Sunday, April 30, 2017

David Revell's deportation hearing

Dave Revell was a Hells Angels associate in Kelowna that was convicted of cocaine trafficking for David Giles. As I reported last February, after being charged in numerous domestic assaults he is now facing a deportation hearing because he is originally from the UK. Many other gang members from other countries have recently been deported and it would be hypocritical for the crown to deport them without deporting Dave Revell just because he's from the UK.

I understand that the BC Civil Liberties Union is opposing the crown's argument that the Canadian Charter of Rights does not apply to Dave Revell because he is not a Canadian citizen. I agree with their position on that. The intent of the Canadian Charter of Rights is that it should apply to all people not just Canadian citizens. However, I completely disagree with the BCCLU's opposition to the deportation because selling cocaine and beating women is not a charter right.

Steroids and grow ops don't concern me but stalking and assaulting women does. Davel Revell is a piece of garbage and no nonprofit organization with any credibility or integrity would support him.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Cory Vallee murder trial

Kim Bolan has been giving some pretty extensive coverage of the Cory Vallee murder trial. There has been some interesting statements made by the police informant under cross examination.

First Kim reported that "An ex-United Nations gangster denied in B.C. Supreme Court Monday that he lied about a conversation in which he says accused killer Cory Vallee admitted a role in the murder of a rival. The man, who can only be identified as D, told Justice Janie Dillon earlier Monday that Vallee nodded and smiled after D made a cryptic reference to the fatal shooting of Kevin LeClair on Feb. 6, 2009."

"But defence lawyer Eric Gottardi suggested there is no way D would have broken the UN code to ask someone in the gang about a murder. At the time of the LeClair killing, you weren’t close enough in relationship to Cory Vallee where he would tell you his real name and yet you purport to tell this court that he was close enough that he would somehow indicate to you his involvement in the murder. Is that your evidence? D replied: Yes."

OK so let's back it up here. The informant didn't even know the accused's real name. The whole testimony relies on the claim that the informant made a cryptic reference to the fatal shooting of Kevin LeClair and the acused nodded and smiled according to the police informant that was paid $300,000.00 for his testimony. That's a pretty weak case.

No offense. Kevin was a good guy who had a bad friend. He didn't deserve to die. Yet the crown's case here is awfully vague. The crown claims As Vallee sipped his soup, D said: “I just looked at him and I said `Everything went OK? And then he just kind of looked up at me and nodded and gave a smile, yep, and he just went back to eating his soup.” I don't really see that as a confession to the murder.

Kim later reported that "A former United Nations gangster admitted in B.C. Supreme Court Tuesday that he lied to police for years when he was immersed in the criminal underworld.

"Gottardi pointed to instances in statements D had given to police even after he became a confidential informant in April 2009 where he had lied." Gottardi said D enjoyed manipulating police and saw his interaction with them as “a game.” He showed D a September 2009 statement in which D falsely claimed that he was not a member of the UN. “I take it you will agree with me that you have lied to the police many, many times?” Gottardi asked. Replied D: “Yes, I have over the course of my life lied to the police many, many times.”

Next "Gottardi pointed D to copies of encrypted emails he wrote to his UN pal Amir Eghtesad about a plan to rob a UN associate known as Duke. In the emails, D told Eghtesad that he was going to befriend Duke to make it easier to target him for robbery. This wasn't a rival this was an associate he was planning to rob. So the defense has established three things. First the informant is a dirt bag who planned on robbing an associate. Second that the informant is a liar who has admitted to lying to the police many many times. Third, the whole confession was so vague it really has no merit. On top of that his conclusion is the real kicker.

Lastly Kim Bolan reported that "An ex-United Nations gangster paid $300,000 to testify against his former brothers said Thursday that if he could go back in time, he would never have cooperated with police."

After the defense lawyer claimed the informant was really just in court for the money the informant replied: “And I will say sir that I would happily, if possible, pay back multiple times the money I was paid if I could go back in time and change my mind and not do this. Because I wholeheartedly 100 per cent regret it and would not recommend it to anybody.”

Well, well, well, kinda like we've said all along. If you want to leave the life just leave. Don't become a police informant. It just isn't worth it. Although Kevin was a nice guy, the court was told that he used to sell drugs for the UN but crossed over with the Swine flu when they broke off and were supplied by the Hells Angels. He was a nice guy who sold drugs and betrayed his crew for the red and white. Where's the L&R in that? It's all about the money.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Most overdoses on Welfare wednesday ever recorded

Global is reporting that "The B.C. opioid crisis has reached a new level, with authorities confirming Wednesday was the worst day on record for overdoses in the province. B.C. Emergency Health Services says April 26 - or this month’s “Welfare Wednesday” - had more overdose calls in a single day than ever recorded. There were 130 calls for overdose responses in total, nine more than the previous record date of Nov. 20, 2016."

This is in exact contradiction to previous reports the spin doctors were spamming the media with claiming that drug overdoses no longer spike on Welfare wednesday. The only reason it didn't spike in Surrey is because they started staggering the cheques so not everyone gt their checks on the same day. They are still using their welfare cheques to buy drugs.

Recently Surrey Crime reported that as soon as someone cashed their welfare cheque in Surrey they overdosed on fentanyl. Addicts are lining up to buy tainted drugs with their welfare cheques. We are giving the addicts money to buy drugs and are watching the predatory drug dealers selling them tainted drugs which is literally killing them without raising a finger to arrest the drug dealers for selling tainted drugs. That is not social justice. It is insane, illegal and immoral.

Update: CTV is reporting that "BC Emergency Health Services says it responded to 109 suspected overdoses around B.C. on Thursday, with 71 of those calls coming from the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser health districts, within Metro Vancouver. Preet Grewal says the service answered 130 suspected overdose calls that day, adding it was too early to tell how many may have been linked to powerful opioids such as fentanyl. She says the spike coincided with the monthly release of social assistance cheques, and the service is prepared for a challenging weekend." The spike in overdoses is directly related to when the adicts receive their government assistance cheques. People need food and homes not drugs especially tainted drugs.

