Wednesday, January 31, 2024

4 shootings at Toronto area movie theatres

CBC is reporting that "Cineplex has cancelled screenings of a South Indian film following four drive-by shootings at theatres throughout the Greater Toronto Area the day it premiered. Cineplex spokesperson Michelle Saba says the theatre chain pulled the action film Malaikottai Vaaliban due to circumstances beyond their control. Saba adds that Cineplex is working closely with local authorities who are leading an investigation related to incidents at their theatres."

City News is reporting that "The acts of violence are now being linked to a turf war with a group attempting to prevent various South Indian-language movies from being shown in favour of other films." OK now that is crazy. Who the f*ck cares of they show a movie in Hindi, Mandarin or Klingon? That's weird. Very weird. What the hell is the Malayalam language? That's a rare dialect from the deep south of India. Was this a publicity stunt? It sounds like a soap opera.

Take Back Our Border convoy continues onward to Texas

Cross border drug ring dismantled

CBC is reporting that "Authorities have dismantled a drug-smuggling operation that they say involved large quantities of narcotics coming into Los Angeles from Mexico before being distributed in the U.S. and Canada by long-haul truckers. The cross-border operation dubbed "Operation Dead Hand" saw 19 people charged in two U.S. federal indictments for their alleged roles in the organized crime syndicate, including Roberto Scoppa, a Montreal man alleged by authorities to be a large-scale Canadian trafficker and Italian Mafia figure."

"A total of 10 people were arrested, including five from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. Arrest and search warrants were executed in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary as well as in Texas, Florida and California. The RCMP said in a news release the Canadians arrested will face extradition to the United States to stand trial. The indictments allege the network trafficked approximately 845 kilograms of methamphetamine, 951 kilograms of cocaine, 20 kilograms of fentanyl and four kilograms of heroin, with a wholesale value of between $16 million US and $28 million US — a number that goes up exponentially in Canada." Dismantling drug rings is good.

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "The brother of two well-known and now deceased members of the Montreal Mafia appeared at the Montreal courthouse Tuesday afternoon in an extradition case involving allegations that several people conspired to smuggle cocaine and other controlled substances from Mexico to the U.S. and ultimately Canada. Roberto Scoppa, 55, of Montreal North, is the brother of Andrea (Andrew) and Salvatore Scoppa. Both men were killed on different dates in 2019, in Laval and Pierrefonds respectively, probably as part of a conflict with the Rizzuto organization over control of the Montreal Mafia. An informant testifying in recent murder trials said both men were behind the deaths of several men tied to the Rizzuto organization who were killed in 2016." This is good work. Better than the CIA's bullsh*t.

400 kilos of crystal meth seized in Manitoba

CTV is reporting that "The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) and RCMP seized 406 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine at a southern Manitoba border crossing earlier this month. It is the largest seizure of narcotics by the CBSA in Prairie history."

"According to Ken MacGregor, CBSA chief of operations, the seizure took place on Jan. 14 at the Boissevain port of entry following the search of a transport truck heading to Winnipeg from the United States." That saves lives. Crystal meth is a horrible drug.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, police execute search warrants and search the Savages clubhouse in Langford on Vancouver Island. We'll wait and see if they found anything.

That's the old Devil's Rejects clubhouse where Priscilla capped a guy with his pink .22. He's the other 1%. My daughter doesn't even waste her time with a .22. I started her off with a 9mm. They start the 12 year olds off with a .22. They're great for kids and gophers. Blair White has a pink AR.

Prince George drug bust yields fentanyl, cocaine, cash

Criminal Kingpin Leads Drug Trade Thanks to the CIA

Take a look at this bullsh*t website about Iran. Take a look at today's headline. It reads "The CIA director has pointed the finger at Tehran in an article addressing the Middle East’s most turbulent times in recent history as it teeters ever closer to war."

Somehow I don't think a news site from Iran would quote the Director of the CIA in it's headline. It's pretty obvious that website is a cut out for the CIA spreading false propaganda just like MI6 did about Iraq before that unlawful invasion. The CIA is flooding the Internet with false information to justify an invasion just like it did with Iraq. Oh but wait, there's more. Much more.

This article claims "A former official in Iran's Covid Taskforce says the country’s Covid deaths were nearly twice the figures authorities reported for the first two years of the pandemic."

Bullsh*t. The fake news falsified Covid death rates during the pandemic. They claimed people who died of cancer and heart disease died of Covid. Covid apparently cured the flu because no one died of the flu during Covid. Overall death rates of senoirs and everyone else did not increase during the Covid plandemic. All cause mortality rates didn't increase until after the Covid Rna vaccine roll out. So here we see a CIA website flooding the world with false Covid information in support of the World Economic Forum's Agenda. Isn't that ironic? There's more.

The CIA website claims that "Iran’s Ban On Vaccines Led To 75,000 More Covid Deaths" AYFKM? Iran's ban on Covid Rna genetic vaccines? Now we see their real concern. Here we have a CIA website promoting false information about Rna genetic vaccines.
The CIA website also claims that "Iran’s homegrown Covid vaccine factories are shutting down for lack of demand as many vaccinated with foreign vaccines refuse to get homegrown ones as boosters. The whole scheme of producing domestic vaccines now seems little more than wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and precious time in preventing tens of thousands of deaths in 2021." So Iran didn't ban vaccines they just banned the synthetic Rna genetic vaccines from the depopulation cabal and the CIA is objecting to that by spreading false information.

Here's the kicker folks. The CIA website is now claiming that "The Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) have made a criminal Iran’s leading drug lord, Iran International can reveal." Iran International, you mean the CIA website speading false information about Iran.

"Information obtained by Iran International shows how Naji Sharifi-Zindashti and his cartel now dominate the narcotics trade thanks to the support of the government militia. His extraordinary rise comes despite his having killed a prison guard in Iran and fleeing abroad, only to return with impunity." The CIA posted that lie May 17th 2023 in preparation of Operation CUYA.

That CIA website has flooded the world with lies about Covid and Rna genetic vaccines. Forgive me for not believing their lie about Naji Sharifi-Zindashti working for the government of Iran. It fails the test of believability. The government of Iran are religious extremists who hate drugs just like the Taliban. Naji was given a life sentence for drug trafficking and escaped prison by killing a guard. I don't think the government of Iran is going to welcome him with open arms.

The CIA lied about the Taliban during the invasion of Afghanistan. US troops were seen protecting not destroying opium crops in Afghanistan. The CIA claimed if we don't do it the Taliban will. That was a lie. Right before the invasion, the Taliban brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the invasion Afghanistan immediately returned to being the largest opium producers in the world.

