Monday, December 21, 2009

Barry Seal and Mena, Arkansa

We've established how the Hells Angels were connected to drug smuggling in one air force base at El Segundo.

The song I left my wallet in El Segundo by A Tribe Called quest was just ironic. Now let's look at Barry Seal and Mena, Arkansa.

Sarah McClendon was a famous hard hitting U.S. reporter. She questioned Bill Clinton about an Air Force base in Mena, Arkansa used to smuggle cocaine in exchange for arms for the Contras:

At first listening one is forced to ask what the fuck is she talking about? This is a quick overview of what went on there:

Mena isn't the only air force base that was used to smuggle cocaine. It's likely the most documented and became famous with the suspicious deaths of two teenagers who stumbled across something they shouldn't have and ended up dead as a result. Their death became a complicated conspiracy known as the Mena Connection.

That story is longer and harder to follow but the just of it is two young boys were murdered. Their death was made to look like a suicide that didn't make sense. The corner, Bobby Malick, not only falsified the boys death certificates, he tampered with the evidence which was shown after the bodies were exhumed and a second autopsy performed.

Turns out this was not the only murder reported as a suicide that Bobby Malick was involved in. Turns out that for some bizarre reason, Bill Clinton supported Malick in his position even after evidence about him was made public.

Barry Seal was the CIA Agent involved in the operation
who ended up murdered after he turned informant in 1984.

A little George Orwell indeed. Barry Seal was tied to Oliver North and Vice President George Bush Sr.

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