Renegotiating NAFTA

The Huffington Post is reporting that Donald Trump has agreed to renegotiate NAFTA as oposed to puling out completely. Terminating NAFTA is in everyone's best interest. If they are going to negotiate it, then Chapter 11 Compensation awards is the first thing that has to go. That clause has nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with giving up sovereignty and democracy. If they dont eliminate Chapter 11 then this whole moving forward claim is just one great big fraud.

On the lighter side, Oregon Live is reporting that "The Portland Timbers took on the Vancouver Whitecaps on Sunday at Providence Park, and ahead of kickoff, the Timbers Army support group unfurled a tifo that references the 1996 movie "Mars Attacks," a Tim Burton film starring Jack Nicholson. 'Destroy the Canadian Menace' dominated the stands, and was punctuated by the smaller "Do Not Run We Are Your Friends" banner. Both are lines from the movie, where the premise is Earth is invaded by Martians and the question is do they want to take over or are they just misunderstood?" That was pretty funny.

There has always been a healthy rivalry between Canada and the United States but it has always been in good fun and in good taste. Unlike back in England where football hooligan will use mob violence to fight with opposing fans. I was there and saw that at a Chelsea versus West Ham game once. That was wild so it was. Evidently I was wearing the wrong colours and got into several fights as a result. At least with the Americans we know they're mostly joking.

Greetings USA: We are the Canadian Menace. Please don't be offended when we kick your ass at the 2018 Winter Olympics. It's nothing personal. We're just taking care of business yo.

BTW Vin Diesel appeared with Nicky Jam at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Prescription heroin will destroy public healthcare

More lunatics are calling out for prescription heroin again. The paper cited one doctor of death as saying we need to think outside the box when it comes to the fentanyl crisis. No we don't. We simply need to give our head a shake. Not arresting the drug dealers who are selling fentanyl is not only insane, it is criminal culpability.

When I make consistent objections to our failed harm promotion system people ask me what do I suggest. I suggest the obvious - the other three pillars they threw away: Enforcement, Treatment and Prevention. The extremists talked about the four pillars program but as soon as we adopted them they threw away three of the most important pillars and charged off on a one legged horse which has seen harm reduction become harm promotion since it creates more addicts not less.

I support the New York Model because I saw it. I was there. Now the pharmaceutic fraudsters are quoting the Portugal model to rationalize the decriminalization of all drugs in hopes of providing prescription heroin at taxpayers expense. That is the most insane quest known to man. Public health care is not a Communist plot to overthrow the free world, prescription heroin is.

Think about it, if we provide addicts prescription heroin at taxpayers expense when will it end? Right now the pharmaceutical fraud has greatly profited from the methadone scam. They put addicts on methadone at taxpayers expense but never reduce the dosage turning them into lifelong methadone addicts. That money could go to buying homes not drugs.

Prescription heroin isn't just insane it is down right evil. That act of insanity will bankrupt our public healthcare system faster than you can say God help us. You can't get an mri or cancer medication but you can get free heroin. That is disgusting.

This Portugal model succeeded because of treatment not because of harm promotion. They spent tax dollars putting addicts into treatment instead of simply buying them more drugs. Extremists are now quoting the Portugal model in the same way they quoted the four pillars in the beginning which created this epidemic. They want to adopt decriminalization and throwaway everything else they did in Portugal that worked so they can continue their promotion of the drug trade at taxpayers expense. That is not something I could ever support. I support the New york Model.

Enforcement: enforce the law - arrested the drug dealers not the addicts. Treatment - spend money on treatment for addicts not more flop houses where they can buy more drugs while they are on methadone. Prevention: educate the public on the harmful effects of drugs so we stop using tax dollars to turn human beings into zombies. That is not compassion or social justice.

Wayne Moriarty nailed it. Dr. Colin Mangham is the real addiction expert.

Domestic violence skyrockets in Edmonton

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that there has been a huge spike in domestic violence over the last two years. Global reported that there were 7,849 cases of domestic violence reported to Edmonton police in 2014 so this dramatic rise is above and beyond that.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea - Update

As the world prepares for the 2018 Winter Olympics to he hosted in South Korea, we need two raging lunatics to sit down and shut up. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was a wonderful time for us. It brought us all together as we hosted the world in a very posative event.

Everyone knows that Kim Jong-un is a raging lunatic. He has no respect internationally because he keeps threatening to launch nuclear missiles when he can't even feed his own people. The Interview with Seth Rogen actually humanized Kim Jong-un and made him likeable. It was actually pretty funny. Donald Trump is another raging lunatic that has no respect internationally.

Recently, South Korea had some political unrest of it's own. Mass protests against political corruption saw the current president resign. I can tell you those protests would not have had such a happy ending in North Korea. If the people protested in like manner in North Korea, the government would have pulled a Tiananmen Square and shot them with live ammunition. Right now South Korea needs to focus on stabilizing their own government and preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics. North Korea needs to be more concerned with feeding their own people then with blowing up everyone else and Donald Trump needs to keep his big mouth shut. We don't need another Gulf of Tonkin incident creating more hostilities unnecessarily at a time when we should be pulling together and shunning extremism from either lunatic. Peace - J'imagine.

I sent my own son to South Korea not to wage war but to play music because I believe playing music together is far more productive than shooting each other. Like a waving flag yo.

Update: The New York Times is reporting that "The antimissile system that the United States deployed in South Korea over China’s objections is close to becoming operational, giving the two allies the capability to defend against missile attacks by the North, the South’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday." This is the most logical solution yet.

Why in God's name would China have any objections to that whatsoever? South Korea needs a missile defense system like Israel's Iron Dome. So does Japan and so does Canada. That is the most peaceful solution to living next to crazed lunatics known to man. If North Korea launches a nuclear missile we have to be able to shoot it down. That's a no brainer.

