Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Colombia, Cuba, Poland and East Berlin

This morning there was a profound sunrise. It had rained overnight and a large dark cloud covered the sky leaving a small gap along the horizon in which the rising sun burst through. In my heart I felt f*ck the sunrise. Behind the dark cloud the sun is still shining but nobody cares. We are engulfed in darkness and the deception is widespread. Once again we need to face the lies before our freedom is lost forever. In the video truckers had to release their load of baby chicks because they couldn't get through the protesters roadblock in Colombia.

The heavy handed military using live ammunition on civilians in Colombia and attacking residential complexes is inexcusable. They are backed by the CIA. Yet pride cometh before the fall. Protesters have every right to stand with a sign but they do not have the right to block roads and prevent other civilians from going to work or buying food.

In Cuba the CIA backed the corrupt Batista government which created a Communist revolution. From bad to worse. It makes us wonder if that was not the CIA's objective from the beginning.

Take a look at Poland and East Berlin. The Fascists invaded Poland and the Communists promised to liberate them from the Fascists until their slavery was complete. The same thing happened in East Berlin. ANTIFA built the wall to keep the Fascists out which simply kept everyone in. Once in power, the Communists removed civil liberty.

The Communists claim that you have to give up individual rights to give rise to collective rights. That is a lie. Once you give up individual rights, there are no collective rights. Which makes the unholy alliance between the Anarchists and the Communists one big hypocritical lie.

Anarchists strive to create lawlessness and cry out to defund the police so crime can run rampant. Then the Communists step in to save the day and implement complete slavery. As a result, the people are even worse off. My point is, Fascism was a ploy to allow Communism in just like the Colombian military's excessive force is.

In Colombia they are complaining about increased taxes. Communism taxes everything you have. You own nothing. Embrace them and you'll be worse off than you were before. Word.

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