Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anonymous Posting Disabled

I've disabled the anonymous posting function on my blog. If you want to threaten me you can send me a private e-mail. Uttering threats anonymously on a public blog is lame.

I'm all for free speech. Hells Angels are free to set up their own facebook support groups and forums. People are free to support the Big Red Machine if they so choose. Just like I'm free not to support the Big Red Machine and I'm free to state why without having to worry about them harming my family.

Threatening to rape my daughter is absolutely deranged as is threatening anyone in my family. The one good thing from all those deranged comments on my blog is that the world can get a glimpses of the truth. Threatening to harm someones family is twisted.

When Robert Shannon was charged with smuggling cocaine for the Hells Angels, he used the Hells Angels name and reputation to threaten his co accused so his co accused wouldn't cut a deal and testify against him. They sent his co accused a letter that said we know where your grandmother lives.

Grandmother?! Hells Angels threatening a guy's grandmother? You can't get much lower than that. This is why people are ratting them out now. Because they have become the biggest rats of all. Maybe they can use some of that $11 million Walter Stadnick and Donald Stockford earned from selling cocaine and hand out a couple of toys at the Toy Run. That'll make up for all the lives they've destroyed and it will sure fool the masses.

For those who are not fooled there's Crime stoppers:


  1. This is a very big mistake, Agent X, on a number of levels.

    First of all... It is the comments on your blog that are the best reading by far. Without them, we have dry, aimless posts.

    The comments tended to be more accurate than the blog posts. You have a tendency to regurgitate news, and draw connections where there are none. Your commenters have corrected many of these mistakes.

    Disabling anonymous posting doesn't make you any safer... If you mke accusations that somebody doesn't like, he can still seek retribution whether or not he's posted a message. By posting a message, he's at least leaving a trail behind.

    I'm not sure what happened... Did someone finally say something that scared you?

    Consider re-enabling the comments. It was the best part of your blog, the most accurate part of your blog, the most real part of your blog, and they helping to keep you honest ond on-topic.

  2. It’s Christmas. It’s just pointless listening to people threaten to rape my daughter. Well not entirely. Those threats simply prove my point. The Hells Angels are a criminal organization.

    I’m an idiot. I have a blog. The world is full of idiots who have blogs. If someone wants to have a blog supporting Charles Manson, Clifford Olsen or the Hells Angels, they are free to do so. Just as I am free to record my dissent. Which doesn’t really mean anything but is the last act of defiance in what’s left of a democratic society.

    Anyone can still make a fake account and post a comment. Disabling anonymous postings just lets me block wackos so they have to keep making new fake accounts. It also lets the po po have access to their ip numbers. Cheers. And Merry Christmas to ye.


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