Tuesday, December 5, 2023

There's good and bad on both sides of the Gaza conflict

Well we made it through the storm. The rain has finally stopped. I guess it's better than bombs dropping from the sky. I want to take this opportunity to stop and have a rational conversation about right and wrong. The Gaza conflict is very polarized. There is good and bad on both sides. We need to recognize that to have an honest conversation about it. The media spins everything. Blind obedience to anything is blind. It also blurs the line between right and wrong. If we blindly support a cause we can justify and rationalize anything. So let's talk about the making of a terrorist shall we because we can see terrorists on both sides of this conflict.
How does a kid grow up to be a terrorist? It's through deception. Satan will tell you nine truths to get you hooked on one lie. You don't believe in Satan? I don't care what you believe. We can all see good and evil and we can all see deception is very real. Deception fosters hate. Hate fosters terror. Terror fosters slavery. When we embrace terror we become slaves to the deception.
OK let's start with the obvious. Former Israeli soldiers testified that there's no way armed terrorists could cross the border undetected. People who have served on that border said if a stork or a pigeon approaches the border alarms go off. Benjamin Netanyahu intentionally took all the soldiers watching the border off that detail and moved them somewhere else. That makes him criminally​ culpable in all those deaths. Benjamin Netanyahu also gave the IDF a stand down order. He let them in and out with hostages. If it wasn't for that stand down order, there never would have been any hostages. That fact is indisputable and is the elephant in the room.

Yet I'm starting to see and hear things on the other side that begin to unravel their narrative. Both sides are lying. For example, if we say the inexcusable Hamas attack was a false flag, I can accept that. But if we start mocking the fact that the Hamas hostages wrote thank you notes and were treated so nicely, then everything falls apart. There shouldn't have been any hostages.

Taking hostages and randomly killing civilians is not OK and nothing you say or do can rationalize that. The whole hostage exchange was a circus side show justifying and rationalizing the IDF invasion. I've heard some pretty extreme cases of IDF mistreatment of civilians in Gaza and in West Bank. If that's true it is an abomination but don't let that evil rationalize or justify your evil because there is no justification for evil. When we see brutality in the oppressors we see how it breeds radicalism. People use that injustice to rationalize their own injustice. For every Hamas extremist you kill you create 300 others. Perhaps that's the WEF agenda.
Benjamin Netanyahu is a bad man. I cannot rally behind him. It's not because I'm a leftist, it's because I'm a truther who opposes the oppressive nature of globalism. The fact that the independent media refuse to recognize that is indeed concerning. If Justin Trudeau's ties to the WEF are bad, so are Benjamin Netanyahu's. The WEF and the UN's NWO are both insane.

Part of the problem is social media. We constantly surround ourselves with a narrative. We find a genuine injustice and use that injustice to rationalize misconduct. There is no rationalization for misconduct. In Halifax we see a huge number of Arabic cab drivers convicted of sexual assault. That is haram. You can't say all Arabic men are rapists, but in Halifax, many of them are. It's not just one or two. It's a huge problem and that problem is very real.

Just like this spawn of Satan that raped and murdered a little girl in Vancouver. He claims he didn't kill her he had consensual sex with her. That lie is an offensive abomination. She was a little girl and could not consent. DNA doesn't lie. The Islamic religion does not teach people to lie and it does not teach men to rape little girls. Just like the Catholic church doesn't teach priests to sodomize little boys. Yet it's a huge problem. There is no excuse or rationalization for it.

I support the freedom of religion. I live in a constitutional monarchy. I'm not a fan of monarchies but I am a fan of freedom and the constitutions that protect freedom by law. Good kings can be the means of doing much good. Bad kings are lust like bad politicians. They are a dime a dozen.

Yet blind devotion to a cause or a narrative isn't just blind. It's also the road to slavery because using a truth or injustice to rationalize misconduct makes you a slave of the deception.

I've been hearing reports of how Hamas has been bragging about their success against the IDF in rural areas and that they have been training for this for many years. That's where their counter narrative unravels. If they have been training for this for many years, then it wasn't a false flag and they intentionally declared war against an enemy they could not beat hoping the world would fight their war for them. That is mentally deranged. Think about Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour.

Japan declared war with the United States. In response the US nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A lot of children died in those cities. Personally I thought that response was excessive but it was effective. Japan surrendered and the war was over. What if Hamas attacked Pearl Harbour on that fateful day and instead of surrendering they kept uploading videos of dead children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki hoping someone else would help them finish a war they started.

There is no question that Benjamin Netanyahu is a bad man. He let Hamas in and is criminally culpable in all those murders. If he didn't let them take hostages, there wouldn't have been any hostages. Yet Gaza does have past history. As soon as Israel pulls back and gives them more autonomy they start firing rockets into Israel. That is haram.

As soon as Israel would notify Gaza of a military strike, they would send in crazed women to die for the cause to increase civilian causalities. That was mentally deranged. As we speak, Hamas is posting pictures of dead children from a war they started. The timing of this war was very suspicious. Right after they agreed to share profits from natural gas? That would support the false flag theory. Yet the fact that Hamas has been training for this supports the fact that Hamas is insane. They had the opportunity to help their people prosper and they threw it all away. Did Mossad really create Hamas to justify the IDF's land grab?

Hamas pushed Fatah out of Gaza. Was that Mossad's plan? To encourage extremists to take over so that would give them an excuse to wipe them out completely? We know two things. We know the Hamas manifesto and the IDF's mistreatment of civilians in Gaza and West Bank are both wrong. Both sides have broken the Oslo accord. Both sides are like the Jaradites of old.

God is not a respecter of persons. Every nation that fears him and works righteousness is accepted of him. Every nation. Picture God as the God of Abraham. He is the father of the Jews and the father of the Palestinians. He wants all of his children to live in peace.

Yet when you see so much evil on both sides of the conflict it's not hard to feel the frustration and think he's going to throw his hands in the air and say enough! He'll wipe them both off the face of the earth and give that land to a third party. The City of Enoch is waiting for that very day.

Part of the problem is segregation. Both religions teach their adherents to be a good neighbor. When you segregate neighbors, you circumvent that commandment. All of a sudden you're no longer my neighbor and I'm no longer bound to serve you. Now you are my enemy and I'm justified in wiping you out. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one. This deception plagues both sides.

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