida opened up they scoffed and said they're crazy but they were no longer in control of their reporting so they couldn't falsify new spikes.

Canada's recent circuit breaker spike in cases and deaths was a bold-faced lie. They were unable to continue that lie when Texas, Florida, Arizona and State after State reported fewer cases and deaths after opening up. It became statistically impossible for them to keep lying to us so they had to say, cases are dropping now we saved you. No you did not. The Americans saved us. You were left with no alternative. Lest we forget - John Horgan is the worst BC Premier ever.

We need to remember how they used this lie to violate the Constitution and Charter of Rights.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Dr Spin glorifies gang life

Dr Spin just put out a new feature glorifying the recent spike in gang violence and I'm like OMFG. This is so sad. Sad as in disappointing but sad as in pathetic as well. Kim Bolan could have made a difference. She chose not to. Nobody back east knows who she is. Nobody back there cares.

I know I should just bite my tongue and walk away but for the sake of the cause I will make a statement before I do. Dr Spin states "After Brothers Keepers gangster Harb Dhaliwal was gunned down in Coal Harbour on April 17, a .45-calibre handgun with a stainless-steel silencer was dropped on the sidewalk beside his lifeless body." She should write crime fiction. She'd be better suited for that. Once again, I will reiterate that this hit was executed with a throw away. It was not a legally obtained firearm. It was untraceable so they left it at the scene.

"The alleged out-of-town hitman, François Gauthier, 51, is now charged with first-degree murder and carrying a loaded prohibited firearm. He remains in custody until his next appearance on June 3." She failed to mention this Quebec hitman was hired by the Hells Angels. Just like the kids from Edmonton who shot Ali. The Brother's Keepers work for the Edmonton Hells Angels and face internal discipline from them just like Redd Alert did and Glen Nelson's wife.

She is correct in that there are different levels of hits. That was a high-level professional hit. The HAs probably killed him so he would shut up about the Brother's Keepers killing Mo in the DTES. This is not the first time the Hells Angels have killed someone they hired to kill someone. The Cub Pack just roll on them. They get people to testify against people they hired so they stay out of jail. That's probably how François was caught so fast. They ratted him out after hiring him. Probably so they didn't have to pay for the hit. Just sayn. We know how they roll around here.

Sometimes low levels are hired so they can have their debts forgiven. That's how Jamie Bacon recruited someone to kill DK. They promised to forgive his debt. The HAs put a manufactured debt on Joey Verma. That's why he killed Britney Irving. To have his debt forgiven. Before his trial he told a witness he didn't have a choice. Bob Green was killed with his own gun.

Years ago Eileen Mohan held an anti-gang forum at Queen Elizabeth High School. Kim Bolan spoke. Dr Spin mentioned how although she was trying to discourage gang involvement, some young kid had put an article she wrote about a gang member up on his locker glorifying him. Now she doesn't even try to discourage gang involvement. She just promotes it. That is sad.

Kal Dosanjh is on the right track. Kim Bolan is not. Me, I'm just dust in the wind. As Johny Cash once said, what's done in the dark will be brought to the light. With or without me. Peace.

Update: Turns out Francois was caught because after he shot Harb, one of his guys chased him down and stabbed him in the eye. That's how he got caught. I missed that part. Nevertheless, Larry Amero has lost his mind. He thinks he's better than the Quebec members because some of his loser friends got their patch from the Ontario village idiots before they were farmed out to Greece. Gumby is delusional.

Stan Price and Kids Play: How to save a life

Global recently ran an article saying that the Metro Vancouver gang war is spilling over to Calgary and Nanaimo. They are correct. It is because we are not enforcing the law. Enforcement is one of the four pillars and we're simply not doing it. Wherever you let drug dealers sell drugs in public, violent crime in that area will exponentially increase. Whenever there is that much money to be made, drug dealers will shoot each other over the profit but that's not all. The rapes, assaults and robberies always go up wherever illicit drugs are sold.

When we remove three of the crucial pillars in the four-pillar program, harm reduction becomes harm promotion. Addition and crime dramatically increase. The corruption we see in BC law enforcement now is different than the corruption we saw in the New York police corruption during their crack epidemic back in the /80's which I saw firsthand. The corruption here doesn't come from the bottom up, it comes from the top down. It ties in with the provincial government.

