Saturday, December 9, 2023

Mutual respect between Gaza and Israel

The Times is Israel is reporitng that "Several clips filmed in Gaza uploaded onto social media over the last several hours show how the IDF has rounded up dozens of Palestinians — said in Hebrew media reports to be possible Hamas suspects — who have surrendered themselves to Israeli troops in Jabaliya and other areas in the northern Strip. The young Palestinian men are seen stripped down to their underwear, blindfolded and with their hands tied behind their backs."

This was reported in the Times of Israel. I choose that source because it reflects what they admit or at least are unable to deny. I had heard some Palestinian reports claimed Israel were stripping prisoners naked and one photo showed the IDF taking prisoners out to the desert to be executed. OK they're not naked they're in their underwear but that is creepy weird.

I've heard a lot of very concerning reports of Israel mistreating civilian prisoners including women and children which means this is something we need to discuss. Reuters has more pictures of men in their underwear. This is an example of Israel's displaced aggression. They need some time with Dr Phil because they definitely have some unresolved issues.

I've got some other things to do but I just wanted to publicly state that both sides need to start displaying a little more mutual respect for each other because both sides are refusing to do so. Remember God is the God of Abraham. He is the father of the Jews and the father of the Palestinians. If you don't both smarten up you will both get a time out. This whole thing is very CIA. It's reminiscent of Guantanamo Bay which is an outrage rationalized with lies.

I don't support the UN at all but December 10th is Human Rights Day and I do support human dignity. Terrorists and oppressors don't. That's the root of the problem. Guantanamo Bay has got to go and Israel's mistreatment of prisoners has to come to an end. Orthodox Jews oppose the brutality in Gaza. It's the secular Jews that support the WEF who inflict it.

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