Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hells Angels pride parade at Devil's Rejects clubhouse

The Goldstream Gazette is reporting that over 100 Hells Angels converged on the devil Rejects clubhouse in Langlford Saturday and that members from Quebec and Ontraio were present. "A group of non-riding members also arrived via stretch limousine."

I thought the city closed that cubhouse down. I have no problem with members honouring the death of an associate but that is not what this is about. It's a gay pride parade at the Devil's rejects clubhouse. L&R is not what they are promoting. They're promoting something else.

I used to work with a guy called Dutchie who was a talented musician. He cut a CD called Retro with some of his own songs on it. One of them, number 14 called Parade started off with the line "I once saw a Jimmy leading a parade." He was referring to three Jimmy's - Jim Jones, Jimmy Baker and Jimmy Swaggart. Three idiots who rallied mobs and deceived them just like these clowns. His cynical conclusion was he wished they take their side show from his front door.

Grown men calling themselves the Devil's Army is just plain stupid. It's doing the time warp right back to Rainbow Ricky's Satan's Angels. The group that was convicted of kidnapping hippies and sodomizing them with broomsticks. It's all in chapter 7 of my free E-book.

They were caught on wiretap saying we caught "another" butler. They made him stand in a bucket naked and masterbate to the music before sodomizing him with a broomstick. That is the documented history of the Satan's Angels who patched over and became the Vancouver Hells Angels. No heterosexual man wants to see that kind of stuff. That's because there wasn't any men or heterosexuals in that group. Just a bunch of deranged misfits. Like I said, the Gypsy Wheelers in Whiterock were fine but the Satan's Angels in Vancouver always were f*ck ups.


  1. "The 39-year-old Sooke resident's death is being investigated as a homicide."

    Yeah. Probably don't have to look too far, right? :rolleyes: Didn't the Devil's Army President Ricky Alexander get stopped by the cops with a couple of loaded handguns and a hit list after Donald Roming got shot?

    "Grown men calling themselves the Devil's Army is just plain stupid."

    Well, to be fair they have already used up a whole lot of other equally ghey-sounding names for puppet clubs that came and went as fast as they got themselves arrested. KCFFKC, LOL. Maybe after a certain time they could re-use these names instead of brain-straining to come up with new ones. Or a contest open to the public, "Name Our Next Puppet Club".

    It occurs to ask, do the officers of the Devil's Army go to West Point? LOL.

    1. In all fairness, the Kings Crew (Calgary) were never an HA puppet club. In fact, they were at "war" with the Grim Reapers who became the first HA Charters in AB. Some of the older members of the KC resigned as opposed to becoming involved with the Reapers.

      It was the younger members who saw the opportunity to make more money and have more status.

      The older members of the Reapers probably would not have let the older Kings Crew members patch over, anyway. Just like with the Rebels in Edmonton. How many Rebels patched over? Dom.

      Joey, after prospecting for the HA, then went and formed the Bandidos AB chapter(s) and after he was shot the younger guys he had form the Bandidos chapter were given the ultimatum that either they end up like Joey or ...

      So, wanting more money and more status they too, jumped on the bandwagon.

    2. Kingpin Crew, Doc. You know, the douche bags in Kelowna who take a woman out in the woods in kill her with a shotgun loaded with slugs. Then the killer tries to tell someone else to take the rap. Fucking amateur hour.

      A know we have a representative democracy with guaranteed rights and all that but seriously, "exception to the rule", can't we just round up these known stains on the soul of society and put them out of our misery? You're a gangster? Cool. (pop)Problem solved.

    3. Actually it wasn't the Kingpin Crew that killed Britney. Joey Verma and Blaze were members of the Independent Soldiers another puppet club for the Hells Angels. The Kelowna Hells Angels promised Joey the position of Vice President of the KPC if he killed Britney. That's why he got a VP tattoo in prison. When that information went public, the KPC were disbanded and the promises they made to Joey were forgotten.

  2. i am Natsarim, and i ride with the "Sons of Arthritis". Some of us walk like puppets however we are not a Club. We call them Canes!

  3. "sons of arthritis" that is funny. and that is what a lot of these boys ought to be joining. they're a tad old to be playing "lets have a club and build a tree fort". Riding in a limo????? they need to check into a retirement home or assisted living.

    they actually call themselves the devil's rejects? OMG, its so sad. I feel sorry for the boys. They can't even think up a decent name for their club. devil's rejects ought to have been forgotten by the time they were 14. Oh, well boys will be boys and these guys aren't ever going to be men, as in adult males.


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