Friday, April 30, 2021

John Horgan's STD Tax

TGIF. I have a few thoughts to share this weekend but I want to start things off with a look at John boy's STD tax. John Horgan shuts down restaurant dining in BC then puts a 99-cent tax on every skip the dishes order. That is worthy of the sleazebag hall of fame. It's also a conflict of interest. It's like owning a winery and protecting that industry while you shut down all the others. It's kinda like accepting campaign donations from a pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines, then spending millions of tax dollars on a risky vaccine that company makes. It's dirty.

As I previously said, getting rid of bridge tolls was a great thing. Everyone complains that the NDP will tax & spend but when they first entered office, they broke the stereotype and lowered taxes by removing bridge tolls. That was a huge step forward for civl liberty since mobility rights are protected in the Charter of Rights. However, since then, the NDP are starting to raise taxes.

A Russian friend recently told me - First they give you cake. Then they starve you until you take whatever they give you. He has seen that first hand. This is what they are now doing to us.

Every Skip the Dishes delivery in BC now has an extra 99 cent BC tax as well as a 5 cent environmental tax. Gag. This environmental tax has nothing to do with the environment. It's just a flowery way of saying more tax just like the carbon tax is.

Now $1.04 on every Skip the Dishes delivery isn't a lot but it sure adds up. Especially when you shut down indoor dining and rob the bread and butter off of all those workers tables. The thing is, the delivery drivers aren't making a lot of money on those deliveries so once again the NDP is stealing money from the workers they promised to support.

John boy also added a new tax to pop. "Starting April 1, 2021 soda beverages are no longer exempt from the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) in British Columbia." If you stop shutting down businesses, you don't have to raise taxes. You'll have more money to spend on those social programs you keep talking about. In the United States businesses are flocking to Texas and Florida because they are open for business. They are free. We are not.

People are fleeing California and New York because of their fiscal irresponsibility and their high taxes. When you raise taxes, business go somewhere else and you have less tax revenue than you did before you raised taxes. If everyone is working and paying taxes, everyone benefits.

Although I have boldly declared and genuinely believe that John Horgan is the worst BC Premier ever, sadly he is not currently the worst Premier in Canada. He is third. Jason Kenny is second and Rob Ford is the worst. Their fiscal irresponsibility and their destruction of civil liberty is absolute treason. This once again breaks the stereotype.

Conservatives are supposed to be fiscally responsible and are supposed to support civil liberty. Jason Kenney and Rob Ford are not Conservatives. They are globalists in disguise. They are neo cons. Not new conservatives, they are new con artists. Wolves in sheep's clothing who have entered from within our ranks to steal our money and our liberty.

Many years ago, I attended a CUPW Area Council where Joan Smallwood spoke about TILMA and the trade agreement with China. She expressed similar concerns with NAFTA and named the absurdity of the compensation awards in that agreement. She said these kinds of trade agreements undermine our sovereignty and our freedom.

At first, I was surprised. She was with the NDP and I thought the NDP were Communists. Here she was boldly speaking out against Communist China's human rights violations. I heard her out and was glad I did. She raised very important concerns about the compensation awards in NAFTA. How a company could sue the government if they made a law that interferes with their ability to make a profit. One of the more absurd real life examples was how a company from the US successfully sued the Canadian government for making a law that protected the environment and banned them from importing PCP toxic waste and dumping it in Canada.

Ultimately, these trade agreements aren't about free trade they are about undermining our sovereignty. Just like how these lockdowns are not about promoting health. They are about destroying our economy and our civil liberty. To implement Communism in Canada this global reset has to get rid of our Charter of Rights. That is why we have to protect it.

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