As soon as the US pulled out the Taliban's opium ban saw a 95% decrease in the production of opium. So now we can see with clarity that the CIA completely lied about the Taliban producing opium. It wasn't the Taliban doing that it was the CIA. What the CIA did secretly during the Vietnam war they did openly during the invasion of Afghanistan.

This article from the UN's New World Order of Drugs and Crime states that "Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan plunged by an estimated 95 per cent following a drug ban imposed by the de facto authorities in April 2022, according to a new research brief from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)." The de facto authorities they mean the Taliban.

Sadly the article doesn't say three cheers for the Taliban. Instead the article complains about it. The United States Fake Institute of Peace is reporting that "The Taliban have done it again: implementing a nearly complete ban against cultivation of opium poppy — Afghanistan’s most important agricultural product — repeating their similarly successful 2000-2001 prohibition on the crop. But the temptation to view the current ban in an overly positive light — as an important global counter-narcotics victory — must be avoided."

So here we see the truth. The CIA lied about the Taliban's opium production to rationalize their monopoly on the market just like the CIA is lying about Iran's promotion of the drug trade in Iran.

Naji Sharifi-Zindashti was not working for the IRGC. He was working for the CIA.

Israeli security expert and founder of Demomam International Tal Hanan found to head a team working to manipulate global elections

The Guardian is reporting that "A team of Israeli contractors who claim to have manipulated more than 30 elections around the world using hacking, sabotage and automated disinformation on social media has been exposed in a new investigation."

"The unit is run by Tal Hanan, a 50-year-old former Israeli special forces operative who now works privately using the pseudonym “Jorge”, and appears to have been working under the radar in elections in various countries for more than two decades."

Haaretz is reporting that "While it took less than a year for French authorities to investigate the case and file indictments, the Israel Police did nothing about Hanan's chaos factory, which is still operating – even though he was documented allegedly committing criminal offenses from his office on Israeli soil." SHFTV reported the story. I didn't see it on Rebel News or the Daily Wire.

"A non-human bot by the name of @Canaelan has been found to have links to numerous fake social media profiles, all controlled by disinformation-spreading software owned by Team Jorge and based out of Israel. According to the investigation, the software known as Advanced Impact Media Solutions (AIMS) controls over 30,000 fake social media profiles all of which can be used to spread disinformation or propaganda far and wide at extraordinary speed."

The Times of Israel is reporting that "The bombshell revelation was the result of an investigative report by an international consortium of some 30 news outlets, including Israel’s Haaretz and The Marker, along with Forbidden Stories, a French nonprofit that aims to continue the work of assassinated, threatened or imprisoned journalists."

"Hanan described his teammates as experts in finance, social media, campaigns and psychological warfare, saying they were graduates of government agencies.”

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Adam Pearson is Damion Ryan's Coaccused

March 2022 CTV reported that "A man charged with the first-degree murder of a Grande Prairie, Alta., man in 2019 is finally back in Canada awaiting court proceedings. In the first update in a year and a half, Alberta Mounties announced on Thursday Adam Pearson had been arrested by the FBI on July 26, 2021, in Minneapolis, Minn."

"A Canada-wide warrant was issued for Pearson in 2020, a year after Cody Michaloski's body was found in an apartment in northern Alberta. Pearson was extradited in February. After a bail hearing, he was taken back into custody and scheduled to appear in Grande Prairie provincial court next on April 8. Another man, Benjamin Pearson, was also charged with first-degree murder in Michaloski's death. He was arrested in 2020." Benjamin and Adam Pearson are brothers.

Adam Richard Pearson is Damion Ryan's coaccused in the Iranian murder plot and is from Kelowna. So here's a guy who was charged with a real murder in Canada and it barely made the news but when he is charged with planning a murder in the US but not dong it, somehow that's world breaking international news.

"According to US officials – who worked with the British government on the case – Zindashti pledged to pay Ryan and Pearson just under $500,000 for the murders." US officials and the British government? You mean the CIA and MI6, the primary two eyes of the Five Eyes Alliance. The ones who orchestrated Operation Mass Appeal against Iraq.

Damion Ryan ordered the murder of Anees Mohamed in the DTES. He's been ivolved with several murders in Canada just like Larry Amero. All of a sudden he's accused of planning a murder but not doing it and that's world news? Something very fishy is going on here.

"Zindashti is accused of using the SkyECC platform – provided by now-defunct Vancouver firm Sky Global – to send encrypted messages to Ryan between December 2020 and March 2021."

Oh.... Sky Global who runs SkyECC is another Vancouver firm just like Phantom Security was. Isn't that ironic : ) So tell me how do these local yahoos figure out how to do military grade encryption all on their own? Jason Goodman seems to think the FBI created it and the Vancouver company is a cut out for the FBI. He also thinks Protonmail is a FBI Trojan Horse just like Tutanota. All of a sudden my protonmail account is going wonky like my hotmail account did.

I was going to rob a bank on Friday but I never did. Can they still arrest me? No they cannot. That means this international frenzy is another propaganda piece just like Operation Mass Appeal was.

Naji Sharifi Zindashti: Sifting through the truth and the lies

Update: "Iran denies involvement in drone strike that killed three US troops. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has claimed it was behind the attack." aka ISIS - created, funded and armed by the CIA. ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The same group Iran is fighting.

OK let's take a look at Naji Sharifi Zindashti. It appears that he is a drug dealer of Iranian descent who was convicted of drug dealing in Iran but escaped prison and fled the country to become extensively involved in the international drug trade. This YouTube video posted 5 months ago gives a good introduction to his criminal history. Naji has commissioned many murders over the years all related to the drug trade. The video even claims that he at one time hired two drug dealers from the Brother's Keepers in Vancouver to murder one of his rivals in Dubai.

That is believable. The Brothers Keepers work for the Edmonton Hells Angels who work along side the Wolf Pack in Vancouver. Damion Ryan is a leader in the Wolf Pack. It is possible that Naji Sharifi Zindashti hired Damion Ryan to order the murder of two rival drug dealers in the United States. That is possible. I do not believe he ordered the murder of two Iranian dissidents. The fake incitement didn't name the two people they have been accused of plotting the murder of.

Remember no one was killed this time. They are accused of plotting the murder but never carried it out. There is a key turning point in this informative YouTube video. At 7:34 in the video it states "Despite living like a king in Istanbul with his Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces and Villas, he interestingly enough chose to move bake to Iran after his release from prison. Remember Iran was the country he escaped from by brutal force and was still sentenced to life in prison."

"Why would he go back to that? Well, here's where it gets fascinating. Over the years Naji had gotten a lot of power in Iran as well. For unknown reasons he became an important person for the Iranian government. According to a Turkish news agency the Iranian Intelligence Ministry had been using Naji's gang to do hits on, or abduct Iranian dissidents in Turkey. How crazy is that?"

