Saturday, December 30, 2023

The Great Battle on Amazon Prime Video

Update: All of a sudden they changed it to a paid video. Now you have to pay extra to watch it. That sucks. Now I can't finish it. It was good but not that good.

Speaking of Korean drama, this sh*t is off the hook. It's about Korea defending itself against the Tang Dynasty invasion. I don't know how historically accurate it it but it is astounding. You can adjust the preferences for English subtitles. It's better than all the medieval castle battles.

They did take a scene from the movie 300 which was a bit unrealistic but it was very well done. Historically that Korean fortress did indeed face an overwhelming attack from a massive invading army. The Tang dynasty were like the Huns. The movie Mulan was about a hero who defended her people against an invading army. Well that's what the Tang dynasty did to Korea.

That's what Xi Jinping wants to do to Taiwan. Right now Xi Jinping is conflicted. He wants to be seen as a peacemaker but if he invades Taiwan the world will see him as a tyrant. As I said before, Xi Jinping didn't start the organ harvesting of the Falun Gong and the persecution of the Uyghurs, but he could be the one that ends it. Mind how ya go. History is watching.

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