Friday, May 28, 2021

In Defense of Brandon Straka

First, I'd like to say that Brandon Straka is my hero. I really like him. He is sincere, he is passionate and he is honest. What's not to like? In his recent livestream on the third anniversary of his creation of the #WalkAway movement, he opened up about some of the struggles he has had over the past year in relation to his court case and arrest over the Capitol Hill riot. He is locked in litigation and is unable to speak on the matter. I am not. I will boldly call it out for what it is. A defiant fraud highjacked by the cancel culture to attack and censor a good man.

The Capital Hill riot was a farce and a complete set up. At no time did Donald Trump or Brandon Straka ever condone violence. Brandon did make bold statements leading up to that protest just like he did for every other rally and protest he participated in. Brandon made statements like we will never quit. We are not going away. We will never stop fighting. None of those statements condoned violence. When he said we're not going away he meant exactly that. Even if you steal this election through election fraud, we will keep speaking out against you.

The election fraud was very real and the indignation over it justified. However, the violence on Capitol Hill was a complete set up. Local Vlogger Dan Dicks posted several videos of the police letting protesters in through the barricades and right into the building waving them on. We saw fake supporters use green screens. We saw violence and theft perpetrated by BLM plants. We saw an insanely biased media condone and encourage BLM riots then dramatize and condemn the Capital Hill set up so they could use that as an excuse to continue to censor Conservatives.

Recently Rebel News was taken off PayPal. YouTube has demonetized Conservative channels. PayPal and other money transfer aps have cancelled Conservatives in a continued campaign to censor ideas and opinions. Likewise, PayPal has caved in and cancelled Brandon Straka. It has nothing to do with his participation in the Capital Hill protest and the false allegation of condoning violence. They canceled him because he is a Conservative. A vitally important one at that.

Communism continuously lies about Conservatives. ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall. ANTIFA claims if you are not Communist, you are Fascist. That is simply not true. I'm not even going to say left and right any more. I'm going to say it like it is and say Communism and Conservatives. Communism rules with lies and censorship. People are allowed to be left or right. People are allowed to be Republican or Democrat. The problem is extremism.

Draw a line in the sand and call that line Democracy. The further away from that line you go to the left or the right, the further you get away from Democracy and the closer you get to Dictatorship. Communism and Fascism are the same thing. They are both totalitarian governments that oppose diversity of thought. Globalists within the Republican party are teaming up with Globalists within the Democrat party to form a single party: the Communist Party of China.

Communism lies to every special interest group and says fight for us, we support you. Yet in reality they don't. They only support themselves. There are no Gay, Lesbian or Transgender rights in Communism because in Communism, no one has any rights.

In Candace Owens' humorous coming out video, she tells her parents that she's Conservative. Just because she supports low taxes and civil liberty, does not mean she is racist. The same thing with Brandon Straka and Blare White. Just because they support low taxes and civil liberty does not make them transphobic or homophobic.

Brandon mentioned a falling out between him and Candace. I can see that. Blare White did an interview with Candace Owens once and it was kind of tense. Candace has some pretty traditional religious values. That's her right. Yet Blaire White and Brandon Straka are literal superheroes in the defense against hate and extremism. As Bobby Sands once said, there is a place for everyone in the rebellion. Candace is part of Turning Point USA. So is Rob Smith.

We share a common message and a common cause. Diversity makes us strong.

Update: This is from the criminal complaint against Brandon. In their own evidence they admit he was nowhere near any violence or vandalism and wasn't aware any of that happened until later when he saw it on the news. That might explain the use of green screens with fake supporters.

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