Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas Truce

I remember hearing the story of how a remarkable ceasefire occurred on Christmas 1914 amid the first World War known as the Christmas Truce:

When I reflect upon the Vancouver gang war and all the lives lost - some innocent, most not, I'm saddened by the loss of respect for life and for public safety all in the name of the almighty dollar.

There is no honour in selling crack. There is no honour in shooting someone for money. Any 12 year old kid can pull a trigger.

Yet if they can have a ceasefire in the middle of World War I why can't we have a cease fire in the Vancouver Gang War? One day, one week. How about starting the New Year off with a Truce?

Stop shooting people in public. Stop shooting people for crack. The public will rat you out if you do. Let's hope for a better world in the New Year. One where our families are safe not threatened by criminals.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The DEA vs the CIA

The documented evidence of the CIA's involvement in trading drugs for guns makes one wonder about the logical extreme involving the DEA. On one hand we have an under cover organization zealously trying to stop illegal drugs in the U.S. while on the other hand we have another secret organization that is doing the opposite.

Some claim that since the DEA and the laws in the U.S. are so harsh against illegal drugs there's no way the CIA could be involved with it. Others declare that the CIA let the DEA be so hard on illegal drugs simply to illuminate their competition in the market. Most declare the whole mess a conspiracy.

Gary Webb threw the gauntlet down when he published his series of articles and book called the Dark Alliance:

Yet the Kerry Committee documented the allegations in a congressional hearing long before Gary Web's book:

Bob Perry had reported it previously at the time. After Gary Webb's articles were published there was a public outcry and the director of the CIA held a public meeting to appease the public in LA. At this public meeting former LAPD officer Mike Ruppert spoke out and said he was aware the Agency had been selling drugs in LA for years and had been trying to get that information out to the public.

Later DEA Agent Celerino Castillo also confirmed that drugs were being traded for arms out of El Salvador using U.S. military planes. He said it was so prevalent it had to be known. When he complained about it he claims he was told the DEA's hands were tied because it was an under cover CIA Operation:

Judge Robert Warner was a former Administrator for the DEA who went on 60 Minutes to complain about the CIA importing a ton of cocaine into Florida:

Judge Warner talked about the frustrations the DEA face when dealing with CIA under cover operations. Personally I believe the CIA is corrupt. I believe it always has been:

The problem is that the CIA has too much power with too little accountability. That is a recipe for disaster. They are mandated to use deadly force to protect State Secrets. That spells totalitarian government. It is a violation of the U.S. Constitution which I believe to be an inspired document and the Judaical scale to measure all other laws.

Barry Seal and Mena, Arkansa

We've established how the Hells Angels were connected to drug smuggling in one air force base at El Segundo.

The song I left my wallet in El Segundo by A Tribe Called quest was just ironic. Now let's look at Barry Seal and Mena, Arkansa.

Sarah McClendon was a famous hard hitting U.S. reporter. She questioned Bill Clinton about an Air Force base in Mena, Arkansa used to smuggle cocaine in exchange for arms for the Contras:

At first listening one is forced to ask what the fuck is she talking about? This is a quick overview of what went on there:

Mena isn't the only air force base that was used to smuggle cocaine. It's likely the most documented and became famous with the suspicious deaths of two teenagers who stumbled across something they shouldn't have and ended up dead as a result. Their death became a complicated conspiracy known as the Mena Connection.

That story is longer and harder to follow but the just of it is two young boys were murdered. Their death was made to look like a suicide that didn't make sense. The corner, Bobby Malick, not only falsified the boys death certificates, he tampered with the evidence which was shown after the bodies were exhumed and a second autopsy performed.

Turns out this was not the only murder reported as a suicide that Bobby Malick was involved in. Turns out that for some bizarre reason, Bill Clinton supported Malick in his position even after evidence about him was made public.

Barry Seal was the CIA Agent involved in the operation
who ended up murdered after he turned informant in 1984.

A little George Orwell indeed. Barry Seal was tied to Oliver North and Vice President George Bush Sr.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bad Cops - Ken Houston and Rob Sidhu

Every country has police and prisons to support law and order. Some countries have a bad reputation for corrupt police that will let you off with a crime for a bribe. Any documentary on the Chicago mob will show that some police were corrupt as well as some judges and some elected officials. This was the wrong that Eliot Ness set out to correct.

If Al Capone or the Chicago Outfit called themselves a club instead of a gang, that would not change the primary business they were involved in. Nor would it change anything if the Crips or the Bloods called themselves a club to evade prosecution.

Some criminals cry fowl when their miss deeds are exposed and complain that I don't speak about bad cops. I've already spoken on the Taser inquiry at the Airport. I think those officers were within the legal parameters to taser the individual but they clearly over reacted by tasering him over and over again.

