Friday, April 14, 2017

Gas fraud rocks metro Vancouver

Every summer the price of gas at the pumps goes up and it has nothing to do with the price of oil. The corporate monopoly takes advantage of tourists traveling on holidays. They will charge as much as the market will allow simply because they can. There is no competition within a free market because we let them have a monopoly on the market then sold that monopoly to Communist China so Canadian oil companies are not the ones making the profit here.

So once again the price of gas at the pumps in metro Vancouver skyrockets and it has absolutely nothing to do with the price of oil. It is because we killed the free market and let them have a monopoly so there is no competition. Canadian business suffer as a result as do Canadian consumers. We all know the oil companies in Alberta are suffering. This jump in price is not benefiting them. It is benefitting the owners of the monopoly. This is why we need to nationalize the oil in British Columbia. We need to take back those profits from foreign ownership and let Canadians profit from their natural resources. BC has oil towns too. Nationalizing the oil in BC is within reach. That would be good business. The same with BC Hydro.

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