It's completely crazy. In fact I don't believe it is true. I believe a Turkish news outlet said it but I don't believe what the Turkish news agency said was true. Just like how an Australian news agency quoted the Australian Intelligence community and claimed James Riach switched sides and was working for the UN. I believe an Australian Intelligence agency said that but I do not believe what the Australian Intelligence agency said was true. If fact I know it's not.

I do not believe the current government of Iran endorses Naji's drug trafficking in Iran. The current government of Iran is pursuing a war on drugs and a drug prohibition. Capital punishment is used against drug dealers. I believe this complicated intelligence propaganda campaign is a lie.

Iran is the only country on the planet that is fighting ISIS. The CIA created ISIS, armed and funded ISIS to oppose the rival pipeline in Syria. The CIA brought ISIS back after they assassinated the Iranian general responsible for defeating ISIS in Syria and has moved them to Pakistan where the CIA thrives. The CIA is the largest drug trafficking organization on the planet.

Vancouver Sun claims drought during atmospheric river

The Vancovuer Sun is reporitng that "Both B.C. and Manitoba, where the vast majority of power is hydroelectric, are experiencing low reservoir levels that have negatively affected electricity production this fall and winter. There’s no risk in either province of the lights going out any time soon. But scientists say climate change is making drought both more common and more severe, which means more pressure on hydroelectric producers in the years to come."

Drought? This article was published yesterday. What f*cking planet are they living on? Metro Vancouver has experienced nonstop rain for the past two months. Everything is flooded. This article is completely false and totally insane. We sent electricity to Alberta during their blackout. Hydro electric power is green and reliable. Go f*ck yourself you lying communist POS.

Was that fake news written by a bot? Is the Vancouver Sun now AI?

Update: OK not let's examine why they are trashing hydro electric power. It's because they are pushing nuclear power. Bill Gates owns a nuclear power plant. Nuclear power is not clean and it is not green. Nuclear waste is virtually impossible to safely dispose of.

Damion Ryan, James Riach and Operation CUYA

Update: Criminal Kingpin Leads Drug Trade Thanks to the CIA

Naji Sharifi Zindashti: Sifting through the truth and the lies

Iran is not directing Houthis or other groups

The Five Eyes has sent out a fury of insane press releases so let's calmly and rationally review the facts so we can avoid the deception. Let's not forget, lying to the press is the CIA's MO. Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo admitted that.

OK so let's dial it back and look at Operation Mass Appeal. Like Operation Blue Star in India, Operation Watch Tower in Colombia and Operation Fast and Furious in Mexico, Operation Mass Appeal was an intelligence operation involving the CIA and MI6. Two of the Five Eyes.

MI6 and the CIA deliberately sent out false information to the press about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. They lied and it was a campaign of lies in the press to deceive the public. That is their MO and we are currently seeing the Five Eyes send out a barrage of ridiculous press releases to the media with the sole intent of deceiving the public. Again.

First of all, James Riach is not working for the UN he is still working for the Hells Angels. Australia intelligence lied and thanks to the Five Eyes intelligence sharing network, Australia probably got that false information from Canada because Canada wants to set him up in hopes that he will flip and rat out his peeps like Damion Ryan. Only James Riach is not Damion Ryan.

This most recent campaign about Damion Ryan and Iran that has been plastered all over the fake news is ridiculous. It doesn't make sense. It's bullsh*t. Nothing about it makes sense. Other than the fact that the CIA wants to start a war with Iran to take their oil and because Iran is the only country on the planet fighting ISIS which the CIA created and brought back after they assassinated the Iranian General which defeated ISIS in Syria.

Operation CUYA claims that Damion Ryan hired an Iranian drug dealer who was already working for the Iranian government to kill Iranian dissidents. Why would the Iranian government hire Damion Ryan to hire someone who was already working for them? It doesn't make sense.

Damion Ryan was in charge of the drug trafficking in the DTES which is somewhat lucrative. He was busy drug trafficking right across Canada. The Manitoba RCMP arrested him in Ottawa because the CFSEU wouldn't arrest him in BC as he was already on their payroll.

Damion Ryan had ties to San Diego but had no jurisdiction in Maryland. If Iran wanted to hire someone to kill people in Maryland they would hire the Hells Angels who had jurisdiction over Maryland not a Canadian Hells Angel from another jurisdiction.

As for killing Iranian dissidents, MEK are not Iranian dissidents. They are terrorists who the CIA have used in the past and are currently supporting for a regime change in Iran. Damion Ryan is involved with drug trafficking as is the CIA. The Iranian government are religious extremists like the Taliban who don't like drugs.

In Afghanistan we saw American soldiers protecting the Opium fields there. The CIA said if we didn't do it the Taliban would. That was a lie. The Taliban brought opium production to a grinding halt right before the invasion. After the invasion Afghanistan immediately went back to being the largest opium producers in the world.

The Five Eyes' Operation CUYA is also targeting India just like it did during Operation Blue Star. Dave Hayer's father Tara Singh Hayer was murdered in Surrey after he became wheelchair bound by a previous assassination attempt.

Tara Singh Hayer submitted an affidavit stating that he overhead a conversation confirming that Surjan Singh Gill was the one that provided the bombs for the Air India attack. Surjan Singh Gill was working for CSIS at the time. CSIS murdered Dave Hayer's father to cover that fact up but his affidavit stands as a testimony against them. CSIS is not a friend of Khalistan.

I call the Five Eyes current bizarre remix of Operation Mass Appeal targeting Damion Ryan and James Riach CUYA. It stands for Operation Cram it Up Your A*s. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Monday, January 29, 2024

God Bless Greg Abbott and the Texas Rangers

Having said that, we all know Texas is very different and let's remember Texas and Florida saved the world from Covid lockdowns. Right now Texas is saving the world form the global insurgency of illegal mass immigration. Let's put this conflict in context.

Joe Biden is a deviant psycopath. This mass illegal immigration is illegal. Texas has every right to defend their border. We have all seen what has happened. Joe Biden's wanton disregard for law enforcement at the southern border has literally created a crisis in Chicago and New York City.

Texas was busing illegal immigrants to Chicago and New York. That has literally created havoc. The border has to be shut down. If Joe Biden won't enforce the law, Texas has every right to do so. Joe Biden threatening to open up the border so illegal immigrants can freely invade the US is a criminal act worthy of impeachment. When Joe Biden sends the military in to reopen the border for child trafficking and illegal immigration, that is an act of war, civil war.

Now I hear other states are sending in their militias to support the Texas Rangers. I completely support that endeavor. If I was an American I would take what I have and go to Texas to stand with the Texas Rangers. This is why we need the Second Amendment. This is the time to purchase lawful firearms and stock up on ammo. God Bless the Texas Rangers. Gentlemen may cry peace, peace but there is no peace. The war is already begun and be not deceived. The Five Eyes are on the wrong side of this conflict. F*ck Blackwater mercenaries.

