Friday, April 2, 2021

Hydroxychloroquine & Remdesivir: There's No Third Wave

There was no second wave and there is no third wave. That is a lie. This is a trade war with a dark political agenda. Closing down businesses kills social programs because it destroys tax revenue. There is one thing the medical community agrees on, lockdowns are not warranted.

The American Frontline Doctors held a press conference stating that hydroxychloroquine helped patients with Covid. Numerous doctors testified that they gave Covid patients hydroxychloroquine and their patients recovered. That is what's known as a clinical trial. The mainstream media censored that information. They said hydroxychloroquine was unsafe. That is a lie. It is FDA approved. They give it to pregnant women.

The Canada Health Alliance agrees that vitamin C and Zinc helps fight Covid. They also said to take vitamin D which the body produces in sunlight. Heat and sun kills Covid. The Canada Health Alliance also suggested Covid patients take hydroxychloroquine where available. They said where available because Bonnie Henry won't let you take it for Covid if you want to try it.

The FDA approved remdesivir for the treatment of Covid in October 2020. It is proven safe and has been around for years. It is not an experimental RNA genetically modified organism that rewrites your DNA. Health Canada approved remdesivir for treatment of severe COVID-19 back in July 2020. Bonnie Henry said she was excited about the sucess of remdesivir in the treatment of Covid back in May 2020. Then all of a sudden, the World Health Organization pulled the plug.

Bonnie Henry worked for the World Health Organization. The WHO is not led by a medical doctor, it is led by a leader of a violent Communist Paramilitary Organization. He was put there by Communist China. The same ones defiantly engaging in a modern genocide against Buddhists and Muslims in China and sanctions anyone who dares to speak out against it.

Wuhan is throwing Pool parties and dance parties while their State run media is telling us the sky is falling and we need to lockdown again. The main stream media is criminally insane. CBC lied about Covid hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They didn't make a mistake, they lied.

The fraud is over. The PCR test is worthless. Get back to work. Ban Bonnie Henry.

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