The only reason Communist China would object to a missile defense system is because they are the ones supplying North Korea with nuclear missiles. This is why Canada must end its campaign to sell Communist China Canadian nuclear reactors. In doing so Canada becomes culpable for China giving North Korea nuclear missiles. SNC-Lavalin got the contract for CANDU reactors in China. I kid you not. That is a crime against humanity. No CANDU.

The only reason that crazed lunatic hasn't blown anyone up with a nuclear missile yet is because his technology sucks. This is why Canada must cease and desist selling Communist China nuclear reactors. That gives them the technology and materials to produce nuclear missiles. Once Canada stops selling China nuclear reactors and once the new Iron Dome is in place, we can relax and have a nice Olympics while we watch the brain dead lunatic's miserable attempts to blow up the rest of the world like 5:00 o'clock Charlie on MASH.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pray for Venezuela - they still have no food

Sky News is reporting that "Thousands of Venezuelans have dressed in white and marched in silence to pay their respects to the 20 people killed in anti-government protests over the past three weeks." CBC is reporting that "The smell of tear gas and smoke from fires filled the air in several Caracas neighbourhoods on Friday after a night that saw at least 12 people die. In the humble district of El Valle, people screamed, while the sound of gunshots sent neighbours and protesters running for safety."

After Hugo Chávez died, things in Venezuela collapsed. There is no food in the supermarkets. Thousands try to leave the country as soon as they open the borders. Most want to stay in a Venezuela that has food. This is an international humanitarian crisis.

Military Trafficking Food as Country Goes Hungry

Four women in hospital after Calgary shooting

The Calgary Herald is reporting that "Four women have been rushed to hospital after a shooting in Castleridge early this morning. At about 4:15 a.m., police were called to the 0 to 100 block of Castleridge Way N.E. for reports of gunshots. When emergency crews arrived, they found three women between the ages of 20 and 40 inside the home suffering from facial injuries, said Stuart Brideaux of Calgary EMS."

"A fourth victim, with a wound to her neck, was located later this morning at a different location. Brideaux said the woman in her mid-40s had been at the original scene, but left and was located on 22nd Avenue N.E. at about 4:40 a.m. Three of the victims were taken to hospital in serious but stable condition. One of the victims sustained soft-tissue injuries and is in stable condition."

"This is the second shooting to take place on Castleridge Way this year. In February, a man was shot while leaving a house party in the same block as Saturday morning’s shooting. Shot multiple times with a handgun, he was rushed to hospital in critical, life-threatening injuries. "

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Norm Farrell on the Site C Dam and the privatization of health care

Readers have sent in links to two interesting posts on Norm Farrell's blog called In Sights. I have kept a pretty neutral stance on the Site C dam myself because I'm from Vancouver. I support hydro electric power. It is cost effective and environmentally friendly. They are a lot better than nuclear reactors. Yet I do support the freedom of speech and if people have legitimate concerns with the Site C dam then let's hear them.

NS News: Not worth a dam

The first article is about the Site C dam and states: "Most of the British Columbia’s corporate media rides the Liberal bandwagon but the Glacier Media paper in my town, the North Shore News, takes a strong position against Site C, the most expensive white elephant ever conceived by bankrupt politicians."

The blog posts then quotes the North Shore News which said: "The project, which was approved without a proper review by the B.C. Utilities Commission, is going to cost $8.8 billion we don’t have to produce electricity we can’t use, to power LNG plants that won’t exist, at a cost too expensive to sell to foreign markets…"

That is the most logical opposition to the project I have heard thus far. Hydro electric power is normally cost effective. Why does this project cost so much money and what need will it be fulfilling? Will it be powering LNG plants that don't exist or will it be supplying power to foreign markets at below cost rates? Since the project costs so much money we need to ask who is really building it? Is SNC-Lavalin using a shell company to get the contract? Why in God's name would we give SNC-Lavalin the contract for anything? Is that what this is really about? Why would we sell power to foreign markets for less than it cost us to produce it?

Liberal supports health system privatization

The second post on Norm's blog that my readers have sent in is with regards to Liberal incumbent Linda Reimer's position on the privatization of our public health care. I totally support fiscal responsibility. Lower taxes and less spending means business and taxpayers prosper within a free market. Yet public health care is good business. It's not a Communist plot to take over the free world. It is actually a British tradition.

I have a friend whose mother lives in Arizona. He said in Arizona the hospitals have a legal obligation to provide emergency health care to everyone even if they don't have medical insurance. As a result all the hospitals are built in the rich areas and no one wants to build a hospital near a poor area because they don't want to be the ones that get all the poor people showing up needing emergency care when they don't have insurance. That in my opinion is not an example of a civilized society.

House arrest for former Ottawa judge who stole from Catholic church

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that "a former small claims court judge who pocketed a quarter of a million dollars from the cemetery funds of his Catholic church will spend the next year under house arrest."

Ronald Houlahan was an Ottawa lawyer who served as a small claims court deputy judge. This is why judges need to be accountable to the public in Canada. I remember speaking with one concerned citizen at a local criminal justice rally. He said to me "at what point does a crooked lawyer become an honest judge? Is there some kind of epiphany that is suposed to take place because I'm not seeing it. "

Peter Fassbender drops the ball

Local media are somewhat pessimistic about Peter Fassbender's reelection chances after dropping the ball since he was narrowly elected last term. He is one of Christy Clarks insiders and created quite a division within the Liberal party after Christy Clark let him hijack the nomination process and run without being nominated and elected by the party.

