Friday, April 23, 2021

John Horgan enters the Sleazebag Hall of Fame

Today is the day that John Horgan officially enters the sleazebag hall of fame. Today he joined and surpassed famous charlatans like Gordon Campbell, Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney. Gordon Campbell left office in disgrace with the lowest popularity rating ever. Aside from his long list of infractions, his downfall came after boldly rejecting the will of the people and defiantly proceeding with the HST. What John Horgan has done today is far worse.

Stephen Harper broke the Reform Party's dream and merged with the very ideology they were created to oppose. Brian Mulroney was known a Lyin' Brian for his perpetual dishonesty. His corruption was recorded in Stevie Cameron's book On the Take.

Aside from his involvement with Iran contra and the pork barrel tax and spend politics that created the Reform Party, Lyin' Brian was known for his defiant introduction of the GST. He raised taxes and wasted tax revenue. Stephen Harper was like unto Lyin' Brian and was an enemy of the Charter of Rights. What John Horgan has done today is far worse than all three put together.

In the late /90's the BC NDP were known for the Fast Ferries scandal. That was not a bad idea. The contractor they chose was their mistake. I'm not saying we should try that again as our ferries are fine. I'm saying what John Horgan has done today is far worse.

Today John Horgan broke the law and tore up the Canadian Charter of Rights. Now he and his party will forever be remembered as a traitor and a tyrant. He had a great start by lowering taxes from the removal of bridge tolls and supporting natural gas which is clean burning. Yet today Horgan goes down in history as the worst BC Premier ever. Bonnie Henry is a lying freak.

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