Saturday, April 17, 2021

Riding out to Harrison Lake

I took advantage of the warmth and sunshine today and rode my motorcycle out to Harrison Lake. Looking back, it's almost a full year since the last time I rode out there during Covid. I know it doesn't seem like it, but we have made progress since then.
Last year the road in was closed. So were the washrooms. That was stupid. You could buy a plate of food and eat it on the beach but you couldn't wash your hands first. At least now the washrooms are open and all the restaurant patios are open.

You can order traditional schnitzels from the Black Forest and eat it on their patio with a glass of wine, order a burger take out and sit in the park or have some Greek food and sit on their rooftop patio overlooking the lake. It's actually quite nice. We need to support local business.
Locking us down again would be criminally insane. We cannot afford that physically, mentally or financially. People need to work and pay taxes so the country can function. Taxes pay for hospitals, schools and every social program under the sun. No taxes, no services.

Lockdowns ensure our social programs collapse. Right now, as we speak, the local hospitals are not full they are empty. They are lying because they have a dark political agenda that has nothing to do with your health and well-being. The US is mostly open for business. Half the States have no mask mandate and we have more cases than they do. That's because cases mean nothing if the patient is asymptomatic and the PCR test is worthless. Our mental, physical and financial health is suffering because we are listening to lying idiots.

There were a lot of bikes on the road today. I saw a few kayaks, paddle boards and ATVs on the freeway. Heat and humidity kills Covid. That's why the Canadian Medical Alliance recommends you take vitamin D along with zinc and vitamin C to boost your immune system against Covid. Another doctor reported that almost all the ICU patients are severely deficient in vitamin D.

Last week I rode up to Cypres mountain. That was the last week for skiing. Now the mountains are open for hiking and snowshoeing. Snowshoeing in the melting snow is awesome. People need fresh air and exercise to stay healthy. This is why we need to reign in the politicians.

Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau has completely lost her mind. She wants more restrictions including closing schools and setting up roadblocks. That is batsh*t crazy. A lot of anti vaxxers supported the Green Party. Not any more. The NDP breaking off from them was a good move. The Green Party opposed natural gas and hydroelectric power. That is green energy. Burning industrial coal to generate electricity is not. They have another agenda.

The only political party that has consistently spoken out against lockdowns is Maxime Bernier's People's Party and now they have elected MLAs as well. The BC Conservative party is holding its AGM on May 15th. I am watching closely to see what kind of resolutions they submit about lockdowns. Jason Kenny and Rob Ford are not Conservatives. They are globalist neo con freaks in bed with Justin Trudeau's global reset.

I don't have a problem with Adrian Dix. He is known as a leftist but we have yet to see which side of civil liberty he stands on. Does he support the murder of political prisoners in China for organ harvesting or dose he support the civil liberty protected by law in Ireland and South Africa? We will soon see. Adrian did support law and order when seniors were getting mugged at the 29th Street Sky Train Station. Let's hope he is sincere enough and brave enough to support civil liberty like Nelson Mandella and James Connolly did. Time will tell. It always does.

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