James Plett was the Vice President of the Surrey Tynehead riding association of the BC Liberals at the time and resigned as a result of the sweetheart deal claiming on Twitter that he was 'Sick of "Today's @bcliberals" corruption + scandal after scandal. Worse than the BC NDP of yesteryear. I quit effective now #bcpoli'

As mayor of Langley Fassbender was part of the Metro Vancouver Mayors gluten counsel that epitomized the tax and spend model of pork barrel politics. While he was mayor he sat on a committee overseeing the RCMP contract negotiations when his son was a member of the RCMP. As a result he was quickly promoted within Christy Clark's insider trading group.

After he was elected MLA he pissed off all the teachers by bypassing the collective bargaining process and emailing all the teachers directly trying to explain why they were wasting massive amounts of tax dollars on court fees justifying their illegal acts instead of paying a fair contract. He helped Christy Clark burn massive amounts of tax dollars in a legal battle which they lost for knowlingly breaking the law. That act of arrogance defied reason.

After that fiasco he was quickly shuffled over to the minister of Translink position where he perpetuated the Mayor's Glutton councils tax and spend fraud by trying to introduce a tax levy on all businesses that were located near a skytrain station. More taxes on small business. That is their MO. Most recently he started raising eyebrows by handing out tax dollars to constituents from his campaign office.

I live in Peter Fassbender's riding. I didn't vote for him last time and I most certainly am not voting for him this time. We need to elect a government that supports small business not one that chokes them unconscious with more tax and spend gluttony like the BC Liberals have done. Ever heard the term from Shakespeare me thinks thou doth protest too much? It's when someone's raging denial becomes so passionate it becomes suspicious. When the BC Liberals claim the NDP will tax and spend we know they are the real offenders of tax gluttony not the NDP.

As for the rest of Surrey The Vancouver Sun is reporting that On the NDP side, MLAs Harry Bains (Surrey-Newton), Sue Hammell (Surrey-Green Timbers) and Bruce Ralston (Surrey-Whalley) have said they’re running again in what is considered comfortable New Democrat territory for the multi-term incumbents."

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fatal shooting in Nanaimo

The RCMP are reporting that "The Nanaimo RCMP is continuing with their investigation into a shooting which left one person dead. At approximately 3:20 am on Wednesday April 19, 2017 officers responded to a report of shots fired at the Howard Johnson's Hotel, located at 1 Terminal Ave, Nanaimo. When officers arrived they found one person deceased in the lobby of the hotel from apparent gun shots. Approximately one hour later a vehicle was stopped by North Cowichan Duncan RCMP officers and one male was taken into custody without incident."

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Giant Iceberg floats past Newfoundland

Iceberg watching season along iceberg alley in Newfoundland has started with a bang. CBC is reporting that "It's an unusual sight on Newfoundland's Southern Shore highway: bumper-to-bumper traffic, packed along the side of the road. And they're all there to get a closer look at a massive iceberg stuck in shallow water, just off the coast of Ferryland, on the Avalon Peninsula. Over the Easter long weekend, resident Don Costello said the area was "swarming with people" taking photos of the iceberg." The picture was taken in Ferryland, NL.

I was going to make a cross Canada trip on my motorcycle this summer but I'm not going to be able to make it this year. Here is an intersting link to a website that tracks icebergs that are floating past Newfoundland in case you want to visit. That's worth seeing so it is.

Netflix series filmed in Whalley

Yesterday they were filming a Netflix series in Whalley. They converted the KFC that just went belly up into a Taco ta go for the film. They had fire crews on site. It looked like they were going to burn the place down but no such luck. They're all done the filming.

CBC has picked up on the story the Surrey Now-Leader ran about businesses leaving the area due to the drug related problems associated with harm promotion. They quote the owner of Motorcycle world a few doors down the street as saying "Nobody is going to be here pretty soon, it's going to be a dead zone." That is the natural consequence of harm promotion. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee and stop pouring gasoline on the problem and start getting people off the streets and into treatment. To accomplish goal that we need to clean up the rehab houses in Surrey that are just flop houses scamming the government and burning tax dollars.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Landfill Harmonic - Inspiration from the Hood

A few stories to catch up on but I just wanted to pause for some inspiration from the hood. The Landfill Harmonic is a group of kids that live in the slums of Paraguay and made musical instruments from landfill trash. I first saw them on a Lindsey Stirling video.

The website for the movie has a powerful video about the slum that is built on a landfill and states "If you ae born in the wrong place, you don't always have the right to dream." The video is called dreamer and states in darkness you shine. So they do.

"The world sends us trash, we send back music." Beethoven's 5th Symphony - Transcendence

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Morning

I made it up to Hollyburn Lodge this morning while it was still open. This is the last weekend for skiing on the local hills but there's a huge snowpack remaining. Saturday there was a break in the clouds so I rode up to Seymour. As soon as I hit the second narrows bridge you could see dark dark clouds very low covering the peaks. It looked very dark and dreary. It was snowing on the way up and very limited visibility.

Today the sun was out and fresh snow revealed. In the city the cherry blossoms are out.

This is springtime in Vancouver. Cherry blossoms in the city and a melting snowpack on the mountains. It's a wonderful time of the year. Yet even with today being Easter I think many of us out there just aren't feeling it. Today at Hollyburn Lodge a young family walked in and the mother told her young children this is Hollyburn Lodge. This is where my parents took me when I was a child. Those are good traditions to have and uphold.

I gave a small easter basket of chocolate eggs to the young Syrian kids next door and their eyes lit up. I smiled and said it's kind of like our Ramadan except we eat. I suppose people fast during lent but even that tradition is disappearing. Some say the old ways are lost so they are. Some but not all. It's time to make new memories so it is, for the kids. Peace.

Bat out of Hell 2017

Billboard dot com is reporting that Just in time to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Meat Loaf's famed 1977 rock opera Bat Out of Hell is being made into a musical scripted by Jim Steinman, the man who wrote all the songs on the best-selling album. It opens in London England June 20, 2017 and will hit Toronto October 14 to December 3, 2017.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tim Petruk stands like a rock

Dude, Postmedia news folds like a cheap tent but reporter Tim Petruk stands like a rock. After the abserd criticism he received from Gordon Clark in the Vancovuer Province Tim put out another article reaffirming his position and pointed out that the colomnist who criticized his coverage of Peter Leask is married to a judge.