For the most part, law enforcement officers here are sincere. The problem is, their hands are tied and upper management is corrupt. The police make Hells Angel drug busts in every province in Canada except BC. The RCMP isn't the problem. BC is. Dwane McDonald has become part of it.

Brenda Lucki no doubt means well. She's just a figurehead to spin the sexual misconduct orgy. The old boys club still run the show. Dwane McDonald is a company man. The problem with company men is that when the company becomes corrupt, so does the company man. We have seen this in the career of Dwane McDonald. While all this crime and corruption has run rampant one man rose up and started to do something positive, Kal Dosanjh.

Kal is the founder of KidsPlay. A non-profit group that speaks to at risk youth about gangs and gets them involved in positive sporting events. He is a VPD officer who has worked the gang beat in the DTES. He has former gang members on his speaking team. These are the people kids need to hear from. The RCMP don't want to share their speaking gigs in the schools because they get paid overtime to do so. Kal's group is non-profit. Bringing them in would do a better job and save us money. It would allow for more boots on the ground to enforce the law.

Global ran another article about former gang members speaking out on the escalating gang violence. They interviewed Stan Price who is a former gang member that has left the life and has joined KidsPlay. These are the people we need speaking in schools. That is prevention.

Stan was with Redd Alert when they took back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN for the Hells Angels. He has since left the life and has become a positive role model for youth. I have never met Stan and I have never asked him his opinion about the murder of Glen Nelson's wife. He left before that happened. Stan's message is that many people in gangs think they're stuck and can't leave. He is living proof that you can leave. There are others.

Shane Knox has left the life and joined KidsPlay as well. He was with the UN. In Calgary, someone came with a gun to threaten his GF. He was able to disarm the guy and get out of there. As he was coming out of the elevator, five more guys came at him, one with a mac-10. His gun jammed so he ran at the guy with the Mac-10, ripped the magazine out and pistol whipped him. The fight was caught on surveillance camera. Stan is a big guy, Shane is not. Shane was the real deal. Shane is also proof that you can leave the life.

Shane used to run the drugs for the UN out of the Balmoral. He used to live there with his mother when he was very young. Shane hasn't ratted anybody out. There's no need to. I always say, if you want to leave the life just leave. Pay your debts and keep your mouth shut.

The Hells Angels only care about one thing: money. If you're selling drugs and want to leave the life, there are a thousand guys who would take your place. The Hells Angels are concerned that if you know too much you will rat them out. That makes you a liability. If they are confident you will keep your mouth shut, they have no reason to kill you. Killing you costs money and they rather save the money. That yuppie who infiltrated Vagos was a crystal meth dealer. He got busted so he ratted out his friends to stay out of jail. Nobody admires that.

Stan's message is that it is possible to leave the life. He is living proof. My message is that life is a lie. There is no honour in it. Only greed and betrayal. Mind how ya go. It's time to save a life.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Active Volcano erupts in the Congo

The Guardian is reporting that "A river of flaming lava that poured out of the erupting Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has reached the suburbs of Goma, an eastern city of nearly 2 million people. Officials said on Sunday that the molten stream had reached the airport on the outskirts of the city, but witnesses said the flow appeared to have halted later in the morning." Lava lake rises at dangerous African volcano.
The lava appears to be slow moving but it is massive. At night you can see the red hot glow but during the day the explicit danger becomes deceptive. It looks harmless but it's freaking hot.

Toronto women's murder charge withdrawn

Chelsey Arkarakas was brutally assaulted by her ex. She pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed him once in the thigh which struck an artery and caused him to bleed to death. She was very lucky. That's not usually a fatal stab wound. The bizarre part is she was originally charged with second degree murder. After a second investigation the charges were withdrawn as it was clearly a case of self defence.

"Arkarcus said she broke off with Brent Mancheese, whom she had dated for a year, when he became abusive and returned to drug use. A month and a half later, he approached her and seemed remorseful and emotional. She said she agreed to go to a Scarborough apartment, where he had stayed to meet with her in person for closure and a full apology, but she said it was a trap."

