Saturday, April 22, 2017

Peter Fassbender drops the ball

Local media are somewhat pessimistic about Peter Fassbender's reelection chances after dropping the ball since he was narrowly elected last term. He is one of Christy Clarks insiders and created quite a division within the Liberal party after Christy Clark let him hijack the nomination process and run without being nominated and elected by the party.

James Plett was the Vice President of the Surrey Tynehead riding association of the BC Liberals at the time and resigned as a result of the sweetheart deal claiming on Twitter that he was 'Sick of "Today's @bcliberals" corruption + scandal after scandal. Worse than the BC NDP of yesteryear. I quit effective now #bcpoli'

As mayor of Langley Fassbender was part of the Metro Vancouver Mayors gluten counsel that epitomized the tax and spend model of pork barrel politics. While he was mayor he sat on a committee overseeing the RCMP contract negotiations when his son was a member of the RCMP. As a result he was quickly promoted within Christy Clark's insider trading group.

After he was elected MLA he pissed off all the teachers by bypassing the collective bargaining process and emailing all the teachers directly trying to explain why they were wasting massive amounts of tax dollars on court fees justifying their illegal acts instead of paying a fair contract. He helped Christy Clark burn massive amounts of tax dollars in a legal battle which they lost for knowlingly breaking the law. That act of arrogance defied reason.

After that fiasco he was quickly shuffled over to the minister of Translink position where he perpetuated the Mayor's Glutton councils tax and spend fraud by trying to introduce a tax levy on all businesses that were located near a skytrain station. More taxes on small business. That is their MO. Most recently he started raising eyebrows by handing out tax dollars to constituents from his campaign office.

I live in Peter Fassbender's riding. I didn't vote for him last time and I most certainly am not voting for him this time. We need to elect a government that supports small business not one that chokes them unconscious with more tax and spend gluttony like the BC Liberals have done. Ever heard the term from Shakespeare me thinks thou doth protest too much? It's when someone's raging denial becomes so passionate it becomes suspicious. When the BC Liberals claim the NDP will tax and spend we know they are the real offenders of tax gluttony not the NDP.

As for the rest of Surrey The Vancouver Sun is reporting that On the NDP side, MLAs Harry Bains (Surrey-Newton), Sue Hammell (Surrey-Green Timbers) and Bruce Ralston (Surrey-Whalley) have said they’re running again in what is considered comfortable New Democrat territory for the multi-term incumbents."


  1. As the graph indicates if the Green voters had voted NDP there would have been no Fassbender sitting as an MLA. IN the last provincial election the Green vote enabled 7 ridings to go B.C. LIeberal. This election people might want to remember its ABC any one but Christy.

    Fassbender did his constitutents no favours. Surrey has a problem. Too few school buildings and more kids than can be accommodated. When 3 year old schools have 7 portables, there is a problem. Now all those children are headed to high schools which won't be there. Fassbender and his dear leader, Christy, were too busy fighting with teachers to pay attention to the changing demographics in Surrey or more likely chose to ignore it. At one point the Surrey School board sold off land which ought to have been kept for future schools. then when sub divisions went up on that land, there was no land for schools.

    When your kids and grand kids go to private schools who cares what goes on in public schools. The premier's son is at St. George's, Vancouver, which will cost you approx. $20K in tuition and then about the same amount in "donations" per year. When questioned a couple of years ago the B.C. Lieberals didn't want to disclose whether their children/grandchildren were in private or public schools. We do know one thing though, the amount of money going to private schools has left the public system impoverished.

    The B.C. Lieberals are simply anti education, unless its in private schools. If people care about how their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews are educated, they might want to vote something other than B.C. Lieberal.

  2. Dear e.a.f - what ever that stands for -
    I read your comments pretty regular, and I may not have reacted to any of them before, this time I have to.

    Do you realize Democracy is an Illusion and it does not exist, no such thing.

    please humour me and listen to Jacque Fresco:
    Jacque Fresco In the world has never been a democracy via @YouTube

    I came to Surrey BC in 1980 and I have seen the ups and downs of this crazy province full of good, bad and very evil people.
    This myth about vote-splitting is a dumbed down brainwashed attitude, if you can't vote for what YOU believe in, why vote at all?

    I am appalled at the level of yes, I will repeat myself, dumbed down folks and their painful stupidity.

    If you can't think for yourself to come to the conclusion that ABC has never worked, actually the opposite, we here in BC, Canada as hole, are in a mess of political nonsense has put us in poverty by design.

    These political corrupt parties, politicians is what floats on top when the system is a sewer.

    Wake the fudge up - it is already damn late

    1. I totally understand where you are coming from. If you can't vote for who you want to vote for then why bother? Yet I can also see what EAF meant when they pointed out that the Green Party split the vote.

      People can and should vote for whoever they want to. However, sometimes in some swing ridings strategic voting has merit. Many people debate for and against strategic voting. Another possibility is the Green Party teaming up with the NDP to form the government. That way the Green party would still exist without being completely lost within an NDP corporate merger so to speak. However, even that wouldn't work because the Green Party didn't get any seats they just took some of the votes away from the NDP.

    2. Dear Dennis,

      are you even playing with the idea there could be "vote-splitting"?

      please Dennis, you got more brain than that, you know more than the average person on social media, why or why would you go so low to even consider it is helping the citizens of BC?

      yet, I agree, you are so right, because of people like you this myth exists.

      arrest my case :)

      how in heavens name can you split a vote if you do not have the choice to say YES/NO at the same time?

      no wonder we are in this blatant deep corruption since we have nothing that makes sense

      keep voting you fools :)

      its what the corrupt government expects you to do

      every four years you can put your stupidity on a ballet and you look at the Fool's Camera

      ya did it again

      another corrupt politician is ruling you :)

    3. lol I'm having trouble with the math. If you look at the top picture in this post, it shows that if the people who voted for the green party voted for the NDP candidate instead, Peter Fassbender would not have been elected last term. I can't see how acknowledging that mathematical fact means I am somehow controlled by corrupt politicians. If I was controlled by corrupt politicians I would be endorsing Peter Fassbender and Christy Clark.

  3. Any one but .......which every party you don't like works. It helped Trudeau get elected and harper got sent into retirement. The voters of Canada were simply tired of Harper and his cons and it became Any body but Harper.

    If your party has a good chance of getting elected, then of course or if your party doesn't have a hope in hell of getting elected, fine, but when there is a government in office which really does need to go, in people's opinion, then the any one but whomever is a strategy which works.

    Sometimes it has to work because the government of the day can and does gerrymander ridings to suite them. Some of us are old enough to remember Gracie's finger in Vancouver. In the Comox Valley the riding was split and as some report, approx. a thousand voters were put into another riding, where they won't impact the B.C. Lieberal candidate.

    Back in the day the voters of Nanaimo wanted to rid themselves of their Mayor Frank Ney. there are still stories amongst old timers how member of the B.C. Conservative Party and the NDP teamed up to campaign against the then mayor, who they did replace. next election they decided they wanted him back.

    I quite agree it is always best to work and vote for your party but sometimes you need to think outside the box and make a deal with the devil to get to where you need to go.


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