Friday, December 29, 2023

Head of RCMP's advisory board resigns

CBC is reporting that "Pointing to his frustrations with the federal government, the head of the RCMP's Management Advisory Board has resigned after less than a year in the chair. In his September resignation letter, released to CBC through an access to information request, Roach said he was stepping down with regrets."

"'I took this position on the understanding that the government was committed in the minister of public safety's mandate letter to enhancing the Management Advisory Board to create an oversight role over the RCMP,'" he wrote to Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc. 'Unfortunately, I have seen no signs of such a commitment.'"

Big surprise. They destroyed Cameron Ortis' life just because they wanted to remove civilian oversight. Nothing has changed. That's why the RCMP need to be changed and replaced.

You want to make CSIS accountable? Good luck with that : )

Kent Roach - Wrongfully Convicted.

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  1. I heard someone compare them to the
    I am not laughing anymore.


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