I don't think tasering someone over and over again falls within the realms of proper use of that device. In fact, I don't like the type of tasers police use now. A one shot cattle prong is fine but a gun that fires an electrode into the body connected to a cord where the officers can crank the ongoing voltage at will should not be used.

Still the peanut galley cry and claim that selling cocaine to kids is nothing compared to the occasional DUI. I disagree. I certainly don't agree with driving impaired. That can and does kill innocent people. However I do think that if some police officers get DUI charges that does not make the entire organization corrupt.

Conversely people will argue that just because some Hells Angels get trafficking charges that does not mean the entire group is a criminal organization. I disagree. When presidents and high ranking officials keep getting caught trafficking cocaine in Canada and when the club uses it's name and reputation to sell crack, then that club clearly becomes a criminal organization.

Nevertheless, since not all police or former police are noble and just I will indeed cite two cases of what I believe to be bad cops. The first is Ken Huston, the second is Rob Sidhu.

Ken Houston is a retired Winnipeg police officer. He retired from the force in 2003. January of 2007 he was caught in the same SUV as a Winnipeg Hells Angel charged with manslaughter named William Bowden. Police seized a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun from the vehicle along with a small amount of drugs. Both men faced numerous weapons charges as well as possession of a controlled substance.

In my opinion Ken Houston is a bad cop. Or at least a bad retired cop. The second case I will cite is Rob Sidhu. Another retired police officer who was charged with fraud to obtain information about the location of the Bacon brothers:
Here we have a former police officer using his former police connections to get information about rival gang members. Hells Angels associate Matt the Rat Schader was caught driving Rob Sidhu's car. That is not illegal of course but it shows another Hells Angels connection to another retired police officer involved in what would appear to be criminal activity. Fraud is a crime.

Makes you wonder how Winnipeg Hells Angel Ian Grant had confidential police files in his possession when they raided his house:

I've posted my conspiracy theory about the reason the Hells Angels associate gave information to the UN when the Hells Angels were really opposed to the UN and were secretly supporting the Bacon brothers.

Not only does it spell criminal organization but it also spells cheap and dirty like how the Hells Angels secured control of another puppet club, the Death Riders, after the Death Riders president was murdered:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Surrey Good Samaritan stabbed

I'm going to tie a recent stabbing with two other similar cases to demonstrate a pattern. The moral is not mind your own business. The moral is there are still good people out there.

Recently a Good Samaritan form Surrey was in Vancouver and saw a man from Langley beating a woman in public. He was 19 and the man from Langley was 31. The Surrey Samaritan and his brother came to the woman's aide. The Langley attacker went back to his car, got a knife and stabbed the Surrey Samaritan several times.

Last year a young man was seen knocking an elderly woman down in what appeared to be an attempted robbery at the Broadway Sky Train station. A witness confronted the suspect and chased him down but backed off when the assailant pulled a knife. After the witness spoke with transit police at Metrotown, he ran into the suspect again and the suspect stabbed him in the stomach then fled the scene.

July 2007 Chris Hudson, an Australian Hells Angel who patched over was seen beating a woman in public. Two men came to the woman's aid. A lawyer and a Dutch backpacker. Chris Hudson then pulled out a gun and shot all three emptying the clip on the lawyer as he laid helpless on the ground. The Dutch backpacker and the woman he was assaulting were wounded and the lawyer was murdered. The lawyer was the father of three young children.

These three senseless acts of violence were all directed at Good Samaritans - people who were coming to someones aid. Some would say, that'll show them for getting involved yet the Dutch backpacker after his release from the hospital said he would do it again because what Hudson was doing is wrong.

All threes of these cases were violent assaults against woman in public. It's fine to wear a pink ribbon and repeat a few slogans but these three cases show how far we need to come against public violence.

When a man beats a woman, there is nothing noble in that. The day before the CBD shooting in Australia Chris Hudson grabbed a stripper in a bar by the hair, dragged her outside, threw her to the ground and kicked her in the head. When someone in the bar objected to him grabbing the woman by the hair he lifted up his shirt, showed the guy his Hells Angels tattoo and said "Don't you know who I am? I'm a Hells Angel."

Not only was Hudson doing something cheap and weaselly in public but he used the name and reputation of the Hells Angels to discourage anyone from interfering and coming to the woman's aid. All three cases show that violence in society still need to be addressed and that reporting violence to the police is a civic duty.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anonymous Posting Disabled

I've disabled the anonymous posting function on my blog. If you want to threaten me you can send me a private e-mail. Uttering threats anonymously on a public blog is lame.

