Sunday, December 3, 2023

Venezuela embraces US Oil Companies

We all saw the CIA's operation to destabilize Venezuela to gain control of their oil. Well it worked. They're giving up on nationalized oil and are letting American and European oil companies take over so that sanctions can be lifted. They're also voting on invading an oil rich neighbor. It's amazing how much changes when you give the corporate communists full control of their wealth.

I'm all for lifting the sanctions but I will say the CIA's plot to wreck havoc in Venezuela was cruel and punitive. Colombia and a whole lot of other countries are suffering from the desperation of Venexzualan refugees who were defiantly deposed by the oil industry's greed.

The CIA turned Venezuela into one of the cocaine capitals during the chaos that depleted grocery stores and created mass starvation. They even have a new scape goat just like Manuel Noriega.

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  1. And here I thought we were going to wean ourselves off of oil/gas, etc. oh, well those corporations have to make money. There just aren't enough billionaires yet.

    1. Yeah those solar powered commercial airliners are coming along nicely.
      Anytime time now.


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