"She said the attack began as soon as she entered the apartment and lasted for about half an hour. At the time, her hand was still in a brace, when she broke two fingers of her right hand, which she said prevented her from working as a visual and tattoo artist."

"Sachak told the court that there was a warrant to arrest Mancheese for that attack. Sachak said he also had a criminal record including a documented history of domestic violence against women and 18 convictions related to weapons and violence." Good riddance.

Another hiker dies in North Vancovuer

The North Shore News is reporting that "The overnight search for a missing hiker in North Vancouver came to a tragic end late Saturday morning, after rescuers found the man deceased. The man was hiking up Mount Fromme from Kennedy Falls with a friend on Friday, May 21 when he decided to turn around, according to North Shore Rescue."

OK so two guys hike up Fromme Mountain. One says, this is a little too steep for me. I'm turning back. The other says fair enough, I'm going to give it a go. The one who summited made it back, the one who turned back didn't. I'm familiar with the mountain but I'm not familiar with the trail.

If you take the gondola up Grouse mountain and do the snowshoe grind up Dam mountain, you can see Fromme mountain from Thunderbird ridge which is just before you summit Dam mountain. It's not nearly as high in elevation and is very popular in summer for mountain biking. This is another tragic end to another unfortunate accident. This is not a very treacherous time of year to be hiking. It's not obscenely cold at night like it is in the winter. I realize there must be some very steep parts but I'm not sure what happened.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Fatal shootings in Calgary and Coquitlam

The Tri city News is reporitng that there was a fatal shooting today in Coquitlam around 5:30 PM near the corner of Henderson Avenue and Hart Street - Maillardville. CTV is reporitng that there was a fatal shooting in Calgary today also around 5:30 p.m. at the 1800 block of 26 Avenue SW.

The compromised BC CFSEU told their Dr Spin that the victim in today's fatal shooting in Calgary was Gurkeert Kalkat, the brother of Jaskeert Kalkat - who was killed May 12 in Burnaby. That's not much time to notify the next of kin. Dr Spin claims todays shooting in Coquitlam is tied to that one in Calgary. Since they both happened simultaneously, they obviously weren't retaliation for each other they were just more HAs cleaning house like they did to the Dhurry Dhak group.

Yasin Khan who was shot in Nanaimo May 20th no doubt was part of the Kang group (BIBO) but he had nothing to do with the Red Scorpions the Hells Angels took over in the Surrey Six.

Confronting police corruption was an essential element of the New York model.

Hiker dies in Cypress backcountry

CTV is reporitng that "A young woman from Toronto who was lost on a B.C. mountain overnight has died, according to police. The 21-year-old, identified by friends as Nikki Donnelly, headed out on the Howe Sound Crest Trail in Cypress Provincial Park on Thursday. A search team found her Friday morning in a steep drainage area on the east side of the St. Mark's summit. Officials said she had posted a photo from the summit the previous day."
She was an experienced world traveler. This was a tragic accident. I recognize the video she posted from St Mark's summit. I am familiar with the trail. This is a wonderful time of year to take it. Snowshoeing in the melting snow is awesome.

The Howe Sounds Crest trail starts at the base of the Cypress downhill ski area. Instead of climbing Mount Strachan you cut across to the left and take a meandering trail up to St Mark's summit. It is well travelled so solo trips on that trail are safe. The problem is if you continue on that trail up Unnecessary mountain on the way yo the Lions too early in the season. The excessive snow pack hides the trail markers. It's also very steep.

This time of year is very deceptive. It looks fine until you pass St Mark's summit. In BC the trails are marked with orange markers on trees. If there's too much snow pack, those orange markers are covered. I tried the exact same thing one year. It was spring and I was surprised by the depth of the snowpack. The orange markers on the trees were covered with snow.

After St Mark's summit the trail goes down and then up Unnecessary mountain. It's very steep. When I tried it, I couldn't find the trail down to the base of Unnecessary mountain so I stopped and came back when the snow had melted to get familiar with the trail.

In steep terrain crampons are more effective than snowshoes. She probably went down St Marks summit and found the grade up Unnecessary mountain too steep with that much snow so turned back. She probably got stuck trying to climb back up St Mark's summit.

