Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Netflix series filmed in Whalley

Yesterday they were filming a Netflix series in Whalley. They converted the KFC that just went belly up into a Taco ta go for the film. They had fire crews on site. It looked like they were going to burn the place down but no such luck. They're all done the filming.

CBC has picked up on the story the Surrey Now-Leader ran about businesses leaving the area due to the drug related problems associated with harm promotion. They quote the owner of Motorcycle world a few doors down the street as saying "Nobody is going to be here pretty soon, it's going to be a dead zone." That is the natural consequence of harm promotion. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee and stop pouring gasoline on the problem and start getting people off the streets and into treatment. To accomplish goal that we need to clean up the rehab houses in Surrey that are just flop houses scamming the government and burning tax dollars.


  1. it is one way to lower land prices. then once all the tenants are out the owners can re develop and then watch the RCMP keep the "undesirables" out. Council will be only too happy to re zone for anything the owners want. These are low rise buildings and 10 and 20 storey towers make so much more money.

    1. God knows the Whalley strip needs to be rezoned. That would be in everyone's best interest including the addicts.

    Then this Real Estate Problem will come to Slum Surrey (Whalley, Newton etc.) as it is slowly already happening!
    Crispy Critter'S 15% Foreign Buyers Tax is TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE!
    We always find out about BC Government Corruption from World News Media - NOT LOCAL!

  3. Mr. B F raises an interesting point about the real estate problem coming to Slum Surrey. where do the people go who hang out there? We know there are problems but they don't seem to be addressed. Do the dealers move their act to another area? Do the addicts more to other neighbourhoods which need devaluating? Do they get treatment?

    the problem with all the condos is they won't provide the type of housing the area needs. it is unfortunate Surrey isn't doing what New West did, 10% of new condo developments have to build 3 bedroom condos, and 20% of the condos must be 2 bedroom condos. That provides housing for families. the one bedroom condos work for airb&b and real estate speculators, but not families.

    The developers are raking in tens of millions in profit but the people who live and work in this province don't get much out of it. It might be time for city councils to not only require developers to build family sized condos but to work with Habitat for Humanity in providing one or two condos for working families at less than market rates. Habitat for Humanity has done wonderful work providing stable housing for families but as land becomes more and more unaffordable they won't be able to provide homes for families. If developers who are building towers were required to work with Habitat for Humanity or a similar organization and provide housing, we might be getting closer to dealing with the problem.

    In London, England where they have had a housing problem for decades, due in part to foreign buyers and those laundering money, 8500 people sleep out doors every night and 85 thousand children are in temporary accommodation. that does not bode well for a stable society. the problem has now moved to cities such as Manchester.

    Unless Canada does something about foreign ownership we will find housing becoming less and less affordable. Where will be the residents, citizens of Canada find a place to live? Right now one of the last affordable places to purchase a home are Powell River and Hope. So how do you commute from there?

    Ontario's Premier has announced rent controls will be coming, something the B.C. Lieberals and Christy Clark have refused deal with. As a result we saw people in the West End facing $1000 rent increases on their two bedroom apartments. Just how can we as a society afford that? Salaries aren't that high in B.C. We have jobs, jobs, jobs, but they are min, wage, min wage, min. wage job. that still leaves people working 40 hrs a week at min. wage several thousand under the poverty line, for a single person. There will be those who argue raising the min. wage increases inflation. However, how do we expect people to house, feed, and cloth themselves and their children when their salaries don't meet the basics?

    In my opinion, in the long term we either pay now or we pay later, but as a society we will pay if we don't make improvements.


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