Saturday, April 24, 2021

Francois Gauthier charged in the coal Harbor murder

The Trail Times is reporting that "A 51-year-old man is being charged for allegedly shooting and killing a man in Coal Harbour last weekend. Francois Joseph Gauthier is charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of possessing a loaded, restricted firearm without an authorized license." Another gang murder with another illegal gun.

Dr Spin claims that the guy killed in coal Harbour was with the Brothers Keepers who work for the Hells Angels as did Ali. Until they shot him dead of course. Gauthier is a French name. Dr Spin refers to him as a hitman and the local media claims he had no previous record in BC. Claude Gauthier is a well-known member of the Hells Angels in Trois Rivières.

It is unlikely a BK member would cap one of their own. That's why the Edmonton HAs brought in a couple of kids from Edmonton to shoot Ali. Likewise, it appears that this "hitman" was brought in from somewhere else because the local talent wouldn't do it.

It's somewhat suspicious that he was caught so soon. Perhaps the local 81 is going to roll on him too like all the others. Perhaps the Crown will drop the charges against him just like they dropped the charges against the kids that capped Ali. Time will tell. It always does.
Update: Richmond murder is suspected retaliation for Kang hit. It appears that Kim was right about this one. Anees Mohammed was shot dead in January in retaliation for the Gary Kang murder a few days before. Anees was a drug dealer with links to the Wolf Pack and Brothers Keepers. He ran the DTES for the Red and White. However, there's even talk about that one being internal made to look like a retaliation. The cub pack roll on their peeps.

Somehow I don't think Francois Gauthier was affiliated with or hired by the Kang group. He was hired by the red and white. Just sayn. They hired someone to cap one of their own. Again.

In January Mike Farnworth said tit-for-tat shootings are completely unacceptable. So does that mean he sanctions HA hits and opposes when people retaliate against them? Please advise. Are the BC NDP any different from the BC Liberals? In what way? They haven't brought back the OMGU. The CFSEU is still compromised and their money laundering inquiry is simply a publicity stunt to blame the previous government but what have they done to confront crime since they have been elected? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. BC deserves better representation.

Nobody cares if drug dealers shoot each other. People care about the ongoing crime and violence that results from letting drug dealers sell drugs without any resistance from the police. The BC NDP have no desire to stop crime. They just want to profit from it. They are no better than the BC Liberals. It's time for a real change in government.

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