DPS Officers Fire Rounds, Launch Tear Gas Across Border

The Texas Tribune is reporting that "Texas Department of Public Safety officers on Thursday came under gunfire from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande in one incident on the South Texas border, and launched tear gas south into Mexico in another." That is a declaration of war and in this conflict Joe Biden is clearly on the wrong side. God Damn Joe Biden. Secure the border.

Bustin Caps at the Range: Peace of mind

OK I'm back from the range so I am and I'm feeling all zenned out. I've been getting agitated because it's been raining for my entire holidays and the mountains are crap right now. I haven't been snowshoeing all season. Usually when I haven't been hiking or kayaking in awhile I start to get owly but when I come back from a nice hike I'm recentred.

So today I decided to go to the range and I'm glad I did. For me it's very peaceful. Several years ago I took my daughter over to DVC and we went in the VIP range to shoot 9mms. All these yahoos were drooling over the heavy loads and we were link ping, ping, ping.

On the way home my daughter said this is going to sound creepy but I found that very peaceful. I was like I know right. It is. Maybe it's like pounding the heavy bag. I don't know but I do find target shooting very peaceful.

So today I started off with a few long guns. Just so everyone knows we can still buy long guns in Canada and you can rent long guns and pistols at the Range. Supporting that business is in our own best interest. It's important for everyone to learn proper gun safety.

There was a couple beside me and the guy was teaching the girl how to shoot. He didn't know a lot about the different firearms but he was very good with his safety stressing to keep your finger off the trigger and point the gun down range. Then he showed her how to pose with the rifle for a picture with the finger off the trigger, the action open so people can see it's unloaded and pointed down range. She remembered two of the three and he just corrected her position slightly so she was clearly down range for the picture. We were all told that there were a couple of guys who came to the range and were taking pictures with the rented guns.

Only they were pointing them at each other. The range officer grabbed them by the back of the neck and kicked them out. He said don't ever come back here again. Controlling the muzzle is very important. You never point a firearm at someone even if you know it's unloaded. Ever.

As I was going though my ammo I heard the guy cheering her on saying shoot the cop. I turned my head and thought WTF did you just say? Then he started to say shoot the bad guy. I thought yo man I don't give a f*ck what you say but there are a lot of cops that go here and they probably wouldn't appreciate hearing that. The purpose of the second amendment in the US is to defend your family not to get into a firefight with the police.

I know Americans always say you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead fingers like in the movie Men in Black. That's not my position here in Canada. I believe in obeying the law. If they ban a certain type of firearm and the police come to take them I would not get in a firefight with the police. That is insane and can only end in disaster. Mind you Texas is different.

However, if ANTIFA were rioting with the police putting my home and family at risk, I'd outflank ANTIFA and support the police. Those are sailors rights. Protection of persons and property.

Damion Ryan on the Five Eyes hit List - Update

OMG someone made this erogenous claim in a comment and I deleted it because I thought it was Blaze making sh*t up. This is a very interesting if not a hilarious twist to the Five Eyes Agenda. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

The Maple Ridge News is reporting that "A full-patch B.C. Hells Angels member has been indicted for his alleged role in what the United States says is a transnational assassination network targeting Iranian dissidents. Damion Patrick John Ryan, 43, is one of two Canadians and one Iranian charged with conspiracy to use interstate commerce in the commission of a murder-for-hire plot. The assassination scheme, which Ryan was hired to orchestrate in 2021, was intended to kill two Iranian citizens who had fled their country and were living in the U.S."

Wow, let's talk about this. I'm going to be honest and objective. Give me a second though. I'm just back from the gun range and want to clean my guns while they're still warm. OK I'm back.

This is really, really strange and as always I'm going to call it the way I see it. First of all, anything is possible. Anyone can hire anyone to do anything. However, in the realm of probability and statistics, some things are more likely than others. Without trying to indulge in self glorification I think it's pretty safe to assume the Five Eyes are aware of my blog. We can debate whether or not Trailrunner was a spook but the Five Eyes watches everyone.

We were joking about that at work one day and were talking about whether or not I was allowed to cross the border. I have no criminal record. I'm unvaccinated for Covid but I have all my other vaccines. I got in a disagreement with them at truck border crossing once when they pulled a Guantanamo bay on one of my friends but I'm sure they've forgotten about that by now although some people claim they keep records of stuff like that forever.

Anyways we were talking about warrantless surveillance and one of the guys said he had nothing to hide. I get it. Then he laughed and said you on the other hand, they're probably watching everything you do. We laughed. I remember when I had my final arbitration at the Guinness tower in Vancouver the corporation produced a huge binder of surveillance they had on me. They were watching everything I said everywhere I went all over the Internet including in Union password protected forums. I took one look at that and laughed. I said yo man you guys need to get a life. I'm really not that interesting. Having said that I think it's pretty obvious the Five Eyes know about me and know about my blog. Other than the rock star from New York, I'm one of the only outlets that claimed Cameron Ortis was innocent.

I think this news release about Damion Ryan is highly suspicious and I'll tell you why. Like I said, anybody can hire anyone to do anything but the odds of Damion Ryan being involved with killing an Iranian dissident for the government of Iran is highly unlikely. Capping people in the US wasn't really his jurisdiction. Why wouldn't they hire an American Hells Angel for that?

Now if it was an Iranian selling drugs in Canada for a rival then yeah it would be highly likely Damion Ryan would order his murder but Damion wasn't a hitman. Neither was Larry Amero. Larry hired Robby and Dean. Damion would hire other people to do hits then roll on the people he hired. He wasn't a hands on guy when it came to capping people.

The article claims that "The person who allegedly commissioned the assassinations is 49-year-old Iranian narcotics trafficker Naji Ibrahim Sharifi-Zindashti. According to the treasury department, he is the head of the transnational assassination network that is targeting Iranian dissidents and opposition activists under the orders of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security."

OK so if this Naji Ibrahim Sharifi-Zindashti "is the head of the transnational assassination network that is targeting Iranian dissidents and opposition activists under the orders of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security" then why would Iran need to hire Damian to commission a guy who was already working from them? It doesn't make sense.

If Naji Ibrahim Sharifi-Zindashti was an Iranian drug dealer then he is probably working for the CIA because the current government of Iran are religious extremists who don't like drugs just like the Taliban. We know the CIA was selling drugs in Lebanon.

What I personally find so amusing is the fact that they chose to scapegoat Damion Ryan knowing that I have a hate for him thinking if they scapegoat him I'm going to somehow jump on board.