This was indeed a tragic accident. Internet trolls are worthless. She called her boyfriend who no doubt called search and rescue. It just stresses the need to be careful even when it starts to warm up. You can get hit by a car crossing the street. We can't hide from life forever.

Police release photos of Hells Angel targets

Dr Spin is reporting that the Compromised CFSEU has released 11 more photos of people the Hells Angels want dead. This is their warped idea of crime prevention. Aiding and abetting murder helping the Hells Angels obtain and maintain their violent monopoly on the BC drug trade. God Damn you all. Dwayne McDonald? Shame on you! E Division has fallen.
The Hells Angels are still at the root of BC Gang conflict

Looking at the list, all the hits are one sided

Good Samaritan intervenes during New York knife attack

Sean Conaboy, a freelance cameraman for the CBC in New York, intervened during a knife attack on a crowded subway platform. That is the New York model Curtis Sliwa championed. Bill de Blasio's failed policies has brought crime back to the Big Apple. Gangsters out supports Curtis Sliwa for mayor of New York. We need to confront crime not promote it.

Las Vegas and Alaska are open for business. Restore New York City to its infamous greatness.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Second New Brunswicker dies from AstraZeneca vaccine

CTV is reporitng that "A second New Brunswicker has died from a blood clot disorder associated with the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. The person, who was in their 50s, received the vaccine on April 11 and went to hospital 17 days later. They were previously reported as hospitalized. This is the second death caused by Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) reported in New Brunswick." The cure is worse than the virus.

Hydroxychloroquine & Remdesivir are safe.

Halifax Shooting

CTV is reporting that "A Halifax man has life-threatening injuries after being shot downtown on Friday evening. Halifax Regional Police responded to a report of gunshots just before 8:30 p.m. at an intersection in the 1200 block of Barrington Street. Multiple officers responded to the scene and located the wounded male but there is no suspect description at this time."

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Fatal shooting in Nanaimo

CTV is reporting that " One person is dead after a brazen daylight shooting in Nanaimo on Thursday afternoon. The shooting occurred at the Rock City Centre at 2980 Island Highway, where there are multiple fast-food restaurants. Officers were called to the plaza's parking lot around 3:30 p.m. for reports of shots fired, Nanaimo RCMP said in a news release Thursday.'

"When they arrived, they found a deceased man in a parked vehicle, who appeared to have died from gunshot wounds. Mounties said they have arrested several people in connection to their investigation. The arrests were made at the Best Western Hotel on Metral Street, police said, adding that they had also seized a vehicle associated with the arrested individuals."

Update: Dr Spin is reporitng that the victim was Yasin Khan.

Gina Carano in Haywire - the girl's got a brain

I'm watching a cool movie on Amazon Prime called Haywire and I didn't realize the dazzling female lead was Gina Carano so I checked out her twitter and saw this post. All hail yo. She was legitimate MMA. In the movie she took the guy out with a triangle choke. That's keeping it real. I guess she's too real for fake and deplorable Hollywood. Gina could easily be the next James Bond. Hollywood doesn't want women who think. They just want women who comply.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Las Vegas and Alaska are open for business

The Vegas Golden Nights beat the Minnesota Wild today 3-1 before another sold-out stadium tying up the series at one game a piece. Texas is open, Florida is open, Las Vegas is open. The sky hasn't fallen. Right now Canada and the US is a tale of two cities: slavery and freedom. Bonnie Henry and Theresa Tam are lying freaks. Who's the bigger fool? The fool or the fool that listens to the fool? We are the bigger fool. They are stealing the bread off our table.

The Times Colonist is reporting that "The U.S. Senate has given unanimous consent to temporarily allow Alaska-bound cruise ships to bypass Victoria and Vancouver ports in an attempt to salvage a listing cruise-ship industry and provide a much-need economic boost to struggling Alaskan communities that depend on the vessels." The Americans have woken up. So should we.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Putting the Gaza conflict into perspective

I just want to pause and point out the obvious because people have stopped using their brain. That is the problem with our society. People don't think. They don't question the narrative. They just get all emotional and throw rational thought out the window. Candace Owens, the founder of Black Exit, repeatedly states that Black Americans need to stop making so many emotional decisions and start making more rational decisions. We all do.