I'm all for free speech. Hells Angels are free to set up their own facebook support groups and forums. People are free to support the Big Red Machine if they so choose. Just like I'm free not to support the Big Red Machine and I'm free to state why without having to worry about them harming my family.

Threatening to rape my daughter is absolutely deranged as is threatening anyone in my family. The one good thing from all those deranged comments on my blog is that the world can get a glimpses of the truth. Threatening to harm someones family is twisted.

When Robert Shannon was charged with smuggling cocaine for the Hells Angels, he used the Hells Angels name and reputation to threaten his co accused so his co accused wouldn't cut a deal and testify against him. They sent his co accused a letter that said we know where your grandmother lives.

Grandmother?! Hells Angels threatening a guy's grandmother? You can't get much lower than that. This is why people are ratting them out now. Because they have become the biggest rats of all. Maybe they can use some of that $11 million Walter Stadnick and Donald Stockford earned from selling cocaine and hand out a couple of toys at the Toy Run. That'll make up for all the lives they've destroyed and it will sure fool the masses.

For those who are not fooled there's Crime stoppers:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Doug Vanalstine

Doug Vanalstine was also arrested in the latest under cover police sting targeting rival gangs. He was seen with Clay Roueche in Vietnam and he was in that famous family photo of the UN:

He was charged with Clay in the U.S. and is waiting extradition there as well as facing the new trial here. Likely the local police will be thrilled to extradite him to somewhere the courts aren't such a joke.

I misread the article in the Sun about him shooting someone in the foot over loud music. I had it backwards. I thought the victim was the guy in the truck that refused to turn down the loud music. At first I thought at least he showed restraint and put one in his leg.

Turns out that Vanalstine was the one in the truck that was playing loud music. Don't you just hate those hillbillies in pick up trucks that blast loud music? Turns out someone asked Vanalstine to turn down the music and Vanalstine pulls out a gun and shoots him. That's pretty cheap. He's a bit old to be an obnoxious punk.

I guess it's just my nature when i see a conflict to find out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Turns out in some cases both guys are bad. There is nothing noble about selling crack or selling date rape drug. Both sides do that. The UN have a nice motto but it's hollow.

I remember speaking with a cop at Whalley and the cop excused himself, went to talk to a few kids then returned to the conversation. He apologized for the interruption and said those kids were with the UN and he just wanted to make sure they knew they weren't welcome here and had to move on.

I was somewhat shocked because I saw the Hells Angels enforcing for the crack dealers there only a few weeks prior. I was also shocked because they looked like your average Surrey kids. They didn't look like notorious gangsters at all.

You have to admire groups that stand apart from the Hells Angels and not bow down to become puppet clubs but if they're doing the same thing, they're really no better. The Osoyoos story is a good example of why we need to clamp down on criminal organizations.

Any 12 year old kid can pull a trigger. Guns empower the small and weak. Swarming empowers the small and weak. So do gangs. When the gangs start intimidating the police so they don't prosecute them to protect the public then we need to call in the Gang Squad to deal with them so law and order prevails.

Wayne Scott

Well Wayne's World just got one step weirder when the father of Jarrod Bacon's girlfriend just got arrested along with Jarrod and was charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Under cover cops posing as Mexican cartel offered them 100 kilograms of cocaine.

The police sting involved both factions of the two rival gangs, the UN and the Bacon brothers revised leadership of the Red Scorpions. Wayne Scott is also the grandfather of Jarrod Bacon's child.
This guy is no godfather. He's just old. He looks like Arnold Horshack as a senior citizen. What a role model. Trafficking cocaine. Sounds more like Jerry Springer or a bad reality TV show.
I'm glad to see the police went after both rivals not just one but we need to remember who the real puppet master is pulling the bad bacon's strings.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Peter Leask should be hanged for treason

Well we've certainly gone from one extreme to another. Here in B.C. we've gone from the Hanging Judge to judges who should be hanged. Have you ever been on a tour of the parliament buildings in Victoria? They have actors and actresses that portray characters in history that join the tour.

One of those characters is Chief Justice Mathew Begbie. He was referred to as the Hanging judge because he sentenced so many criminals to be hanged. Back in the day hanging was a form of judicial punishment for serious offences.

Back in the day, hanging was a judicial punishment for treason. Not any more. We can debate capital punishment until the cows come home. The fact is treason is a serious offense. I can find no other adjective to describes Peter Leask's latest decision:

It is a serious offence when a government official betrays the trust of the people they were elected to represent. So too when a judge appointed by our elected officials betrays the trust they were given by the people. This is why we need a mechanism in place to replace bad judges. Peter Leask isn't the only bad judge in B.C. but right now he certainly is the worst.