Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The World Reopens: Lessons from the Falsified Pandemic

As the rest of the world reopens and BC reluctantly follows suit, there in an important lesson we need to remember from this falsified pandemic. The first lesson is that the media lies. We all know that politicians lie. The world sees politicians as sleazebags. Lying used car salesmen trying to sell us a bad deal. Yet previously, many of us had an idealistic image of the media being nonbiased as it reports the news. We have seen that is far from the truth.

CBC lied about the Covid ICU rates in Manitoba. They didn't make a mistake they lied. They said the hospital was full of covid patients and they were lined up outside. Rebel News went there and found no such thing. The hospital was empty. This also happened in the US during the pandemic.

The media showed line ups at hospitals all over California and New York claiming there were body bags in the streets. People would go there with their phones and video tape empty hospitals with no line ups. The same thing in Australia. The media outright lied. This is an important lesson for all of us. Being biased is one thing but being defiantly dishonest to ram an extreme political agenda is another. Yet that is exactly what we saw. Geroge Orwell 1984.

We also saw that YouTube, Facebook and Twitter also lie. Not only do they lie but they ban and censor the truth. The partisan fact checkers are ridiculous. When Candace Owens sued the fake fact checkers, she found out they were being funded by the Communist Party of China. The same entity that owns and controls our media. We should not go back to YouTube. They have demonetised Conservative channels. We should therefore boycott them permanently.

Thankfully the Americans have seen the light. Sweeden was right. We all know that now. It comes as no surprise to see that Bonnie the Lying Freak Henry has announced BC will be opening up. That is in spite of her not because of her. That is because no lie can live forever.

Not only did CBC lie about the ICU rates in Manitoba and Post Media Trash lie about the ICU rates in Edmonton and Ontario, but they have been lying to us on a daily basis about the numbers. Cases mean nothing if people are asymptomatic. They said over 10,000 people died of Covid in Seniors homes last year. Yet the same number of seniors died last year as the year before. Magically, there have been no cases or fatalities from the flu during the pandemic.

Now all of a sudden they are starting to open up because cases and deaths are down. They are still lying about the numbers. The reason they are saying the numbers are dropping is because no lie can live forever. When Texas and Florida opened up they scoffed and said they're crazy but they were no longer in control of their reporting so they couldn't falsify new spikes.

Canada's recent circuit breaker spike in cases and deaths was a bold-faced lie. They were unable to continue that lie when Texas, Florida, Arizona and State after State reported fewer cases and deaths after opening up. It became statistically impossible for them to keep lying to us so they had to say, cases are dropping now we saved you. No you did not. The Americans saved us. You were left with no alternative. Lest we forget - John Horgan is the worst BC Premier ever.

We need to remember how they used this lie to violate the Constitution and Charter of Rights.

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