Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pray for Venezuela - they still have no food

Sky News is reporting that "Thousands of Venezuelans have dressed in white and marched in silence to pay their respects to the 20 people killed in anti-government protests over the past three weeks." CBC is reporting that "The smell of tear gas and smoke from fires filled the air in several Caracas neighbourhoods on Friday after a night that saw at least 12 people die. In the humble district of El Valle, people screamed, while the sound of gunshots sent neighbours and protesters running for safety."

After Hugo Chávez died, things in Venezuela collapsed. There is no food in the supermarkets. Thousands try to leave the country as soon as they open the borders. Most want to stay in a Venezuela that has food. This is an international humanitarian crisis.

Military Trafficking Food as Country Goes Hungry


  1. What this makes me wonder is how are they ensuring food doesn't get into the country. if Venezuala fails it will be great for the foreign oil industry and rid the Americans of a government they never liked. I'd suggest there is something more afoot here than bad government.

    1. That was the first thing that came to my mind. The MSM claimed the economy collapsed when the price of oil dropped but I find that hard to believe. I can't help but think the CIA has had a hand in it to make sure their oil is no longer nationalized. After all, that was one of the purposes of Operation Fast and Furious in Mexico. To help overturn the nationalization of their oil.


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