When I see headlines that read Stop the Evil Zionists, I'm like GMAFB. Was Bob Marley an Evil Zionist? He sang about the lions of Zion. I don't support evicting Palestinians out of their homes but I am a Zionist. I support the ideal presented in the Oasis of Peace where Jews and Arabs live together in peace based on the principles of religious freedom. Just like here in Vancouver.
Gaza is firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel. The Times of Israel is reporting that Hamas says it’s aiming for IAF bases. That is simply not true because it is not possible with the type of rockets they are using. "These rockets cannot be fired to target specific military objectives in or near civilian areas, and are indiscriminate when used against targets in population centers."

Now let's put this into perspective and compare Israel with the United States. No disrespect to our southern neighbours, but the Americans are pretty aggressive. Shoot from the hip so to speak. Can you imagine what would happen if Canada or Mexico started indiscriminately firing rockets into the US all over civilian areas? The American people would lose their sh*t.

They's be like, nuke 'em. Take the average American. You start firing rockets at their houses in their homes, they would be outraged and come unglued. There is a lot of justifiable righteous indignation over the lockdown fraud. There are many groups that would love to highjack that agenda for their own purposes which are less than honourable. Peace is honourable.

However, recently there was a guy on a bullhorn at a pro-Palestinian protest in London that was shouting rape their wives, rape their daughters. That man was a servant of Satan.

In previous conflicts Israel has had with Gaza, they would target a site that was launching rockets and issue a brief warning before they fired. Insane women would then run to the site screaming bla bla bla in hopes of dying so they can say Israel killed civilians. This is what I meant when I said people in Gaza are bat sh*t crazy. I'm not talking about the Palestinians. I'm talking about the whack jobs who are trying to get killed so they can blame Israel for civilian casualties. When you fire rockets into Israel from civilian or media towers, you are putting innocent people at risk.

It comes as no surprise to see the BLM leaders calling out for Solidarity with Palestine. Remember, BLM has been highjacked by Anarchists and Communists. There are no black rights in Communism because in Communism no one has any rights. Palestinians have no rights in Communism either. Just as the Uyghurs in China. Communism lies to everyone to trick them into giving up their liberty and become slaves. This is why we need to start using our brains and stop being so emotional. We will all end up slaves if we don't.

Richmond's Arjan Bhullar wins MMA title

The Richmond News is reporitng that "Richmond’s Arjan Bhullar has become a world champion at mixed martial arts (MMA). The former Canadian Olympic and Commonwealth wrestler won the ONE Championship heavyweight world title in the early hours of Saturday in Singapore."

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Justin Trudeau is a Glutton

The Communist News Network is reporting that the unethical committee has cleared Justan Idiot of wrongdoing in the WE Charity scandal but found the former finance minister broke conflict law. That is ridiculous. It wasn't the finance minister's charity, it was Justin Trudeau's charity. His family financially benefitted from tax dollars allocated to that money laundering front.

The Kenya connection to the fraud involved bribery and threats. In Kenya Bill Gates and the WHO were accused by a collation of Catholic Bishops of spiking tetanus shots with a sterilization drug. In Communist China forced sterilization of the Uighurs is common.

Commodus's obsessive adoration for genocide in Communist China is mentally deranged. The politicians in the Communist Party of China are the richest in the world. There is no social justice in China, only censorship and lies. No Democratic Socialist holds Communist China up as a model for socialism. They all speak out against China's human rights violations.

They all say that China, Russia and Eastern Europe were bad examples of Socialism. They claim Cuba is the best model of socialism that we have. I disagreed. I said although Cuba is way better than China, they still have political prisoners and practice religious discrimination. The best model for socialism that we have is the kibbutz movement in Israel. People are free to come and go as they please while all the profits go towards raising the standard of living for everyone.

I have always said that true socialism or at least the ideal they claim to aspire to, can only exist within a free republic where civil liberty is protected by law. James Connolly understood this. So did Nelson Mandella. If civil liberty is not protected by law, Communism becomes Fascism. ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall. This is what Justin Trudeau aspires to. He is a mental case. His out of control spending will enslave our grandchildren for years to come. Slavery is the true goal of his dishonesty and gluttony. There is no social justice in it. He has gone from We to Me.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Natural gas replacing diesel in the shipping industry

Speaking of fake environmentalists with a hidden agenda, Fortis ran a commercial recently about using natural gas to fuel ships instead of diesel. That would be a huge step forward for the environnement. If semi-trailers ran natural gas instead of diesel, CO2 emissions would be greatly reduced. The fake environmentalists don't support this because they are fake environmentalists. Reducing emissions and saving fuel costs. Now that's a win win. Saudi is doing it now too.

