Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Morning

I made it up to Hollyburn Lodge this morning while it was still open. This is the last weekend for skiing on the local hills but there's a huge snowpack remaining. Saturday there was a break in the clouds so I rode up to Seymour. As soon as I hit the second narrows bridge you could see dark dark clouds very low covering the peaks. It looked very dark and dreary. It was snowing on the way up and very limited visibility.

Today the sun was out and fresh snow revealed. In the city the cherry blossoms are out.

This is springtime in Vancouver. Cherry blossoms in the city and a melting snowpack on the mountains. It's a wonderful time of the year. Yet even with today being Easter I think many of us out there just aren't feeling it. Today at Hollyburn Lodge a young family walked in and the mother told her young children this is Hollyburn Lodge. This is where my parents took me when I was a child. Those are good traditions to have and uphold.

I gave a small easter basket of chocolate eggs to the young Syrian kids next door and their eyes lit up. I smiled and said it's kind of like our Ramadan except we eat. I suppose people fast during lent but even that tradition is disappearing. Some say the old ways are lost so they are. Some but not all. It's time to make new memories so it is, for the kids. Peace.

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