Saturday, December 9, 2023

RCMP still want to destroy evidence from the Pickton farm

The Vancovuer Sun is reporitng that "The RCMP has asked the court for permission to dispose of 14,000 pieces of evidence collected during its probe into former Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert (Willie) Pickton, the target of the largest serial killer investigation in Canadian history."

"The move is opposed by 40 groups and individuals, who say the items seized in this historic case are important and should be kept in storage. Beyond the six women Pickton was convicted in 2007 of murdering, more than two dozen unsolved missing women files have been linked by DNA to the farm." Destroying that evidence would be a criminal act.

Wally Opal's Missing Women's Inquiry was a farce. As soon as other suspects were mentioned he shut it down so he could censor evidence. I can tell you the Pickton case is not over yet. I can tell you more information will be forthcoming but it won't be about the Hells Angels. It will be about the RCMP's cover up which once again reinstills the need for a Regional Police force in BC.


  1. Seams like any federal run organization is as corrupt as our liberal government. Rcmp is a old boys club that promotes the people that fail and punishes the good ones.

  2. I’ve enjoyed living in BC for the past couple decades, unfortunately this place is satanic and corrupt beyond most peoples comprehension.

    1. Yup. I agree. There are so many in denial and their head in the sand it’s ridiculous.

    2. Vancouver and Miami both built their condos on drug profits. People like to talk about drug money corrupting BC but no one wants to address the way a few rich families control a lot of the province. Easier to go after little fish than the rich people pulling the strings behind all of this.

  3. This evidence wasn't even collected.


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