These guys are f*cked. The Five Eyes are full of sh*t. They killed the Iranian general who was responsible for defeating ISIS because they created ISIS and after they killed the Iranian general they brought ISIS back. If these Five Eye F*cks want me to jump on board then let Cameron Ortis free in the appeal. He's still bound by confidentiality agreements and always will be. Let the guy go. Those are my terms. I don't give a f*ck what you do with Damion Ryan. He didn't do this but he did a lot of other sh*t and a US judge will believe this nonsense in a heartbeat.

Iranian Protesters in Vancouver

Last summer while speaking at a Falun Gong demonstration in Vancouver I met some protesters from Iran. It was pretty suspicious. The woman they were supporting was the wife of a leader of the MEK who the US and the UK had at one time considered a terrorist organization.

However, since the MEK were opposing the current administration in Iran two of the Five Eyes endorsed them. I spoke with one of the guys and mentioned Operation Ajax. Then I asked him if they were supported by the CIA. Turns out I nailed it.

The MEK helped Saddam Hussein use American chemical weapons against Iran. That's how the MEK lost nearly all the support it had retained inside Iran. Members were now widely regarded as traitors. The leader of that exiled group was Massoud Rajavi who has not been seen since 2003. Now the CIA is endorsing his wife to become the next leader of Iran.

That is why they are making up these ridiculous lies about Iran. The CIA wants a regime change because they want Iran's oil or at least control it and stifle it to preserve the Saudi monopoly and inflated oil prices. Operation Ajax is still in effect. GMAFB.

Update: Let's not forget that some of Damion Ryan's underlings were recently busted after the Manitoba police busted him. This whole ridiculous case also might be an excuse to get him out of Canadian prison into Witness Protection.

Let's not forget that after the Manitoba RCMP busted Damion Ryan in Ottawa several of his underlings were busted in the DTES. Another reason this whole circus side show is suspicious is because they are targeting Damion Ryan after it would appear he was giving them information about people who worked for him.

There was a guy in Nova Scotia who gave the police information on the Hells Angels and died of natural causes in prison. Locals think the police faked his death just to get him into witness protection. This brings us back to Vincent Ramos and Phantom Security.

The rock star is New York is a techie. I am not. He seems to think that Ramos was not intellectually capable of creating military grade encryption all on his own. He believes the FBI created Phantom secure for him and that he was simply a FBI cut out.

Cameron Ortis claimed that a foreign intelligence agency conscripted him to lure a list of targets into using an encrypted email service called Tutanota which they had complete access to. Jason Goodman received other information claiming Tutanota was an intelligence agency Trojan horse.

Jason Goodman thinks that Protonmail could be an intelligence agency Trojan horse as are many VPNs. It's like that old movie The Net back when the Internet first started. In that movie a group of bad guys created a virus protection software that gave them access to your entire computer. This is what the intelligence agencies have done with ANOM, SkyECC and likely Phanton Secure.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

The Five Eyes killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar

This aricle is bullsh*t. The Five Eyes killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Caremon Ortis was set up.

NEW ZEALAND USED NSA SYSTEM TO TARGET OFFICIALS, ANTI-CORRUPTION CAMPAIGNER "Kiwi spies programmed XKEYSCORE to intercept documents mentioning top Solomon Islands officials and a campaigner who publishes government leaks."

The Five Eyes countries spy on each others citizens and then they swap the collected information. This is because these countries can't legally spy on their own citizens.

Lets take a look at the facts. Hardeep Singh Nijjar was murdered in Surrey. I live in Surrey. Hardeep was the temple president of one of the first Sikh temples in Surrey. His murder was not gang related. It was a political assignation right before the Khalistan referendum in Surrey which I covered. Obviously the government of India are the prime suspects in his murder but there is another prime suspect that has been actively interfering with the politics in India for many years.

Ripudaman Singh Malik was murdered in Surrey a year before Hardeep Singh Nijjar's murder. Ripudaman Singh Malik was acquitted in the Air India bombings. CSIS had a handler that planned the event and provided the explosives. If CSIS hadn't provided the explosives that terrorist attack never would have happened. CSIS is not a friend of Khalistan. CSIS is part of the Five Eyes and is a main component in the allegations surrounding Hardeep Singh Nijjar's murder.

The reason CSIS provided the explosives for Air India was not to help Khalistan. CSIS did it to justify a crackdown on Khalistan supporters by labeling them terrorists. Before we examine the CIA's involvement in the Sikh genocide, lets examine Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh's dishonestly when it comes to support for Farmers in the Punjab.

Anyone can put a bumper sticker on their car that says No Farmers No Food. Yet actions speak louder than words. India's attack on farming has nothing to do with protecting the environment. This attack on farming isn't limited to India. They are doing it in Holland and Canada as well as Germany and France. This attack on Farming is part of a global agenda tied to the World Economic Forum which Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh both passionately support.

The government of India is diverting water from farming in the state of Punjab. The Canadian government is doing the same thing to farmers here in Canada. First it was banning fertilizer, now it's banning water. That is not green. Plants need water and fertilizer to grow. If you cut off water and fertilizer from farming the earth becomes less green and has more CO2 because plants and crops convert CO2 into oxygen. You make the desert bloom though irrigation.

So when Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh say they support farmers in India they are lying because they do not support farmers in Canada and a lot of the farmers in Canada are Sikhs from the Punjab. Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are political opportunists. They say what they want to get elected but what they say and what they do are two different things. They are liars with a dark agenda tied to the WEF and the Five Eyes.

The Logistics of Means and Motive

Indira Gandhi was Hindu. Why would she hire Sikh bodyguards? Do you think she didn't want what happened to the original Gandhi to happen to her? Do you think there were people in her own party she didn't trust? I do. The fact that she hired Sikh bodyguards was a bold statement showing she wanted to include everyone in her democratic state. Modi doesn't.

I do not believe Indira Gandhi approved Operation Blue Star. I believe that was an intelligence operation and when she objected to it, she was killed. Pakistan Intelligence has been directly tied to the CIA for decades. The CIA stroked separatism before Operation Blue Star to justify the preplanned Sikh genocide. Operation Blue Star was an Intelligence operation and the Five Eyes were behind it. The Five Eyes are Not a friend of Khalistan. They support the WEF.

The CIA are the prime suspects in the assignation of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

The Last Killing A Film by Ensaaf

Satwant Singh Manak joined the Punjab Police in March 1985. From November 1991 through 1993, he served at CIA (Criminal Intelligence Agency) Staff in Moga. During that time, he witnessed 15 to 16 unlawful killings, and is now fighting a case on behalf of 10 of those victims’ families. “They would plant LMGs [Light Machine Guns], grenades, and assault [rifles] on these people,” Manak recounted. “They would take the assault [rifles] from their own necks and show on TV that they had captured these.” Ensaaf: Human Rights in India.

