Saturday, December 23, 2023

Virtual reality Space Exhibit in Vancouver and Montreal

Vancouver's Best Places is reporting that "Space Explorers: The Infinite is an immersive experience where guests go on a virtual reality mission in space. It’s in Vancouver until January 2024. The space-themed attraction opened to the public on November 15th and it runs until January 14th in 2024. The experience happens at the Rocky Mountaineer Station, located at 1755 Cottrell Street in the City of Vancouver." It's also palying simultaneously in Montreal.

I saw an ad on a bus station and thought I'd check it out on the way to the Christmas market. It's just off 1st Avenue on the way into Vancouver just before Science World. When I looked at the web site I thought it was four separate movies but when I went there to check it out it's one movie with 4 stations. You put on a VR headset and walk around the Hubble space station.

We didn't have time today but I definitely want to check it out in the New Year. I look forward to getting the majestic views of the earth from space. It costs $60 for adults and $40 for kids but kids under 8 years old aren't admitted. They have a VR place in Guildford called Gobo VR. The have one where you're under water at the Great Barrier reef and fish swim by you. That would be pretty cool. They also have a kayaking one and a Google Earth one. That's awesome.

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