A letter from Stephen Harper

Yesterday I come home from work to find a letter from Stephen Harper. On the envelope it said "A personal message from Stephen Harper." Then I pause and think who the f*ck is Stephen Harper? It says pc and cc after his name and I mistake it for QC wondering if this is another lawyer wanting to sue me. Then I see Rt Hon Stephen J. Harper and I think wait a sec, this isn't from the former Prime Minister? The term right honourable and Stephen Harper is a complete oxymoron. Stephen Harper is a charlatan. He has no honour.

Stephen Harper was a bad man and still is. He is a pork barrel, tax and spend globalist who is the enemy of civil liberty and fiscal responsibility like unto lyin Brian Mulroney who was the reason the Reform Party was created. The letter was all about his endorsement of Erin the Tool.

I joined the conservative party because of Leslyn Lewis. I left the conservative party because of Erin O'Toole. Leslyn Lewis got more votes in the second round than Erin O'Toole and Peter McKay but was dropped from the ballot because she received less points. Yet no one has explained how the points are calculated so we can audit those calculations.

In his snake oil letter, Stephen Harper states that he would never have been able to become Prime minister without the support of grass roots activists asking them for money. Stephen Harper would never have become Prime minister without the endorsement of Quebec and he would never have got the endorsement of Quebec without Jean Charest whom he betrayed.

When Jean Charest announced his intention to run for the leadership of the conservative party and save the world from the Justn Trudeau's financial crisis, Stephen Harper opposed him to support his globalist war crime comrade Peter McKay.

Jean Charest would have united the country and won the election. Erin O'Toole has divided the party and will not win the election. Erin will lose the gains Andrew Sheer made. Stephen Harper would rather have Justin Trudeau win than a true conservative who will oppose his globalist attack on civil liberty. That is why he sabotaged the leadership race again.

Maxime Bernier is the only Conservative leader on the ballot. The Green party are not environmentalists. They have been highjacked by fake environmentalists with an insane leftist agenda that will destroy the environment and our civil liberty. I support Mad Max.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Fatal shooting in Burnaby ID'd

City News is reporitng that "One person has died, and two have been injured after a shooting outside a Cactus Club at Burnaby’s Market Crossing Mall Thursday evening."

The Compromised BC CFSEU told Dr Spin that it was a member of the Brother's Keepers who died. Rivals did not kill Chad and Ali. The club did. I'm not sure if this was a rival or internal. If it was a rival, it was the Kang Group which is now called BIBO (Blood in Blood out) after the Kangs were killed named after Gary Kang's record label.

I do want to reiterate that I do not support the increase in violence. This is what happens when you let drug dealers sell drugs without restrictions. They will always fight over the profits. What we are doing is obviously not working. In the past 10 years nothing has changed because we refuse to address the real problem that Julain Sher mentioned in his book the Road to Hell. Other provinces started making Hells Angel drug busts but BC has not.

The Hells Angels hired the Brother's Keepers. Any violence tied to the Brother's Keepers is tied to the Hells Angels. After the Edmonton Hells Angels killed Ali, they hired the Driftwood Crips. After the Wolf Pack who sell drugs in the DTES for the Hells Angels rolled on the Driftwood Crips, I'm not sure who the Hells Angels are paying to shoot people now. They are still at the root of this.

I am told the Brother's Keepers claimed responsibility for killing Mo in the DTES which would mean this new fake gang war is just more about the Hells Angels cleaning house.

Update: The Indo Canadian Voice is confirming that the victim was Jaskeert Kalkat.

CBC has listed 7 recent fatal shootings in Metro Vancovuer.