Tim's article declares: "Despite what you may have read this week, a B.C. Supreme Court judge was out of line last month when he said he prefers his own Vancouver bed to a Kamloops hotel room at the outset of what was supposed to have been a two-week rape trial. Justice Peter Leask made the comment during a conversation in open court with lawyers about how the case would proceed. He also suggested the prosecutor not call two of her witnesses and rolled his eyes while she attempted to plead her case."

"I was in the courtroom when it happened. It was strange, to say the least - not just the words, but the atmosphere. Leask appeared to be talking down to the prosecutor and the court clerk. When it was time for the court to read the charges to the accused, a 90-year-old man alleged to have sexually assaulted his daughter in Adams Lake decades ago, Leask flicked his wrist down at the clerk and said, simply, “Go.” It felt ugly. The charges against the elderly man were stayed by the Crown on the second day of the trial for reasons unrelated to Leask’s conduct."

"Clark told me he had been 'tipped off' about the transcript by someone suggesting he review it. He expressed concern about “beating up” a reporter who was simply reporting what happened in a courtroom, but maintained I had erred. What he failed to mention was that his wife is employed as a judge, drawing a six-figure salary comparable to that of Leask."

"After a judge makes comments like that, it is impossible to consider any trial-management decision they make without that context. Leask’s tone seemed to be almost one of belittlement to the prosecutor and the court clerk. He was talking down to them - the only two women in the courtroom. Tone, though, does not come across in transcribed pages. Clark thought he could figure it out by reading the transcript. Perrin withdrew his complaint against Leask within hours of Clark’s column being posted. The sister of the alleged victim in the sexual-assault trial told me she will carry on with her complaint against Leask."

"The bottom line remains this: Clark wasn’t there last month when Leask made an inappropriate comment and suggested Bouchard speed things up. I was. I felt the strange atmosphere of the courtroom and heard the belittling tone in Leask’s voice. He was out of line."

God bless Tim Petruk. Rock the World Soulja. That was freaking awesome.

Still riding against the wind. Peace.

Canadian Justice Review Board

Looking at the NDP's business plan for BC

It's pretty bad when the political corruption in BC makes the New York Times and the local media barely mention it. That shows something is seriously wrong with the status quo. This post will shatter stereotypes by helping us look beyond the misconceptions so we can see the facts which stand on their own merit. I saw a commercial with Christy Clark recently and everything she said made perfect sense. Then her Cheshire cat smile at the end made me want to throw up. What she says and what they do are two very different things.

Years ago Preston Manning led a Ron Paul revolution in Western Canada crying out for fiscal responsibility. The people supported it overwhelmingly. It was a right wing movement that rebelled against Mulroneyism and pork barrel politics. We don't want to hear about any more special deals and broken promises. We want you to stop wasting our money and reduce taxes so families and business can prosper. Brian Mulroney had lost that vision completely. He had become worse than the left for spending and taxing. He was the one that force fed us the GST all the while warning us that the other guys would tax and spend while he did exactly that.

Last election I met an old friend who was actively involved with the Reform party federally and provincially and I asked him about the Reform Party in BC. He just said we tried that last time. All we did was split the vote and the NDP got in. Now we're stuck with the Liberals. It was a discouraging prognosis indeed. I submit that the BC Liberals have become even worse than Brian Mulroney at the tax and spend, line your own pockets nightmare. Even Lying Brian didn't make the New York Times. It' all about corporate monopolies and sweetheart deals.

The first lie we must address this election is the false claim that the NDP will tax and spend. No one could tax and spend any more than the Christy Clark government. The NDP opposed the excessive gas tax and support a cap on bridge tolls. The BC Liberals in conjunction with the mayor's glutton council want to tax and spend us right over the moon.

The next lie we need to address is that the NDP are bad for business. That is simply not true. Corporate monopolies are very profitable because they eliminate competition and destroy the free market. The NDP support small business while the BC Liberals do not. That's all there is to it.

Next is the balanced budget lie. The BC Liberals have not balanced the budget. They have manipulated the numbers. They created a tsunami of debt in BC Hydro and keep deferring that debt. They even borrowed a dividend from BC Hydro's deferred debt to balance their budget.

In contrast, John Horgan Is pledging to freeze BC Hydro rates. The critics cry how is he going to pay for that? Wait 'till I tell ye. By fixing the BC Hydro Fraud that Gorgon Campbell first created. By nationalizing the private power brokers that sell power to the public company at above market rates. That obscene fraud has gone on long enough.

Where will the NDP get money from to fix Christy Clark's unbalanced budget? From BC Hydro. Right now the government extracts a dividend from ICBC. If we were to privatized ICBC that would reduce tax revenue and increase taxes for consumers. When the NDP were in power they were able to extract a dividend from BC Hydro. After Gordon Campbell privatized the power brokers that sold power to BC Hydro at above market rates, that tax revenue was lost. The NDP can fix that and in so doing help freeze hydro rates and increase tax revenue at the same time.

We could even take this one step further and nationalize our oil. That would increase tax revenue and freeze rates as well. That would be a colossal help to taxpayers and consumers alike. We can keep all the private Canadian companies. We just take the profits from our resources out of the hands of foreign ownership and put it into the pockets of Canadian Taxpayers.

The NDP are not soft on crime, the BC Liberals are. The BC Liberals are deeply involved with it. Just ask the New York Times. I met Penny Priddy at Dianne Watts' first crime prevention coalition meeting. I told her about my past Union involvement and she just raised her hand and said I am here because I am a mother. When it comes to crime I am more right wing than my opponents. So is Bruce Ralston and Mike Farnworth.

