Saturday, December 30, 2023

The Winds of Change: Facing the rising cost of housing

Yesterday at work I was like Thank God it's Friday. Then I thought can we say that? Are we allowed to say that? What if it offends someone who's an Atheist? What if it offends someone who has a Dr Phil hatred for the Great Architect of the Universe? I guess that's not my problem. That's their problem. That's something they have to process and deal with.

I don't care about religion. There are just as many freaks who support religion as there are who oppose it. I support religious freedom which includes the right to be atheist. The WEF's brand of Communism is obsessed with abolishing religion. The problem with that is once they abolish religion, they then abolish every other civil liberty known to man and that affects everyone including atheists. The WEF wants to remove the God gene from our DNA. That's kind of Dr Phil. That obsession reveals their agenda. They want to turn everyone into mindless slaves.

Today I feel the winds of change. I'm an old man and I'm resistant to change. I always say if it's not broken don't fix it. However, when I do change I don't want to change back. Everyone is concerned with inflation and the cost of housing. Everywhere you go everyone is talking about it. What are our kids going to do? The cost of land and rent is completely out of control.

I remember doing some genealogy and looking up some of my ancestors on my mothers side who came on ships to Halifax from England. Everyone said the reason for leaving England and coming to Canada was because rent and taxes in England were too expensive. Now we're facing the same thing here but there's no place for us to go. That creates stress and anxiety.

It is time to leave. I was born and raised in Metro Vancouver. I love it here. I like hiking, snowshoeing and kayaking and there is plenty of that to do here. The problem is a lot of these places are becoming land locked. Golden Ears and Alouette lake is awesome but in the summer it's so busy you can't even get it. In Winter the ski hills are so packed you can't even get a parking spot. What good are all these wonderful places if you can't access them?

Yesterday I went to pick up a few items at Costco in Langley. I came around the corner to see the end of the line for self check out and it kept going and going all the way to the freezers. I just shook my head and said nope. I am not waiting in that line for these few items. I rode back to Surrey and went to Superstore. It's somewhat ironic that my corner of Surrey was less busy than Langley. When my parents moved to Langley it was rural. The mail came through rural route.

That quickly changed. Langley was known for creating massive subdivisions of large detached houses with the wave of a hand. Everywhere you turned a new sub division was created at the snap of a finger. Walnut Grove sprung up in an instant. I remember the residents used to post signs on 200th street saying Keep Willoughby Rural. At the time I laughed at the thought. It was like holding up a sign that said stop progress. You can't stop the sands of time.

Now, after the Mormons built that beautiful temple in Langley, the housing in Willoughby has literally exploded. Only they're not building sub divisions of large detached houses any more. Land is so expensive now they are building massive town house complexes and high density homes. Yet they're all expensive and people keep moving in. Now when I ride through that area I get anxiety. There's too many people.

I know a lot of people like the big city. I don't. Especially now that I'm old. I like having space to breathe. I like townhouses but I really don't want to live in a condo in a high tower. In Surrey they're building towers. It just makes me think of the 15 minute city. You'll own nothing and you'll be happy. Yeah that's not the life I choose. That means it's time for me to leave.

I've been resistant to that change for many years. I love it here. This is where I was born and raised. I love the mountains. I always thought if I wasn't near the mountains my anxiety would make it difficult for me to breathe. Now I see the road ahead. I love my motorcycle. I love the wind in my face. I took the scenic route home from Langley yesterday because I wanted to get rural away from the crowds. Yet I'm changing. My taste are evolving.

My bike is a cruiser but it's not a Harley. I don't like loud pipes and all the BS that goes with it. I'm not pretending to be anything I'm not. Yet the suspension on my bike sucks. It feels like a rigid frame. You really notice it when you hit a bump or a pot hole at high speeds.

When I was a kid my Virago was like that but it had an air shock you fill up with compressed air. This bike doesn't have that. On my road trip gravel roads sucked. The potholes and the washboard gravel roads were very unpleasant. That British girl I interviewed rode a BMW around the world and the suspension on that was way better.