The two biggest names on the list are Gary Kang, January 6 and Anees Mohammed, January 7th. It was made to look like Mo was killed in retaliation for Gary Kang but the very next day is difficult to plan on such short notice and the Brothers Keepers claimed responsibility for shooting Mo. So when you look at the list, I don't see the Hells Angels taking any hits. It's all one sided. Even Tequel Willis. That one broke our hearts and Little Man from the Driftwood Crips was named for that because the Wolf Pack rolled on him after hiring him.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Mike Farnworth is a F*ck up

Dr Spin is reporitng that "Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said he has every confidence police in the Lower Mainland have the right strategies in place to combat escalating gang violence. Farnworth, who is also solicitor general, met with the chiefs of police of municipal departments and commanders of RCMP detachments on Thursday afternoon."

We had hoped for so much more from this guy. Just like with Dwayne McDonald, we were sadly disappointed. BC is the only province in Canada that does not make Hells Angel drug busts. After David Giles was busted in Kelowna and the OMGU was disbanded, the compromised CFSEU stopped arresting Hells Angel associates for drugs. He knows this and he thinks that's OK. That's because he is a f*ck up. He wants to profit from crime not stop it. God damn you.

The guys at work were saying the people who shot the guy at the Airport will get in more toruble for breaking the travel restrictions than for committing murder. Everything is NOT OK.
Update: Here's the latest BC RCMPS bullsh*t. They bust a drug lab in Coquitlam without drugs only precursors and no arrests. This was the Compromised BCCFSEU offering up another fake publicity stunt. Every other province makes huge drug seizures tied to the Hells Angels. BC doesn't because BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. Mike Farnworth is just another Wally Oppal. The BC NDP are no better than the BC Liberals. History has recorded that.

Todd Loewen calls on Jason Kenney to resign

Rebel News is reporitng that "United Conservative Party caucus chair Todd Loewen has stepped down from his position, while also calling for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to resign."

“I no longer believe that caucus can function properly,” Loewen wrote. “Meetings have been cancelled without members' consent, significant decisions of government have been made without notice to members, and our input as elected members is rarely considered.” Weeks ago, Loewen was one of 17 UCP MLAs who signed a letter highly critical of Kenney for throwing the province back into more stringent lockdown measures. The dysfunction among the ranks of the government, Loewen said, was driven by poor leadership on Kenney's behalf.

The Western Standard is reporting that "The letter comes as Kenney’s leadership is already on the ropes. More than a dozen UCP constituency associations have already passed special resolutions demanding a leadership review, however Kenney poured cold water on the idea, pushing the vote to just six months before the next election.

Jason Kenny is not a Conservative he is a globalist like Rob Ford. Time to examine the election fraud allegations when he became leader of the party. Election fraud matters.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Violence erupts in Gaza and Israel

The Indian Express is reporting that "As localized violence in Jerusalem escalated into cross border conflict, Hamas launched a rocket attack at Israel which killed two people . Israel responded with airstrikes in Gaza in which 26 Palestinians, including nine children were killed."

Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, heavy sigh. First, I will declare that I do not have a blind support for Israel. I don't have a blind support for anyone or anything. Israel is not always right yet Israel has a right to exist like everyone else. One of the things I like about being Canadian is that I am allowed to have Jewish friends and Muslim friends because here in Canada, no one cares what religion you are. I admire people who strive to follow a religion. The Byrds had it right.

Two things have happened. A rise in tensions in Jerusalem sparked a conflict in Gaza. Israel targeted Hamas in Gaza and Gaza returned fire indiscriminately. Before I dive into the conflict, I will point out that the current inhabitants of Gaza do not have hereditary title. They are not the original inhabitants of Gaza the Philistines were. The Philistines were wiped out by Egypt.

I will also point out that the Jews do not have hereditary title to all of Israel. When Joshua conquered Israel, many areas were left unconquered. Joshua was commanded "if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him."

Bombing Gaza during Ramadan is not nice. Ramadan is a holy time where Muslims fast during the daylight hours each day for 30 days. They eat after sunset and before sunrise for the 30 days. At the end of Ramadan, they have a feast. It's similar to Lent and Easter only more intense.

Reuters posted an explanation of what the previous tensions in Jerusalem were about which sparked the violence. "Since the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in mid-April, Palestinians have faced off nightly with Israeli police in East Jerusalem, who put up barriers to stop evening gatherings at the walled Old City's Damascus Gate. Palestinians saw the barriers as a restriction on their freedom to assemble. Police said they were there to maintain order."