Harm Promotion is not working. The Christy Clark government is tied to that pharmaceutical fraud, the NDP is not. The NDP supports treatment, the BC Liberals do not. In the last civic election I supported Kirk LaPointe not Gregor Robertson. Kirk LaPointe wanted to get rid of open drug dealing at Main and Hastings. If we had elected him, then the number of drug related fatalities in Vancouver would not have doubled like it has under Gregor Robertson.

Likewise in Surrey, Harm Promotion is killing small business. I did not support Linda Hepner last election. I supported Doug McCallum. Harm Promotion in Surrey and Vancouver needs to stop. That is the only ethical thing left to do. This election we can make a difference if we have the courage to do so. If Alberta can do it, so can we.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Another police probe shut down by the courts

In February the Vancouver sun reported that "A Surrey woman is suing the Abbotsford Police Department, City of Abbotsford and three constables, claiming a police officer drew her gun on her, forced her to the ground, hit her and called her “bitch” and “fat” after stopping the plaintiff for allegedly speeding 18 kilometres over in a 50 km/h zone." That article was actually by Tom Zytaruk from the Surrey Now-Leader.

Now Tom Zytaruk from the Surrey Now-Leader is reporting that the complaint stopped before it started in Vancouver Supreme court because of a WCB decision. The article states the WCB decision by Herb Morton found that because the woman and the cop were both on the clock, the woman does not have a legal right to sue civilly but may apply for WCB benefits. AYFKM? This is why the judicial system is so screwed up. The woman can't sue civilly because the incident happened while she was at work. That is absolute nonsense.

Saskatoon judge sentences Hells Angel puppet to 18 years for drug trafficking

CBC is reporting that ​Justin Smith was a member of the Fallen Saints motorcycle club when he was arrested in January, 2015 as part of the Project Forseti investigation. He has been sentenced to 18 years in prison with no opportunity to apply for parole for nine years. Hells Angels member Robert Allen was convicted of cocaine trafficking last February following a trial in December.

"Smith emerged as a central figure as the investigation progressed. He pleaded guilty this week to nine counts, including dealing fentanyl, heroin and cocaine; having proceeds of crime in excess of $5,000; possessing and transferring a handgun; and recruiting members to the gang." He had 26 previous convictions prior to this one.

He was dealing fentanyl for the Hells Angels. Imagine that. During the investigation police seized 5.4 kilograms of crystal meth, 2.6 kilograms of cocaine and 3,358 fentanyl pills.

Harm Promotion is killing small business in Surrey

The Surrey Now-Leader is reporting that "Some may see empty storefronts and a plethora of fences in the Whalley area as metaphors for the area’s social woes. Black fencing around the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Mary on 135A Street serves as a barrier to keep the struggles of the street at bay. A former furniture store at the corner of 108th Avenue and King George Boulevard sits empty, as does a more recently vacated building at 105A Avenue that housed a KFC for more than two decades. Soon, another business will close its doors, just steps away from the former fast-food joint." KFC has been there forever.

Eddie MacNaughton and family have run Motorcycle World on King George since 1999, but they’re packing up shop and heading for the Tri-Cities this fall. “Illegal drug use right in front of us is a concern, the amount of needles every day, the human waste every single day, garbage,” said MacNaughton. “Last year I spent over $5,000 in fence repairs only to find out for instance, two weeks ago, we got broken into and we found the stolen propane tank on 135A Street."

Harm Promotion is not working. It is killing small business. Stop it.

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Judge crushes police probe

The Winking Judge strikes again. The Times Colonist is reporting that "The B.C. Supreme Court has thrown out an investigation into Twitter messages Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner sent to the wife of one of his subordinates, a move B.C.’s police watchdog says could undermine its oversight powers." No kidding. The judge claimed ordering an external investigation was an abuse of process. Are you kidding? How? The public want the police to be publically accountable just like the courts. The public want external investigations not private ones behind closed doors.

A few doors down from the Vancouver Supreme courthouse is a pub called the Winking Judge. One has to wonder what the implications of that name really are. Why would a judge wink? It implies a corrupt judicial system which seems to be confirmed by J.J. McCullough. That is why the Canadian Judicial Review Board has become necessary.

This is the Frankie goes to Hollywood case where Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner is alleged to have sent inappropriate Twitter messages to the wife of one of his officers, then is accused of making false statements and deleting data arising from the original investigation." It is another cover up of the profesional missconduct of the Friends of Craig Callen.

Frank Elsner is from Sudbury where he "associated with criminals and partied with drug users, bikers, and hookers. He set up elaborate drug deals, disappeared for weeks on end, was involved in a hitman operation, and had multiple aliases." This is an example of an undercover cop who goes undercover not because he hates crime because he covets that life. I do not. There is nothing in that life that appeals to me and I think married cops that go undercover to infiltrate the bikers gangs because they covet that lifestyle are trash.

Gas fraud rocks metro Vancouver

Every summer the price of gas at the pumps goes up and it has nothing to do with the price of oil. The corporate monopoly takes advantage of tourists traveling on holidays. They will charge as much as the market will allow simply because they can. There is no competition within a free market because we let them have a monopoly on the market then sold that monopoly to Communist China so Canadian oil companies are not the ones making the profit here.

So once again the price of gas at the pumps in metro Vancouver skyrockets and it has absolutely nothing to do with the price of oil. It is because we killed the free market and let them have a monopoly so there is no competition. Canadian business suffer as a result as do Canadian consumers. We all know the oil companies in Alberta are suffering. This jump in price is not benefiting them. It is benefitting the owners of the monopoly. This is why we need to nationalize the oil in British Columbia. We need to take back those profits from foreign ownership and let Canadians profit from their natural resources. BC has oil towns too. Nationalizing the oil in BC is within reach. That would be good business. The same with BC Hydro.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Liberals table bills to legalize pot

CBC is reporting that "The Liberal government has tabled legislation to end the prohibition on pot, checking off a major promise from the 2015 campaign. The pot plan comes with two new bills; one to regulate the recreational use, sale and cultivation of marijuana, and a second that strengthens measures to stop impaired driving. It would allow people to possess up to 30 grams of dried or fresh cannabis and sets the minimum at 18 years of age, though provinces and territories can set a higher legal age. Consumers can grow up to four plants at home or buy from a licensed retailer. Dried and fresh pot and cannabis oil will be available first, with edible products to become available later." The New York Times tweeted the report.

