Sunday, April 30, 2017

David Revell's deportation hearing

Dave Revell was a Hells Angels associate in Kelowna that was convicted of cocaine trafficking for David Giles. As I reported last February, after being charged in numerous domestic assaults he is now facing a deportation hearing because he is originally from the UK. Many other gang members from other countries have recently been deported and it would be hypocritical for the crown to deport them without deporting Dave Revell just because he's from the UK.

I understand that the BC Civil Liberties Union is opposing the crown's argument that the Canadian Charter of Rights does not apply to Dave Revell because he is not a Canadian citizen. I agree with their position on that. The intent of the Canadian Charter of Rights is that it should apply to all people not just Canadian citizens. However, I completely disagree with the BCCLU's opposition to the deportation because selling cocaine and beating women is not a charter right.

Steroids and grow ops don't concern me but stalking and assaulting women does. Davel Revell is a piece of garbage and no nonprofit organization with any credibility or integrity would support him.


  1. if a person grew up in Canada, even if they aren't now a Canadian citizen, we ought not to deport that person. They are Canada's problem and they need to stay here. Its just too easy to "deport" them. If they came here as adults, and are not Canadian citizens, fine, but to deport anyone who came here as a child, just isn't right. ?they are Canada's problem.

    1. Yes but that applies to everyone not just people from the UK. We have already deported gang members from other countries who grew up here. That is the past president and the current case law.

      It is unjust and inherently suspect when we deport Hells Angels rivals and not their associates for the exact same thing. Believe you me, Canada would be much better off without Dave Revell. Deporting him would be a step forward in his rehabilitation.

    2. deporting people is never, in my opinion, a "step forward in his rehabilitation".

      For me this isn't an issue of H.A. or non H.A. I'm simply against deportation of people who came to Canada as children being deported as adults. Some of people aren't aware they don't have Canadian citizenship.

      It might feel good to deport the "low hanging" fruit and its easy for the immigration department to make quotas but it doesn't do anything for those involved.

    3. Deportation is without question a step forward in rehabilitation especially in this case because it removes him from the victims he is currently stalking.

      No criminal can start their rehabilitation process until they are faced with a consequence to their criminal actions. A world without consequences is a world that tolerates and promotes crime and abuse.

      There is indeed a debate about deporting people who have been here since childhood. However, breaking the law is not a charter right and somewhere in there we need to protect the innocent. We haven't done that in this case until now.

      It is definitely a matter of HA or non HA because if we deport non HAs who were here as children when they commit a crime but not HAs or HA associates then we join in on the Gang Task force scam that only arrests Hells Angel rivals and assist the HA monopoly.

      If the BCCLU supports bad people then I will withdraw my financial and moral support from them in a heartbeat. That is a logical consequence of their actions.

  2. Living in Canada is a Privilege not a right. Why is it such a hard concept to grasp, if you never bother to get your citizenship even if you were brought here as a child then becoming a Canadian must not have been as big as an agenda as slanging cocaine. I don't recall the @BC Civil Liberties Association getting involved with that Van Heest case so why would they take up this case? Angels must have more money than the guy who was a bipolar petty criminal. There's our tax dollars hard at work paying for yet another trial for a complete waste of space. Good Riddance Revell, hopefully people stop renewing their membership in the @BCCLA and put an end to supporting a violent criminal.

  3. I came here as an immigrant. However, I feel that if you do not nor want to abide by Canadian customs, rules and regulations then maybe you should not be here except just "visiting" for a set short period of time. Break the law......get sent back and hope that the receiving government would also make you serve the time..........


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