She went off road and through the desert. I met a guy in a campsite on my road trip who just came back from Alaska on a BMW. My trip to Alaska might be more enjoyable on something different. I'm leaning towards the Triumph Tiger. I want to go rural and rugged. I want to go off the beaten path. That Vespa I took off road on Savory Island was a blast. I'm not going to ride a Vespa to work but if I was in Italy or Vietnam, I'd ride a Vespa in a heartbeat.

So I do feel the winds of change. This old man is evolving. The rough stone rolling down the hill becomes a smooth shaft. I always thought when I retire I can move anywhere I want. Yet now a lot of people can work remotely from home. If someone can work remotely from home, they have no reason to live in the big city. In the big cities, people are easier to control. They can lock you down and shut off your power. They can even ban cars. They can't do that in rural areas.

Heating homes with natural gas is clean and cheap. The fake environmentalists want to ban natural gas because they are fake environmentalists. People are moving to Alberta because Alberta has the political will to resist the WEF's fake environmentalism. In rural areas having an electric generator that uses natural gas means you are prepared for an emergency. You are self reliant. That government doesn't want you to be self reliant. They want you dependent on them for everything. As my Russian neighbor used to say first they give you cake. Then they starve you. After that, you take whatever they give you.

The freedom to move is a charter right. The right to smoke crystal meth in public is not. The reason why the globalists promote public drug use and gun violence is because they are creating a problem to justify their preplanned reaction. It's the problem, reaction, solution paradigm.

In the US we see the globalists promote drugs and crime to justify the creation of a federal police force. They want to centralize the power and centralize the control of that power. This is why Justin Trudeau is resistant to rooting out RCMP corruption in the leadership. He doesn't want law enforcement. He wants a SS to stifle dissent. Slavery is their end game.

So I'm moving. Not today, not tomorrow but before I retire. That means there is a plan in place and I am much more hopeful about the future. I can see the road ahead and it looks awesome. Rural communities will continue to grow. Eventually the time will come for us to move again. The key thing is we have to keep moving. We have to keep moving forward.


  1. They don't want to abolish religion. They want to make their "science" the dominant religion. Hence why everyone on the left behaves like a religious zealot cult member, minus the worship.

    1. Actually they do. That's what a marxist leninist atheist state is but you are right. Their fake science and fake environmentalism cult is a religion.

  2. I too moved, in Oct., to Hope from Chilliwack. I lived there 30+ years, bragged about it & hadn’t plans to go anywhere. Then the houses got bought up, rented to transient renters who wouldn’t last long till the $$ ran out. I was assaulted in broad daylight while walking my dog ( I’m a senior) by a drug crazied 20 yr old. I felt very unsafe. I packed up after 30+ years & moved to a manufactured home park with 31 residents who are “older” quiet and the homes & parks have come a long way from my 20’s when we used to call them trailer-trash. No regrets. No drug users, homeless (in your face) and people still say hi! Peace.

    1. Well done. Yes they are farming out addicts to the smaller communities to destroy them too. We need to push back and support treatment not crime and violence.

  3. It really is amazing all these fake environmentalists in the lower mainland and in our 3 levels of government Canada wide.
    Building massive condo and rowhome projects and then enviting the world to come in unsustainable numbers is the exact opposite of a green agenda.
    But when we live in upside down world and everyone is so brainwashed from stairing at their idiot phones while waiting in 1hr line ups at Costco than what else could we expect to happen?
    In the early 80's the word sustainability was used in the development of Vancouver. Long gone are those days. Vancouver is a developer's paradise now almost nothing gets turned down these days. The municipal governments are addicted to the revenue streams of the construction process, and councilors are in the pocket of developers.
    It's a recipe for disaster and a disaster it is.
    In my occupation if we lift a load over other workers they will literally shut the job down.
    I have experienced dozens of times on my commute loads being lifted directly over traffic, no control zone or flag person. Just brutal.
    Different rules for different agendas I guess.
    But hey it's all green and all wonderful because that is what they keep telling us!
    That shitty taste in your mouth is really a rib eye steak too.

    1. Yeah it was really weird the Victoria municipal government banned the construction of new homes heated with Natural gas. That was George Orwell. I think Kennedy Stewart tried that in Vancouver as well. No doubt that's the NDP's ultimae agenda but they want a few municipality to wear people down first. Banning natural gas is mentally deranged. Especially after we approved a pipeline to Kitimat to ship it overseas.


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