As I have repeatedly said, I am not in favor of legalization I am in favor of decriminalization. We have way too many people that smoke way too much pot but throwing people in jail for smoking pot is just plain stupid. Nevertheless, I concede that Justin Trudeau was elected on a campaign promise to legalize pot and I acknowledge that. A few details still need to be worked out.

I don't like the idea of pot being sold at liquor stores or at pharmacies. I have no problem with all the BC Bud shops that have opened up. I support small business not corporate monopolies and I like he idea of keeping the industry separate for those of us who dont want to be involved with it and don't want to have second hand smoke imposed on use. All smoke is bad for you. That is why the leading cause of death in house fires is smoke inhalation.

On the New York Times tweet someone posted two pictures of pre-cancerous growth on vocal cords of marijuana smoker and asks Why legalise something that causes harm? Cigarettes are harmful and they're legal. Let's just make sure that pot smoking is banned from public areas like cigarette smoking because pot smoke is even more cancerous than cigarette smoke.

CBC is also reporting that "Police warn organized crime, including the Hells Angels, has infiltrated the medical marijuana market". Big surprise. Legalizing prostitution in Amsterdam didn't remove the Hells Angels from taking over the industry there.

Letting people have 4 plants at home makes sense. Legalizing pot and forcing consumers to buy it from a corporate monopoly is no different than organized crime. My only question is why only 4 plants? Let's not over regulate. Lets support small business and free enterprise. In fact let's allow them to sell pot at the Amsterdam cafe and Cannabis Culture on Hastings street. Right now they are not allowed to because the Hells Angels that run the Black door and the Bulldog cafe across the street won't let them. I doubt the Hells Angels will ever let them sell pot at the Amsterdam cafe even if the government allows them. That is the root of the problem.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Jason Frances Wallace

Jason Frances Wallace was in court yesterday to fix a date for the murder trial of his puppet master Bob Green because Jason didn't want to take the fall for Lenny like everyone else has done before him. Sad to see Bob go. Sad he shot Bob and not Lenny. Now Lenny has to live with the consequences of his choices for the first time in his life. The trial will continue in November.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gordon Clark spins for Peter Leask - Update

You know it's bad when even Kim Bolan criticizes a BC judge. Gordon Clark from the Vancouver Province was sent in by the Corporate media to do damage control and spin the story.

Gordon Clark put out a shameful piece of damage control attacking the journalist who was present in court falsely claiming that the judge's comments were taken out of context despite the fact that everything the reporter claimed Peter Leask said fell well within the realm of believability given what we know about Peter Leask.

DJ Spin claims that Petruk quoted the judge as saying, “Kamloops is a wonderful place, but I like sleeping in my own bed. The overall impression left by the story, and others that followed by other media organizations, was that an arrogant, out-of-touch judge was rushing a sexual-assault trial — and therefore not caring about the victim of childhood rape — so that he could get home to his bed. The transcript reveals a very different story."

Yet by his own evidence the transcript states: "full disclosure. I live in Vancouver. I come here because it’s my duty. Kamloops is a wonderful place, but I like sleeping in my own bed" exactly what the reporter claimed Peter Leask said. So Gordon Clark's evidence proves the reporter told the truth and now the Corporate owned media wants to fire the reporter for telling the truth. Postmedia News has just killed free speech. Time for free enterprise to create new media outlets owned by private companies not by corporate monopolies.

Judges need to be publicly accountable and right now they are not. The powers that be desperately want to maintain the status quo so they don't become accountable to the public. That is a shameful disgrace. Don't pull a Gary Webb and fire a reporter for telling the truth.

Update: The Vancouver Province killed it

Wow. This is astounding. The Vancouver Province is reporting that "A UBC law professor who filed a formal complaint against B.C. Supreme Court Justice Peter Leask over remarks the judge made at the start of a Kamloops sexual-assault trial has withdrawn his complaint and apologized to Leask. Benjamin Perrin withdrew his complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council on Tuesday after The Province published a column by editorial pages editor Gordon Clark that demonstrated that news reports upon which Perrin based his complaint contained errors and mischaracterized Leask’s comments." AYFKM?!

The media can be a powerful influence for good. A good investigative reporter can expose a bad cop or a dirty politician and force them to resign. This article is actually bragging that the Vancouver Province killed the complaint and killed the story. That is nothing to brag about. They are now culpable in the sexual assault charges that were dropped and any future crimes Peter Leaks commits while he withers away his last few months on the bench before he ages out and faces mandatory retirement at age 75. My comments about Peter Leak stand, even though Postmedia News folded like a cheap tent.

Gordon Clark's editorial was simply untrue. The court transcript proved what the journalist on the field said. That editorial wasn't even written by Gordon Clark. They just put his name on it to give corporate censorship a human face. It was written by the same person who wrote this obscene assault on the freedom of the press. The new article is written by an "unnamed" reporter and has the heading Vancouver Sun underneath the Vancouver Province heading. One would assume it was written by the chief editor of the Vancouver Sun who has taken over as chief editor of both papers since the Postmedia News merger.

Before we examine the real reason the UBC Law professor flipped and pulled his complaint let's review the timetable of how the media flipped. A local reporter in Kamloops sat in on the trial and heard Peter Leask say "full disclosure. I live in Vancouver. I come here because it’s my duty. Kamloops is a wonderful place, but I like sleeping in my own bed." That is exactly what the transcript said. It was not taken out of context. They obviously discussed other options. Peter Leask obviously didn't order them to cut the trial short but it is equally obvious he implied it. That completely fits in with the character of Peter Leaks that we have been forced to endure.