UK gives DUP two more weeks to revive Stormount

Speaking of Belfast, Politico is reporting that "Northern Ireland will gain another two weeks to revive its cross-community government under a U.K. bill to be published Wednesday. Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris announced the surprise move as the Democratic Unionist Party continues to battle its internal divisions over whether to accept the U.K. package on offer and end its boycott on power-sharing at Stormont."

Never mind the drugs or the paramilitaries, this is scary. I wrote about this last Sunday.

The Financial Times is reporting that "The UK government ratcheted up pressure on Northern Ireland’s biggest unionist party on Tuesday by giving it a fortnight to end two years of political deadlock over Brexit and restore the region’s executive." Stormount is England's attempt to allow Northern Ireland self government.

They tried this before. England tried to let Northern Ireland govern itself and create a local parliament in Stormount. Ian Paisley said hell no and called a general strike. Now his political party the DUP is doing the same thing. Only things are a lot more precarious right now.

England said local representation needs to have local representation. If the DUP refuse to participate then they don't have local representation so how do we interpret that? Does England say too bad so sad or do they cave into the DUP again.

There are two problems on the table. The DUP does not want a United Ireland. They never have. For generations they coined the phrase Ulster says No to a United Ireland with the red hand of Ulster as their logo. Only the DUP doesn't have a majority any more. Neither does Sinn Fein. There are more than two parties now and the majority of people living in Northern Ireland want peace. However, as we see in the south, there are problems with membership in the EU.

I've talked about how the EU bankers ripped off Ireland right when they were starting to prosper economically. I've also talked about how Waterford Crystal in no longer made in Waterford. Now it's made in Europe. Sadly there's more. Much more.
The Irish Freedom Party declares that "The resources of Ireland for the people of Ireland. It's not our duty to house the world. Irish people come first in Ireland." Ireland is currently facing the same insurgency Canada and the United States are - mass illegal immigration. As I keep repeating, I totally support immigration. That's because I live in Canada. We are all immigrants here.

I recognize how Germany would like to remain German. France would like to remain French and Ireland would like to remain Irish. I get it. The mass illegal immigration the WEF is forcing upon us has an agenda. They are trying to remove borders and create a one world communist government. Sounds crazy and it is. Right now truth is stranger than fiction.

The Irish Freedom Party declares that it is not Ireland's obligation to provide housing for the rest of the world. That is true. If someone wants to come to Ireland or Canada and work, then have at it. However, if you think when you come to a foreign country they are obligated to give you food and housing when you refuse to work, you are sadly mistaken. This is what we see in Chicago, New York and Ireland. Things are completely out of control now.

There is a method to their madness. Create chaos so they can create order amidst the chaos, their order. Their twisted brand of communism says you want free housing? We'll give you free housing but we'll make you a slave and take away everything that you own. That is their agenda.

I realize James Connolly was a communist but he wasn't that kind of a communist. He signed the Irish Proclamation and sealed his signature with his own blood. James Connolly was a republican. He believed in a free republic where civil liberty is protected by law. So do I.

The World Economic Forum's twisted brand of communism states that you will own nothing but you will be happy. Why will you own nothing? Because they will take everything you own away from you including your civil liberty and make you a slave. That's why. That is not what James Connolly wanted. That is not what Nelson Mandela wanted'

The South Africa Constitution Nelson Mandela endorsed protected civil liberty by law. Just like the Irish Proclamation does. That is what the WEF wants to destroy. They want to create chaos so they can destroy civil liberty and justify their new world order of universal slavery.

So, back to Stormount and Northern Ireland. The DUP has two concerns. One is a United Ireland. The other is Bexit. Self government is one thing but slavery to the EU is another. Some people in Scotland think Bexit was a bad idea. You people have lost your mind. The EU represents the end of your sovereignty and the end of your civil liberty. Speaking negatively of Brexit is mentally deranged. So here is Finian's peace plan. Erin go bragh, Tiocfaidh ár lá.

If you want to implement Stormount make the agreement based on the term that a self governed Northern Ireland will not join the EU. Put that on paper. Make that a term. If you do that the DUP will agree. If you don't the DUP will not agree and you are at another stalemate. You can't have local representation without local representation. That way if the Republic of Ireland wants to join with Northern Ireland they have to leave the EU first. That would be in everyone's best interest.

The Irish Freedom Party, "is a national movement of the Irish people which has as its primary objective the re-establishment of the national independence and sovereignty of Ireland and the restoration of national democracy to be achieved through leaving the European Union."

Cocaine Cowboys in Belfast

Back in the day, the IRA would shoot drug dealers while the UVF became drug dealers.

Ukraine says corrupt officials stole $40 million meant to buy arms for the war

The Fake News is reporting that "Employees from a Ukrainian arms firm conspired with defense ministry officials to embezzle almost $40 million earmarked to buy 100,000 mortar shells for the war with Russia, Ukraine's security service reported. The SBU said late Saturday that five people have been charged, with one person detained while trying to cross the Ukrainian border. If found guilty, they face up to 12 years in prison." They stole a lot more than $40 million.

A billion tax dollars sent to the Ukraine were laundered through FTX and given to Joe Biden's midterms. The only people that need to be arrested here are Joe Biden and Zelensky as well as the intelligence agencies that executed the operation for them - the Five Eyes laundermat.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Jason Goodman interviews Eric Christie from January 6th

Eric Christie Give Send Go. Judges banning witnesses? China didn't do that. They did.

The Exploitation and Demonization of Iran

OK let's do the time warp. Check out this video of Obama and Biden bragging about their deal to sell Iran nuclear reactors and notice how Obama boldly lies about it. Obama was a good speaker. He fooled us completely. Turns out his education was paid for by the CIA.

When you sell a country nuclear reactors, it gives them the technology and the materials to make nuclear weapons. That's why everyone was so concerned when Sarkozy announced that he was going to sell Gaddafi French nuclear reactors. Sarkozy tried to convince us that we could trust Gaddafi with nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

As soon as Gaddafi decided to buy a reactor from Argentina instead of France, all of a sudden Sarkozy said Gaddafi was evil and executed him for his oil reserves. That was after Sarkozy took all that money from Gaddafi for his election campaign. It was a dirty deal and Canada helped him.

Now watch the video of Obama and Biden and watch how boldly he lies to the world claiming that by giving Iran nuclear energy and the ability to make nuclear weapons the world has become a safer place. Watch him lie. He claims by doing this Iran will no longer be able to make nuclear weapons when in fact the exact opposite is true.