"Tensions have also been high over a long-running legal case that could see multiple Palestinian families evicted from their homes to make way for Israeli settlers who, backed by an Israeli court ruling, want to move in." Evicting Palestinians out of their homes is not Zionism.

When I personally see the current extremisms which exist on both sides of the conflict, I'm tempted to throw my hands in the air and say f*ck all of ya. You are all missing the point. I support the Iron Dome. Gaza has a right to exist but they are bat sh*t crazy and Israel's treatment of Gaza is heavy handed. Evicting Palestinians out of their homes in West bank is ungodly.

Unfortunately, we know how this is going to end. All the world will unite against Israel. They will conquer Israel and place Jerusalem under siege for 3 1/2 years. Two false prophets and two true prophets will rise. The two true prophets will be slain once again like unto Jean Baptiste.

In the end, God will save Israel but that's not all. We are forgetting why God let Israel be overrun. Israel is not always right. The pride cycle has shown us that. God is not a respecter of persons.
In Vancouver Jews and Arabs can be friends without a problem because this is neutral ground. As Orlando Bloom said, Jerusalem drives men mad. People are more important than places.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

8 cases of blood clots in Ontario from AstraZeneca

Update: BC man hospitalized with AstraZeneca vaccine-induced blood clot

B.C. woman hospitalized after AstraZeneca shot

BC records 2nd case of AZ blood clots in Langley

Mother dies in Edmonton after getting the vaccine

CBC is reporting that "Ontario will no longer give the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine as a first dose due to the risk of rare blood clots. Williams said the decision was made out of an abundance of caution. The blood clotting syndrome, while rare, can be fatal."

"Dr. Jessica Hopkins, the chief health protection and emergency preparedness officer with Public Health Ontario, said there have been eight cases of VITT in Ontario as of May 8, 2021. She said the rate has gone from one in 125,000 to one in 60,000." Fatalities are indeed serious.

Do the benefits outweigh the risks? No they don't because they are lying about the numbers. Look at Texas and Florida - wide open. Texas hosted the Toronto Blue Jays to a packed stadium while Florida recently hosted a sold-out UFC event. When Texas and Florida opened half the States had mask mandates while the other half had none. Yet all the States were open for business and more states will drop more restrictions July 4th with or without a vaccine.

Joe Rogan called out Canada's lockdown insanity. “Canada’s f*cked right now,” he states. “They’re so locked down, and I don’t understand why they think that’s good. I don’t understand why they think that’s the solution.” He then notes he “was just in Florida, and it’s like nothing’s happening. Like maybe you’ll get sick, maybe you won’t. But we’re out here with no masks on, 15,000 people in an area for the UFC fights, it was madness. It was powerful.”

Rogan then says people simply need to “take your vitamin D, sleep, drink water” in order to fend off the disease. “You can’t do Canada,” he adds. “You can’t do Canada where you have Gestapo pulling people over for your papers. ‘Why are you out of the house? There’s a cold floating around, why are you out of the house?'” He is absolutely right. This is why they don't want large gatherings. So people don't listen to reason they just listen to the Marxist propaganda Global television and the MSM is bombarding us with.

CNN already admitted the motive for the fake lockdown - to push the vaccines. The pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars from these vaccines. Rebel News pointed out that this second dose scam was simply a way for them to double their money.

Look at the US and look at Wuhan. Even Europe is opening up. We are going in the wrong direction because we are stupid. Bonnie Henry and Theresa Tam are lying freaks in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. Who's the bigger fool? The fool or the fool that listens to the fool.

Monday, May 10, 2021

A spike in violence: Making sense of nonsense

Everyone is no doubt starting to get concerned about the recent spike in public shootings and to be perfectly honest, I'm getting too old for this. The NDP don't give a f*ck. BC is the only province in Canada that doesn't make Hells Angel drug busts. Ever since David Giles was busted in Kelowna and the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit was disbanded, the Compromised CFSEU stopped making Hells Angel drug busts and just went after their rivals. The NDP know that but haven't done anything about it which makes them criminally culpable in the violence.
10 years later - The Hells Angels are still at the root of BC Gang conflict