Since Postmedia News owns almost all the newspapers in Western Canada now, when the story broke in Kamloops they ran it in all their other papers including the Vancouver Sun and Province. It created quite a stir. Even Kim Bolan wrote about it and she never criticizes judges. She had to have been told by her editor to write about it because that is something she does not do. When I started criticizing bad judges in the very beginning, that is when she stopped linking to my blog and website. She did not think criticizing the judges was right or legal. I disagreed. I was dealing with several activists on the field that passionately wanted me to write about bad judges.

Now all of a sudden Postmedia News has flipped and they even pulled Kim Bolan's story about it from her blog. Was Kim Bolan's second article false? No it was not. Did the chief editor cave in to pressure from the Law society? Yes he did. Just for the record, this is the cached version of the page from Kim Bolan's blog that was pulled. She took it down. I reposted it. I see nothing in that article that is untrue and it stands as a record of corporate censorship.

Just for the record, this is a copy of the UBC Law Professor's original complaint. He withdrew it, I posted it. I see the complaint as valid. It also stands as a record of corporate censorship. That also stands as evidence for the Kamloops reporter's unlawful dismissal trial. Don't you dare try to pull a Gary Webb or a Dan Rather here in Canada. We will sue your ass if you do.

So if the court transcript proved what the reporter in the field said, what was the real reason the UBC Law Professor withdrew his complaint? Let's see... Do you think the Law Society of BC just might have some say in the selection of what professors teach law at UBC? Do you think it might be feasible they told him to withdraw his complaint or he will lose his job? That is the only explanation I can conceive of. The law society does not want to be publicly accountable and desperately wants to preserve the status quo.

January 2nd 2014 the Vancouver Province nailed it. The next day the Vancouver Sun dropped the ball. Now three years later after the Chief editor of the Vancouver Sun took over for the Vancouver Province, Postmedia News killed it. They killed the complaint and they killed the story. They crucified it. They buried the story instead of running with it. Shame on you. I hope you enjoy your new profit margin Postmedia News. Your money will perish with you.

Perhaps we should ask the Aldergrove judicial review board what they think of Peter Leask. No doubt they will have a billboard that tells a different story than Postmedia News.

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Canadian Justice Review Board

Myth and history shield judges from modern accountability, Who judges judges?

Canada Is Corrupt When it Comes to Choosing Judges

Complaints against judges remain hidden

Monday, April 10, 2017

Chemical Weapons in Syria: Info Wars

Global News is reporting that "Dozens of people, many of them children, died in a nerve-gas attack in a rebel-held city in Syria this week." That we know. What is uncertain is where the chemical weapons actually came from. The Guardian is reporting that "Evidence that the sarin nerve agent was used in the chemical attack that killed more than 80 and injured hundreds of others in Syria’s northern province of Idlib last week has triggered awkward questions for the government over the part played by the UK in the Assad regime’s development of a chemical weapons programme." This comes as no surprise.

September 2013 it was claimed that Assad used chemical weapons in their civl war which Assad denied. Russia stepped in and said how about if Assad hands over all his chemical weapons which he did. Now Infowars is asking how could Assad use chemical weapons that it did not have? We knew from last time England was the one that sold him the chemical weapons in the first place just like America sold Iraq chemical weapons during their war with Iran.

In the September 2013 attack Reuters reported that CIA fabricated evidence to lure US into war with Syria. That is what Ray McGovern, a veteran CIA analyst, told RT. After the September 2013 attack Reuters reported that McGovern was among the signatories to the letter from veteran intelligence professionals to Obama, warning the US president that Assad is not responsible for the chemical attack, and that “CIA Director John Brennan is perpetrating a pre-Iraq-War-type fraud on members of Congress, the media, [and] the public.”

Every crime has a means and a motive. Do I believe Assad would use chemical weapons on his own people? Yes I do. You don't buy chemical weapons without the intent of using them. Do I believe he did use them? I'm not so sure. It is possible but it seems unlikely to me. Why would he risk creating a public uproar when everything seemed to be going his way?

This declassified document from the CIA's own web site outlines the CIA's rationalization for getting rid of Assad. It is sheer propaganda but it shows how determined they are to get rid of him to perpetuate US interests. The document shows some of the things the CIA is willing to do to overthrow Assad. It is a list of ploys similar to Operation Ajax in Iran.

Do I believe the CIA would use chemical weapons in Syria and blame it on Assad? I most certainly do. They did it in 2013, they would not hesitate to do it again.

Now Justin Trudeau is pulling a Nicolas Sarkozy. On New Years Justin Trudeau was burning tax dollars fast and furiously on Aga Khan's private island. His Highness the Aga Khan supports Assad. Now all of a sudden Justin Trudeau says Assad has to go. That's kind of like what Nicolas Sarkozy, le chinen sal, did to Muammar Gaddafi. One minute Sarkozy is trying to convince the world to trust Gaddafi with nuclear weapons so he can sell him a French reactor, then as soon as Gaddafi decides to buy a reactor from Argentina instead of France, all of a sudden he's a bad guy and we should invade and murder him. That was a dirty deed.

The Agency will argue that Gaddafi was bad, he bombed Pan Am flight 103, over Lockerbie, Scotland. First, no he didn't. Second, that was before Sarkozy was accepting campaign contributions from him trying to convince the world we should trust Gaddafi with nuclear weapons. The Lockerbie bombing didn't seem to matter to Sarkozy as long as he was getting campaign contributions from him and was planning on selling him a French reactor. Gaddafi didn't have a motive to bomb Pan Am flight 103. He would have preferred the US whistleblowers that were on board that flight with evidence of the CIA's drug trafficking in Lebanon arrived safely to blow the whistle on the CIA. Gaddafi wanted them to arrive safely. The only ones who did was the CIA.