Then read about Obama’s farewell gift to Iran: 130 tons of Uranium. Alarabia News reported that "American Media revealed that President Barack Obama presented a final gift to Iran. He agreed before the end of his mandate to secretly provide Tehran with 130 tons of Uranium, which can be used as fuel for a nuclear reactor or as the heart of an atomic bomb."

"According to the Daily Wire, US diplomats stated that Iran is due to receive a huge shipment of natural Uranium from Russia to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant. This was approved by the Obama administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to the nuclear pact." According to the Daily Wire?! Now Ben Shapiro really does look like another Israeli arms dealer for Mossad. Myanmar junta hires Ari Ben-Menashe.

The China Syndrome Revisited

While we're here let's talk a bit about past history. Let's talk about where we are, where we were and where we want to be. Let's start with the dramatic arrest of Meng Wanzhou. I always thought she was the CEO of Huawei. Turns out she was the CFO. Her father Ren Zhengfei was the founder and CEO. That makes it even worse. Her arrest was part of a trade war.

The rival cell phone company she was involved with was accused of selling cell phones to Iran. So? Who cares? Well the United States placed Iran under sanctions. So? Who cares? The US has the authority and the jurisdiction to place any country they want under sanctions but they have no authority or jurisdiction to force any other country to obey those sanctions.

The sanctions were themselves completely hypocritical as was the arrest of Meng Wanzhou. Remember the US had just gone through a regime change. They went from Obama to Donald Trump. Obama and England signed an agreement to sell Iran nuclear reactors which would have given them the technology and the materials to make nuclear weapons. That was batsh*t crazy.

Donald Trump gets elected and says hell no. He immediately pulls out of the deal but the agreement had already been signed. After the US pulled out, England proceeded without them. So while the US is freaking out about China selling Iran cell phones, England is at that same moment planning to sell Iran nuclear reactors. That clearly showed the arrest of Meng Wanzhou was a trade war. Nothing more, nothing less. Now we see the WEF's Five Eyes demonizing China because of their Belt and Road Initiative. This is another trade war fueled with lies.

Is China capable of lying? Of course they are. That's why we have to fact check everyone.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Hope, Reflection and Deception

There's been a lot of things happen all at once and I've stated my position on most of them. There are some shady things going on right now but I am still hopeful. I recently did a search for new music on YouTube and as I was scrolling through the new music videos I was appalled. This is all sh*t. It's kind of a reflection of the sad state the world is in right now. Yet the simple solution is you don't have to listen to that crap. You can listen to your own playlist.

I saw a new video of Tom MacDonald featuring Ben Shapiro. It was probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Tom MacDonald's fine. He's carved his own space and has a billion followers but Ben Shapiro looked absurd. He comes across as an arrogant prick trying to pretend to be something he's not and I keep thinking of that video of him trashing Candace Owens for having a balanced approach to the war in Gaza. He's coming accross as a psyop.

When Tucker Carlson was speaking in Alberta he encouraged people to go camping and get in touch with nature. It's a bit cold for camping right now but he has a point. He talked about getting out of the city and feeling the dirt beneath you. I would add to that looking up at the stars at night.

It's humbling because when you look up at the vast universe unfolding all around us it makes us feel pretty insignificant. Yet it also makes our own personal problems feel very small.

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." It really is that simple. There's a lot of deception out there and the fake news, the WEF and their Five Eyes Alliance are a big part of it. Everyone has a right to their opinion but when a large media outlet intentionally lies about someone, that concerns me. Cameron Ortis was innocent.

I stand by what I've said. Time is on the side of truth.

MI5's Orchestrated event in London

Some CCP Nationalists got in a fight with a London YouTuber about public spaces. I'm not sure what kind of interaction there was before he started recording but he started it off by saying "stay there becuase there's a lot of surreptitious activity going on in the station I might need your help." That would imply the altercation was orchestrated and the follow up video confirms it. MI5 is bad.

Right now the Five Eyes Alliance is demonizing China to distract the world from their own misdeeds and the real problem we currently face. Right now China isn't the problem, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are. Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden realize they are both plummeting in the polls. That is why they are pushing the unprecedented mass illegal immigration. China isn't doing that, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are. I'm all for immigration. I am however opposed to mass illegal immigration without criminal record checks which promotes crime and child trafficking.

The purpose of mass illegal immigration is to completely change the voting demographics. They realize Canadians and Americans aren't voting for Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden so they are importing suspicious votes just like mail in ballots. Recently the Liberals announced a freeze on foreign students. That is ridiculous. Foreign students aren't the problem and they don't vote. That is why the Liberals are freezing foreign students. To pretend they are doing something about the problem they created when they clearly are not.

The problem is far worse in the US. Joe Biden's twisted brand of Communism is pushing mass illegal immigration at the southern border. Texas is putting up barbed wire while Joe Biden's Communists who MI5 and the CIA support, is taking it down.

Texas was bussing these illegals to New York and Chicago which has created huge problems there. It is literally insane. Next they will be bussing them to Canada to save Justin Trudeau's sinking a*s. Only they are bringing a whole lot of crime and violence with them. The crime and violence in the American cities is completely out of control. That is part of the WEF's agenda. This is the insurgency and the Five Eyes Alliance are trying to distract you from it.

China wasn't behind the opium in Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle, the CIA was. China wasn't behind the crystal meth in Burma, the CIA is. The Fake News and the Five Eyes are leading us down the road to slavery and they are paving that road with lies.

China is not trying to restrain our natural resources. Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are. China wants to buy our LNG. That would be a huge step forward for the environment. China's industrial coal plants are horrible for the environment. They create far more CO2 emissions than the cars in Canada. Replacing China's industrial coal with natural gas would see an instant improvement in air quality. Justin Trudeau doesn't want to help China get off industrial coal. He just wants to take cars away from Canadians. His Agenda has nothing to do with protecting the environment and everything to do with removing civil liberty. His Agenda is filled with the Five Eyes' Lies.

Sean Strickland will return

Terrorist Attack in Edmonton and 9/11

I don't want to hate but GMAFB. I was just talking about how Rebel News and the Daily Wire are noticeably biassed when it comes to coverage of the war in Gaza. Both supposedly independent news outlets are giving us the complete main stream narrative on the war in Gaza. Not to say I'm blindly proPalestinian because I'm absolutely not but there is no way that initial attack could have happened unless Israel let it happen. Would Rebel News ever admit that 9/11 was an inside job? Why not? Operation Northwoods was undeniably real.

I've already talked about the refusal to recognize the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. In all fairness I don't think True North would recognize that either. Does that make True North a Psy Op? Of course not. People have a right to disagree. They tend to be blindly conservative even when some of those conservatives are actually globalists like Stephen Harper or Brian Mulroney. If we sincerely want to drain the swamp we have to be honest about the globalists on both sides.

