Sunday, May 2, 2021

Evidence of riot police using live ammo in Colombia

Just to update the tax protests in Colombia, here is some more evidence of the riot police using live ammo on protesters. A bag full of shells is one and a video of the riot police shooting a gun at protesters is another. The former narco president endorsed the use of live ammo.
This doctor treating a bullet wound is more evidence.
This is another person shot dead by the riot police in Cali. That's more than 3 dead in Cali.
There's also graphic pictures of people who were savagely beaten to death by riot police.

The National Post is reporting that " Colombian President Ivan Duque said on Sunday he would withdraw a proposed tax reform after sometimes violent protests and widespread lawmaker opposition. Duque said on Friday the law would be revised to remove some of its most controversial points – including the leveling of sales tax on utilities and some food – but the government had previously insisted it could not be withdrawn."

"Protests against the reform have led to multiple deaths around the country." We need to follow up on the revised bill, the use of live amo on civilians in Cali and the false positive trial the former narco president was indited on. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light.
This is tonight in Cali. They are firing at people who mourn the dead:

Tonight, on the north side of the city the military are shooting protesters and throwing their bodies into the river so people can't post pictures of the bodies.

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