There are a lot of conspiracies that I don't have time for and don't get involved with but 9/11 isn't one of them. 9/11 is a fundamental conspiracy that we need to address because it directly relates to the UN's New World Order. False flag attacks will be used to justify giving up civil liberty so that global communism can replace our free society.

Right now Rebel News is giving us the main stream narrative on the recent Edmonton city hall BS and I'm like WTF are you doing? Let's look at the suspicious nature of the last lone wolf terrorist false flag in Edmonton. Back in 2017 there was a very strange event where a guy ran over a bunch of people in a Uhaul. Aside from having no motive, the timing of that orchestrated event was highly suspicious. One of my blog readers was visiting Edmonton at the time and was staying in a hotel right by the epicenter of the event.

Before the attack they met another couple staying at the same hotel in the bar or restaurant. They asked why they were visiting Edmonton. The other couple said they were with 9/11 emergency dispatch there for a special convention. There were a whole bunch of emergency agencies there that weekend for a seminar discussing emergency preparedness.

After the attack my blog readers bumped into that same couple and said what was that seminar about again? The other couple became very nervous and said we signed nondisclosure agreements. We can't talk about it. Things that make ya go hmmm.

Obviously that doesn't prove anything but the timing of that event was suspicious. Now let's look at the recent lone wolf insanity in Edmonton that Rebel News is so eager to call a terrorist attack. Seemingly he was a supporter of the Palestinians in Gaza. Well isn't that convenient. Let's continue to call everyone who opposes Israel's carpet bombing of civilians in Gaza an Antisemitic terrorist. You can oppose genocide without be Antisemitic or a terrorist.

Let's remember what's going on here. The Hamas attack in Israel was completely unacceptable but they were let it. Israel let them take hostages because they had an agenda and the fake news has embraced that agenda because Israel is currently led by a globalist.

The fake news demonizes anyone who opposes Israel's carpet bombing of civilians in Gaza labeling them Antisemitic and supporters of terrorism. The purpose of that defamation is to stifle dissent. After all alternate viewpoints are a threat to their democracy.

Sikhs in the Punjab have very real concerns. The government of India has launched a campaign against farming and claim that if you object to the persecution of the Sikhs in the state of Punjab, you are a terrorist. That is ridiculous but we can see a pattern here.

So again I say this bizarre event in Edmonton is very suspicious. Edmonton won't be fooled by gender ideology but they might be fooled by false flag attacks. We still need to talk about 9/11.

World Court orders Israel to prevent acts of genocide, fails to order ceasefire

Although I am very hesitant to look to the UN for anything given their not so secret agenda of world communism, all eyes have been on South Africa's application to the Hague charging Israel with genocide. Genocide has become a political term people throw around for political purposes. The holocaust was horrible. No one wants to see that repeated.

Reuters is reporting that "The World Court ordered Israel on Friday to prevent acts of genocide against the Palestinians and do more to help civilians, although it stopped short of ordering a ceasefire as requested by South Africa. South Africa brought the case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) earlier this month, asking it to grant emergency measures to halt the fighting, which has killed more than 26,000 Palestinians."

First of all, what is a world court? Does the EU have a right to tell me what to do when I don't live in the EU? Does China? Does Russia? Does America? Giving up your sovereignty is never a good thing. Especially when we see all these absolute insane agendas come out of the UN as of late. What started off as a good idea with good intentions has clearly been hijacked by a sinister agenda. Denying farmers water and fertilizer has nothing to do with saving the environment.

Take a look at the logo outside this self proclaimed world court. It's the UN logo. The same organization behind Agenda 2030 and the New World Order. Giving that court any power or authority over us or anyone else is cleearly a road to universal slavery hidden with fake news and false flag attacks. Ezra Taft Benson was an American patriot that said we should withdraw from the UN because it has been founded by and taken over by Communists and I completely agree.

Ordering Israel or anyone else not to commit acts of genocide against civilians is not a bad thing. They ain't sayn a word about the Uyghurs in China or the Falun Gong. Not a word. That is a red flag. That means their selective concern about genocide is political ploy to advance their own agenda. Here's the problem. The UN supports the provoked conflict in the Ukraine because it has an agenda. Likewise, the UN also supports the orchestrated conflict in Gaza because they have an agenda. What is that agenda? Universal slavery. The UN does not try and sell Agenda 2030 and their New World Order as Universal slavery but that is exactly what it really is.

The UN tries to sell their misguided brand of universal slavery as Hapitalism. You will own nothing and you will be happy. That is clearly a chapter out of George Orwell. So let's compare the conflict in Gaza with the conflict in the Ukraine.

Zelensky is trying to accomplish a genocide in the Ukraine. He's even hired literal Nazi's to help him accomplish it. The Nazi's in the Ukraine want to cleanse the Ukraine of all Ukrainians of Russian heritage that don't was to join the EU's New World Order. It's not strictly a racial genocide, it's more of an ideological genocide and the UN's Agenda 2030 supports it.

The instant the Gaza conflict started the Biden Administration's war machine insisted on bundling Ukraine war support with support going to Israel for their war in Gaza. That was a red flag that demonstrated how both frauds are tied together.

Another red flag was when they said Hamas is ISIS. What did they mean by that? The CIA created ISIS. Did they also create Hamas? Evidently so. Another red flag was when they said the Hamas attack was Israel's 9/11. What did they mean by that? 9/11 ws a false falg. Was the Hamas attack? Evidently so. IDF soldiers who served on the Gaza border all testified that there is absolutely no way operatives could blow up the fence and cross over into Israel undetected.

Benjamin Netanyahu knew about the attack a year before hand. He intentionally took all the soldiers off the Gaza border and moved them to West Bank to allow the attack to happen.

The is the elephant in the room. Rebel News and the Daily Wire refuse to talk about that. Their coverage of the war in Gaza is exactly the same as the mainstream media's coverage of the war. That doesn't mean everything they put out is corrupt propaganda. It just means their coverage of Israel is clearly biased. It means we have to discuss the elephant in the room without them.

Ezra Levant from Rebel News did an awesome job covering the WEF in Davos recently. However, Benjamin Netanyahu is a globalist tied to the WEF just like Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are. That's something Ezra is unable to admit and process.

Efrat Fenigson is an independent journalist in Israel. She's Jewish and she has served in the IDF. She has an excellent substack and out put a very good video discussing how Benjamin Netanyahu is taking away the rights of Jews in Israel under the pretext of war. That is Agenda 2030. That is the UN's New World Order. Obviously there are ulterior motives for the war in Gaza. Natrual Gas is one and the Ben Gurion Canal Project is another but the hostage taking was an orchestrated fraud. There's good and bad on both sides of the Gaza conflict.